Exposed: This racist alt-right leader used to be a pro-LGBT beauty blogger


One of the most anti-Semitic, racist members of the alt-right used to be a beauty blogger who made make-up tutorials, babe can reveal. Bre Faucheux – a pseudonym – is a rising star of the alt-right who regularly spews bile about Jews, white pride and the “dangers” of black people. She’s got thousands and thousands of viewers, and shares extremist conspiracy theories like the Jews secretly control the government or black people “should go back to Africa.”

So her racist fanbase might be surprised to know that Faucheux, whose real name is Brittany Nelson, used to be a pro-LGBT beauty blogger who used to post make-up tutorials under the handle of Tribal Faerie.

Babe uncovered her real name and past life as a YouTuber when we noticed she used the same photo on a Pinterest account under Faucheux’s name and a Twitter account for Tribal Faerie.

Today Faucheux posts videos like I Want Our Future Children to be Raised White and How White Identity Cured Her Depression, and publishes garbage on her blog about Islam and white pride – a category on her blog is called “white genocide,” and it has post after post about how minorities are apparently out to kill white people.

But until early 2016, back when she was a beauty YouTuber called Tribal Faerie, Nelson posted advice about make-up innocuous advice about make-up, Lush bath bombs, nail varnish, being vegan, and cosplaying as a werewolf.

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