Rodney’s 20-Point Plan


* The Daily Shoah has definitely suffered in quality due to their legal troubles. It seems like they spend a lot more time bitching at each other, getting on each other’s nerves. Especially Sven and Mike. They aren’t getting the paywall subscribers they need to make this thing work. And they vent about legal woes on nearly every episode. In my opinion, the lawfare has had a deleterious effect. Anyone who would deny that is simply trying to cope with a depressing fact.

* I thought I’d gauged your level of humour with the comments concerning the mysterious disappearance of the lady in your photo. But yesterday I honestly thought you’d lost it there for a while. You should have persisted with the acting as you certainly had me fooled. Kudos to you…

* Luke, you do a tremendous job and I’m a fan of your work. Keep grinding and he subscribers and viewers will continue to come. I do not subscribe to the alt-right views on everything, especially not the blanket anti-semitism or some of their other more juvenile views on race. My only piece of constructive criticism is that I wish you would call some of your guests on some of their motivations. I have a theory that some, most, of these people are projecting insecurities or attempting to rectify personal failings with their radical views…Enoch with his failed marriage, JF and Spencer with their departures from academia, etc. But I understand that if you were to do that your audience may turn on you or your guests may decline future appearances. You know your role better than I do, all I can say is keep up the good work. I’m a white gentile dude from the middle of nowhere in America and find myself, my family, and friends often flirting with these people’s ideas either full WN or at least becoming fellow travelers in a way. Deplatforming and silencing only strengthens the appeal of those ideas. Your calm, rational approach, and willingness to simply examine these ideas out in public…to give them the air they need to rot or flourish…is incredibly important for our greater society. Well, you probably won’t read this and I’m rambling but thank you. Best wishes to you.

* Luke, why not a new Hebrew study group: Talmud and Zohar? Organizing Jews to analyze geopolitics to advance Zionism? The alt-right do not want us(Hebrews) in the alt-right. Every lay Jewish acquaintance I know would benefit from more Hebrew wisdom. We need more Jewish k-12 private schools!

* You convert from a seventh day adventist to a jew and you let go of jesus but you bring your SDA traditions of veggie burger worship to judaism?. Your gas attacks should be due to the beans in the meat cholent. Ditch the buddhist, hindu, SDA eating habbits and sink your teeth into a kishke. For god sake you’re a yid!

* I don’t want us to have martyrs. Yet, no larger movement ever succeed without having them. That goes for ancient Christians, for Communists and for Nazis. Displays of courage, confidence and power are necessary, although they may be instantly repulsive to 90% of the people who see them or hear about them. Getting 2% of audience on board is still a victory. We cannot win in a swift manner, we need to slowly boil the frog. No one will follow us if we display cowardice. Although sacrifices should be minimized, they will have to be made and we have to be willing to go all the way

* I’m sorry, but I’m terribly disappointed by both Enoch & JF.

Their little boy, playground like responses to Ford’s actual statements & sentiments were a real stab in the back.

Jeeze, I know I’d want the advice of a battle worn & proven ally if I was trying to build up momentum & support for a nascent, dissident, political movement hated by the majority of the population that I was supposedly trying to convince & co-opt.

Their responses were juvenile & utterly unproductive.

I don’t get it at all. It’s enough to say ‘well FU’. Let’s see how far they get by ignoring the wisdom of those who’ve had their best interests at heart.

I’m not going to lie – I really heard the hurt in Luke’s voice. It’s horrible & heart breaking. It’s like a male version of a ‘mean girls’ high school drama. Ford has explicitly said he’s NOT an Alt-Righter. Why’s this so hard to comprehend? It’s sad as all hell that he’s being mis-characterised this way.

Are Enoch & JF just playing this game for the giggles? Do they really give one sh*t about these issues or not? I’m really not sure now.

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