‘Boyle Heights Anti-White Vigilantes Try to Drive Out Kosher Coffee Shop’


* These days “anti-gentrification” is just a generic term for kicking people you don’t like out of the neighborhood.

* If people in a 94% white neighborhood in say W. Virginia were protesting the opening of a Jewish owned coffee shop in their neighborhood (not that they would ever do that in the US – even in the worst of the bad old days there were no anti-Jewish shop boycotts in the US the way there were in Poland and Germany in the ’30s) then they would be condemned far and wide, but because it is Hispanics and Antifas, crickets.

I don’t think that the “liberal” Jews of America are going to like the new America as much as they thought they would.

* CBS News calls Boyle Heights “rapidly gentrifying”. That seems premature, considering Boyle Heights is 95% Hispanic.

* What would the reaction in the popular press be if whites had organized a boycott of a shop because the shop owner supported Barack Obama?

* The stereotype around here is of the “unbased” Jew – the secular liberal Ivy educated Ellis Island descendant (or nowadays even 1970s wave Soviet Jew descendant) Chuckie Schumer type Jews who are the epitome of American “liberalism”. BUT, there are a lot of Jews who are not like that at all – Israeli Jews, Orthodox Jews, Soviet Jews (the immigrant generation, not their kids), even some Ellis Island Jews who never drank the Kool-Aid. And in the future there are going to be a lot more (as a % of the Jews) because the Chuck Schumer type liberal Jews are dying off and not being replaced – either they have no children or their kids and grandkids are not (fully) Jewish anymore.

* An enterprising young reporter should put the national Chamber of Commerce on the spot and ask if they support the Boyle Heights Chamber’s decision to eject Shalom. Putting a spotlight on this could help erode their membership in more conservative parts of the country.

* Just remember everybody:

When an angry mob of mask wearing, feces flinging thugs engaged in de facto riot show up at your place of business to shut you down

YOU are the hater.

The day is going to come when somebody goes Napoleon on their asses and then it will get interesting.

* Remember those Trump inauguration protestors? The 200 who were arrested? And charges were pressed? The left forgot about them, and their moms had to mortgage their houses for legal fees.

There are legal ways to deal with protestors like these. Insist that the cops arrest people. Don’t clean up the shit. Hire a biowaste firm, and get a receipt. Automatic felony. Press charges. The cops and prosecutors can ID the perps. If not, or in addition, file civil charges against the organizing groups and a list of John Does. Get subpoenas. Put phone video online. Notify everyone involved to preserve evidence, including SMS stuff and web contents, with anti spoilation notices.

What about the sponsoring groups? Do they have a board? Contact the members one by one. Go to their offices or homes. “Do you approve of throwing shit at my coffee shop?” There are donor organizations and individuals who support the protestor organizers. “Do you approve of this? Do you think [current president of anti gentrification organization] should keep her job?”

What about the companies run by the board members? Perhaps their products should be boycotted.

And so on. Scorch the earth on these guys. A single event can produce years of hell for these guys.

* Blacks and Mexicans are sitting on potentially billions of $ worth of valuable real estate and you don’t want to put yourself between the Establishment and a billion $ horde.

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