Warski Hosts Smartest JQ Debate Yet

Frame Game:
JF Gariepy:
John Macintyre

The Jewish Question.

I am not in the business of white advocacy or Alt Right advocacy or Jewish advocacy. I stand outside of activism and offer thoughts.

Andy Warski: “I made Halsey [English] the house Jew.”

My live reactions:

* Frame Game mainly wants to talk frame, John wants to talk statistical scholarship, JF wants to talk genetics.

* I’m not aware of significant differences in Jewish-Gentile attitudes to immigration and politics once you account for IQ and urban living.

* Contrary to @FrameGames’s claim, Israel never banned gay marriage & out marriage, there is just no mechanism for it inside Israel (but you can do it outside Israel and bring it into Israel) as there was no mechanism for it in Palestine prior to 1948.

* @JFGariepy says Jews collectively are a problem because most Jews have a primary allegiance to other Jews rather than to their gentile country of citizenship but he presents no evidence. Jews out-marry at over 60%.

* @JFGariepy says Jews are hyper-ethnocentric and yet they out-marry at over 60% in USA. So how are Jews so ethnocentric when many white groups out-marry at 10% rates?

* @HalseyEnglish says 85% of American Jews are Reform and not really Jewish… I think he means 85% are not Orthodox… Most non-Orthodox Jews are genetically Jewish and many practice some Jewish traditions.

* @FrameGames talks about six months of mandatory Holocaust education. Three weeks is more like it.

* There’s no statistical difference in attitudes between Jewish Republicans and gentile Republicans and between Jewish Democrats and gentile Democrats.

* @FrameGames: “There is a vast difference between Jews with institutional power [and those Jews who do not].”

* John MacIntyre: “Institutional Jewry are advocating these [anti-white policies].”

* @FrameGames: “You need to sign a pledge to a foreign country [Israel] to play ball in [American politics].”

* @FrameGames: “Name me a major person who has run for political office [on a platform of white advocacy].”

* “Technically, David Duke did, but I was ready for that. For example, he won his campaign for Louisiana legislature, even with the full might of American media against him.”

* @FrameGames: “To make it in the world today as a white person, you have to kick the white people beneath you to increase your social standing.”

* @FrameGames: “What is good for the Jews is a strong cohesive white society with a smattering of diversity.”

* @FrameGames: “When was Trump at his most on his knees deferential? In his speeches to AIPAC.”

* @JFGariepy says Jews should be silent about white nationalism and yet 95% of American Jews identify as white.

Seventy five minutes into this recent podcast, Counter-Currents Editor Greg Johnson says: “Both [Jared] Kushner and [Carl] Icahn are orthodox Jews. If you poll orthodox Jews, orthodox Jews are more willing to entertain white rights, meaning the rightness of white people wanting to discriminate against non-whites in their neighborhoods, their schools, in employment, immigration, so forth, than your average white person. That’s 25% of orthodox Jews who says that is ok, that’s five times the percentage of white Americans who says that is ok. These people are significantly less hostile to white interests than white people are. You can’t hope that orthodox Jews will help white people. They got into the halls of power and they did the stuff easiest to do — strikes in Syria, recognizing Israel’s capital as Jerusalem, which I don’t think is a bad thing, and the tax bill, which wasn’t a bad tax bill…”

Question: “Why don’t you think acknowledging Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is a bad thing?”

Greg: “I don’t think it is the business of a foreign country to recognize or not recognize what a sovereign nation says their capital city. Not recognizing [Jerusalem] struck me as the height of arrogance. If we are going to have diplomatic relations with this country, they should be allowed to say what their capital is.”

“When Trump said he was going to do it, I said what the hell. It shouldn’t be the sort of thing that matters that much to us. It’s indicative of how his administration has drifted away from his America First vision to the same Jewish hegemony with a different crew of Jews, Orthodox Jews rather than secular Jews.”

I asked Kevin MacDonald for his reaction to Greg’s point that Orthodox Jews, on average, are more pro-white than whites. He replied: “Sounds reasonable. But they also aggressively fight for their interests against Whites in local school districts, etc.”

Richard Spencer tells me: “That’s a reasonable inference, but a bit deceptive. What have Orthodox Jews done for us in power? Would they accept the creation of an Ethno-state? Doubtful.”

Andrew Joyce tells me: “Johnson has no expertise in this area. He’s just an eloquent homosexual poseur. That I disagree with him on this shouldn’t surprise you.”

[A Jewish friend: “Yes. To an erlicher Torah Jew, the idea of belonging to a tribe and defending tribal interests is the most natural thing in the world, totally unlike say, what a Roman Catholic Prelate must (meant in every sense) think. Torah Jews really don’t want dusky ones around them no matter who they are. Too bad that by the time the Torah Jews find themselves in the majority among American Jews, the dusky ones will make up the majority of American goyim.”]

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