The Disco Triplets

Steve Sailer writes:

The popular new documentary Three Identical Strangers recounts the famous story of the New York triplets who were secretly separated as infants due to (spoiler alert) an arrogant Freudian experiment intended to prove the power of nurture over nature. But as 19-year-olds, they found one another during a few joyous days in 1980 when each first learned that he had two identical brothers.

The likable lads, brawny, extroverted Syracuse U. frat-boy types dressed in Saturday Night Fever fashions, became a brief media sensation as their similarities in mannerism, despite not having known of one another’s existence until a few weeks earlier, and obvious delight in each other’s company charmed talk-show audiences.

…By the way, the film’s unsympathetic, almost conspiratorial portrayal of the politically well-connected Jewish Board is a rare depiction of Jewish institutional power that doesn’t try to find some way to blame any misbehavior on the gentiles.

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