The Best Of Steve Sailer

* Steve Sailer writes: “…the success of Israeli nationalism has made Israel the vanguard style-setting country of the last 70 years and much of the rest of the world is now looking to the example long set by The Jewish State”.

* Sailer writes: “I suspect that Trump’s problem this week is that he looked beta to Putin’s alpha at their much denounced press conference.”


* President Trump sounded tired (and looked a bit old) in that press conference, especially when you compare it to the press conference just a few days ago, with Theresa May.

Also, Putin, although much smaller than Trump, comes across as very physically fit and vigorous in his manner, and mentally quick, more so than most other current world leaders.

Some years ago I watched part of one of Putin’s four hour long town-hall citizen Q&A sessions. He really is good at thinking on his feet and is well prepared and informed, with facts at his fingertips.

* Sailer writes: “Hispanics flock to UC Merced because they can’t get in to better UC schools because on average Hispanics can’t compete with Asians on test scores.”

I didn’t read the Jennifer Medina story in the New York Times on UC Merced because it sounded boring.


* Merced is Spanish for “mercy” or “favor”, and it does sound like someone is doing them a favor.

* I sat through my son’s graduation ceremony at SLO last month and it was one long slow cringe. First was the ( President ?) that talked about the bad old days and how far we have progressed. Then he mentioned the new dorms that were named after the now extinct Indian tribe. Next was female Afro-American who lectured about black struggles, etc. etc. Then came the gay SJW who lectured us about the time he spent teaching in the inner city. On and on. It was pretty bad. And when you consider what the school administration sounds like, I am sure the purges are coming soon.

Sadly, you want to hear something positive and congratulatory. Instead it was resentful and depressing. Contrast that to 4 years earlier in the orientation speech for the Mom’s and Dads (where all their money comes from) when they were courting the recruits. Excellence, great experience, and out in 4 years (SLO’s biggest selling point is that the average student gets out in 4 years saving junior’s time and dad’s money).

* A friend says:

Both Steve Sailer and the commentators seem to think that the UC system is superior to the Cal State University System in all ways.

Cal Poly SLO has a terrific engineering school. It is comparable to the undergraduate engineering schools at the mid range UC’s and better than the lower ones.

It also has an agricultural program which for whatever reasons don’t attract large numbers of Latinos or Blacks.

I have a real issue about comparing undergraduate educational programs at different public and private colleges and universities. The reputation of the UC system is not based on the quality of its undergraduate education. Because some of the schools are so selective, they are a sorting mechanism for intelligence of the student body, but almost all undergraduate education (except in subjects like engineering and some but not all stem) is good and can be excellent depending upon how much effort the student wants to put into it. Since grade point average as an undergraduate is one of the factors that graduate programs look at, in addition to the test scores, if someone wants to go to business, law or medical school, their best bet is to do the first two years at community college, acing all the classes and then transferring to a less competitive UC or State University, really applying themselves to get the best grades possible and then to take one (or possibly more) of the entrance exam preparation classes. This will minimize the expense and maximize the chances of acceptance into a superior graduate program.

Anyway, among the California State Universities, both Cal Poly SLO and Long Beach State are very good undergraduate schools.

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