Sailer’s First Law Of Female Journalism

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Every time I read the story of Shulamith Firestone, lying alone and dead in her apartment until the stench alerted the neighbors, it makes me wonder how any woman could take her as a role model for anything.

* In fact, much of the dominant ideology was made up by lesbians to ensnare more feminine (and thus more desirable) young women for homosexual exploitation.

* Sailer drops a 500 pound bomb right down the rug licker smokestack with that line!

College professor and faculty lesbians lick their lusty chops at each new year’s crop of dewy fresh babes who are ripe like peaches to be plucked. Granted, the male professors and faculty at colleges and universities eagerly await each new batch of beaver like howling horndogs too. I’ve seen it and heard it, folks. It’s true.

These college lesbians wouldn’t admit for a second that they love to prowl for that fresh pussy when the late summer and autumn leaves start tumbling down. Well, some of the more honest college lesbians would admit that Sailer has a point, but not a lot.

This comment has been rather explicit, but those lesbians, some of whom I assume are good people, are just as bad as men when it comes to horndogging the young ladies.

* Anyone who starts to feel sore about female sexual hyper-selectivity should reflect that, without it, we would be diseased, moronic, and probably not recognizably human.

* I hardly know any couples in which the woman isn’t forever acting as though she is condescending royalty and in which the man doesn’t spend his entire life working his fingers to the bone–at the office and at home–to finance her life of relative leisure.

* I liked Steve’s other theory about how Jewish feminists were really focusing on internecine tribal warfare but the Gentiles ended up taking the shrapnel.

* In all fairness, the lesbos don’t spread much disease, can’t impregnate the coeds and 95-99 percent of time the girls tire of mussypunching after a while. I doubt they make permanent lezzies out of anyone not predisposed to that anyway. Gay male chickenhawks are far more destructive and in a healthy society would be dealt with in an insalubrious manner.

* Women already have way too much self-esteem. They’re held to much lower standards so success (of a kind) comes easily. No matter how incompetent they are they’re unlikely to get fired. They get wildly over-praised for very modest achievements. They get pretend jobs and think they’re doing something useful.

Third-rate women writers are hailed as geniuses. Women “scientists” who turn out to be nothing more than science bureaucrats are celebrated as the second coming of Isaac Newton.

They get Mickey Mouse college degrees and are treated as intellectuals.

Dangerously inept female political leaders like Theresa May are promoted way beyond their very mediocre ability levels.

Feminism is all about pretending that women have achieved things which they actually haven’t achieved at all.

* Women are hypergamous. They want to mate with the highest status male they can get. And they want him to be higher status than they are. That is why throughout history higher status men have had more sex (and more kids) than lower status men. That changed for a period with monogamy but with birth civil it is changing back. I recently read that on tinder 20% of the men get 80% of the action. Not surprising nor were the findings on Freakonomics and elsewhere that the more money a man listed the more communications he got from women.

What had changed from the historical trends are:

1. Feminism has told women that they are perfect the way they are. They deserve that high status man no matter how they look or act.

2. Feminism had also told women that they should focus on work and having fun during their youth while waiting for that perfect man that they don’t need just like a fish doesn’t need a bicycle. Then when the biological clock starts to chime many women become angry that no higher status man wants them. Now they have to either be cat ladies or settle for a man who is below their ideal. Damn patriarchy! Those sure yield satisfied marriages.

3. Thanks to birth control the higher status men are banging away like always but are no longer having most of the kids. That is left to the lower status less educated classes.

Amusing that no matter the level of indoctrination basic nature stays the same. Women want a tall, wealthy, high status man. Men want a younger, attractive, slender woman. increasingly neither gets what they want but in porn and, soon, with sex robots. Men will get more of their needs meet with them than women. Very few robots will be billionaires.

* Sounds like a great date movie for me and my intersectionally woke partner. Hope its not oppressively hetero-normative though.

* I actually have some sympathy with women on this point. Women are designed to feel insecure in the presence of younger and prettier women, but, before the rise of modern media, they weren’t constantly surrounded by images of women in the 99th percentile for looks on the whole planet. Maybe there would be the village beauty, and a couple other prettier women. That’s it. So, yeah the rise of modern media has been a bit rough on women psychologically.

On the other hand, the feminist conspiracy theories for why this is so are all completely bonkers. As Steve once note, the idea of Colin Powell and Alan Greenspan and other apex males in the patriarchy meeting behind closed doors to decide the how thin fashion models should be is pretty funny. Men are disposed to pick prettier women over less pretty women, so I guess men could be chastized for that, but most of them really have no interest in female oriented media whatsoever.

Furthermore, women are also exposed to all sorts of media about high status males, so this doubtless inflates their sense of what kind of mate they should be shooting for too.

* Looking at how other mammals do ‘sex’ it is pretty much males exerting raw physical power over other males to win procreative rights. I don’t think a buck much cares how ‘pretty’ a doe is as long as she is in heat. Those antlers they grow are pretty useless too except for driving off other males and preventing a doe from saying ‘no’.

It is interesting that some birds are both monogamous and have the male being the ‘prettier’ of the sexes. I guess birds aren’t sturdy enough creatures to engage in combat and so use ‘sex appeal’ in lieu of strength.

My guess is humans, being more or less ready to mate year round, made ‘sex appeal’ the dominant factor in mating for both sexes with females being more dependent on it to attract a top male.

* Michel Houellebecq focuses a a great deal on the far-from-insignificant numbers of losers created by the liberalization of sexual mores (low status males and unmarried middle aged women mainly). The decline of traditional morality and sexual taboos = the greatest unhappiness of the greatest number?

* As one physician explained: “Physiologically, the anus is not designed for penetration by any hard object. As a protective reflex action, the anal sphincter tightens ordinarily if stimulated. Any attempt at penile insertion can be distressing, even if done slowly and gradually…The lining [mucus membrane] of the rectum is very thin, tears easily, does not heal fast and therefore is vulnerable to infections. Also, the tears can enlarge to a fissure or a crack. These are painful and slow to heal. There is also a possibility that a fistula could open up, allowing feces to re-route into the abdominal cavity…This can cause serious surgical complications. One may lose control over the anal sphincter causing continuous involuntary leakage of fecal matter. There is also the increased risk of hemorrhoids, which are quite uncomfortable. Rectal prolapse—wherein the walls of the rectum protrude through the anus and hence become visible outside the body—is another surgical emergency that is seen resulting out of anal intercourse.”

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