LAT: ‘Researchers find no difference between kids raised by two moms and kids raised by mom and dad’

A friend says about this Los Angeles Times article:

There is really an underlying issue that very few persons discuss. We focus on adults’ right to have children and we now believe that the sexual orientation of the parent shouldn’t prevent them from becoming parents. But isn’t there another issue: Do children have any rights? Do children have a right to a mother and father? If a mother uses an anonymous sperm donor (aside from the eugenics aspect) isn’t she in fact enslaving a child who through no choice of his or hers now has either a single mom or two moms.

When gay men use a surrogate to bring their baby to birth isn’t this in effect enslaving the surrogate mother. Isn’t this something done without any consideration as to the rights of the child?

If you read this article carefully there are huge holes in it. Some of the children were not included in the final study. How many were they and what is the reason they weren’t included. It appears that some of the conclusions drawn by the researchers are based on interviews with the families. Were the children present. As Oscar Robert Lopez has pointed out there is incredible pressure on the children to stay away from saying anything even remotely negative about his or her same sex parents.

These families were all affluent. All college educated. Since they were impregnated by sperm donors genetically this probably means the male sperm was selected for physical, mental and emotional characteristics which if you believe as I do are hereditable, also skews the findings.

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