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Steve Sailer writes: “Because of course the way the top-secret, organized cabal of pedophiles in Hollywood keeps itself top-secret is by tweeting gross pedo jokes. That’s how you can tell who is a member of this carefully organized cabal: the more pedo jokes they tweet out to the entire random world, the higher ranking they are in the secret inner circle. As we all know, the first rule of Ped Club is: You do tweet about Ped Club. The second rule of Ped Club is: You DO TWEET ABOUT PED CLUB!”


* Cole did have an interesting explanation for the pedo jokes though: since the left made women, racial minorities, etc. off-limits, kids were the remaining way for lefties to demonstrate their edginess.

* Steve another way of looking at this is why would so many celebrities feel free to make child rape and molestation jokes? (Gunn is just one example.)

The only answer I can come up with is that pedophilia is common in Hollywood and practiced by the elite there. In any other industry, a high profile exec tweeting about how he or she likes to bang infants would likely be career suicide and I can’t imagine pedophiles in those other fields doing it.

Plus, what kind of person thinks molesting and raping children is funny? I have known a good number of people who used humor to show they were edgy and I used to work in the minor leagues of the entertainment industry. Yet, I have never personally encountered someone who joked about those depravities. My hunch is that only pedophiles make those jokes.

* Because women and minorities are so fragile that we simply can’t make jokes about them like we did in the mean ol’ days. Children, on the other hand, are much stronger than women and minority men and are completely capable of defending themselves from jokes about raping them, so it’s A-OK.

* Is it possible that powerful people can grow so powerful, and their practices become so widespread among them, that they lose sight of the legal and moral rules that apply to ordinary people?

* It’s called hiding in plain sight. The arrogance of these people is indeed stunning. Cheering on Roman Polanski, just for example, while holding oneself up as the highest exemplar of morality. They are truly deranged. Put me down as a proud member of the Pizzagate crowd. If there is any other explanation for all those emails, Instagram posts, and “art” collections full of references to sadomasochistic occult practices centered around the abuse of small children, I would love to hear it.

* The radical left has been digging up dirt on people, calling their employers, doxxing, and sicking internet hate mobs on people for years over innocuous comments, both past and present. They started this. How many good men have been destroyed, without evidence, by this #metoo lynchmob? Lots, and the left was behind much of that.

Let’s not pretend that a conservative wouldn’t have been fired for saying the same things, regardless of how long ago it was or context. They would have, and with the full support of the controlled media.

If Rosanne Barr can be fired – and they were indeed trying to fire her by digging up things long before she ever made that Tweet – then so can Gunn. He apologized, so did Barr. Didn’t make a difference with Roseanne, and she honestly thought the target of her Tweet was white!

This hate mob the left has conjured into existence will only dissipate once they start succumbing to their own punishments. We’re seeing some of this now with the reaction to Gunn’s firing. Same happened during the Salem Witch Trials. Only when someone high ranking got accused did the thing get shut down. Sucks for Gunn, though.

* Watching Unz’s decline has been sad more than anything. 10 years ago he was helping to underwrite and promote people like Steve, Razib, Dreher, Derb, and Larison. Now it is like a mix of Russia Today, The Electronic Intifada and Stormfront.

* There was a lot of public nodding and winking about homosexuality in Hollywood when it was unacceptable to be gay. Now we see a lot of nodding and winking about pedophilia … it definitely makes one wonder.

* People who have a fetish cannot resist talking about it.

* Supposedly Gunn had a mountain of tweets about pedophilia. If I hear a guy talking relentlessly about gayness, I assume he’s gay. If I hear a guy talking relentlessly about pedophilia, I’m assume he’s a pedophile. I can imagine making wisecracks about a great many things, but it honestly wouldn’t occur to me to make jokes about pedophilia at all. This has nothing to do with the criminality of the subject. I have zero interest in having sex with children, so the whole pedophilia zeitgeist isn’t part of my mentality.

People focus on and will return repeatedly to a subject that obsesses them. Gunn was obsessed.

* The casting couch was joked about for decades until it was revealed to have been true – a standard business practice in Hollywood. No one would be surprised if drugs are trafficked in Hollywood and the LAPD looks the other way. Power and money is corrupting, as is the ability to flout the law with impunity. Actors and people who surround actors tend to be some of the most broken, weirdest people on Earth. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that they have appetites that include under-aged objects of desire and that it’s the sort of thing that’s an open secret with a veil of plausible deniability – everybody knows, no one not criminally implicated has “proof,” but stories abound. None of this requires a formal “ring” with secret code words and a membership card. It could be handled like other illicit activities – I know a guy who knows a guy, and if there’s a chance of getting caught fixers are deployed armed with cash and threats. Gunn’s tweets may be evidence of nothing but bad taste and immaturity but it shouldn’t be used as evidence of the absence of the abuse of children.

* Steve Sailer: But the fact that the only rumored British name an American would recognize is a Tory prime minister [Edward Heath] suggests that the American right’s desperate belief that their domestic political enemies are vastly disproportionately pedophiles suggests that their fond hopes are likely to be disappointed.

There is a widespread belief on the right that leftist social liberation movements are leading up to the legalization of pedophilia. But I’ve long doubted that, and thus in 2013 suggested instead that transgenderism (many of whom are Republicans) would be next after gay marriage.

I was right.

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