Do Jews Belong In The Alt Right?

The Jewish Question essay posted by Ryan Faulk (but not written by him).

I notice that by and large on the Alt Right, there is no appreciation of the good things in Judaism, just as with Jews, there’s rarely any appreciation of the Alt Right.

In general, Jews don’t see any darkness in the Jewish tradition just as Nazis don’t see any beauty there.

For the Alt Right, the obsession of Jews is to destroy whites, but Europeans are not the obsession of Jews. Jews are the obsession of Jews. Judaism is far deeper than promoting multiculturalism in the West.

Just as most Orthodox Jews won’t admit there’s anything good in Christianity or Hinduism, most Alt Righters won’t admit there’s anything good in Judaism.

Why does the AR keep saying Jews are good at arguing? 1). Pilpul (verbal aggression, humiliation and deception to put pressure on you). 2.) Scholarship. Jews are good at analysis, citing sources, public debate. At bottom, the AR accusation that Jews are good at arguing is an admittance that they have holes in their worldview that a smart Jew such as Nathan Cofnas will point out and destroy.

About 82 minutes in, I occupy a segment on the April 4 edition of the Daily Shoah with Mike Enoch. Like most of the Alt Right who knows my story, they can’t comprehend that a decent bloke like me would find anything attractive in Judaism. By contrast, intellectuals such as Kevin MacDonald and E. Michael Jones have no problem understanding why someone like me would be attracted to Judaism (the high quality of life, the emphasis on scholarship, the emotional intensity, the focus on achievement, etc).

* The Daily Shoah crowd like Frame Games Radio so much that they don’t believe he’s really Jewish.

Chaim Amalek writes: “I’ll bet that Bronstein (Trotsky) too, was good at academic writing. But in the end, it was that goy Stalin who won out. Academic rigor works mostly on other academics, provided that they are from a similar culture. Also, the phenomenon of social media debates strikes me as being about as fruitful as a masturbation contest. Meet in person — secretly if you must — just like the Socialists did over 100 years ago in Europe. Support one another economically and legally. Pick battles carefully – don’t smear feces over yourself (e.g., wearing KKK or nazi paraphernalia) and expect others to embrace you. Practice strategic crypsis, form alliances of convenience that go beyond purity of race or even ideology. And then wait for circumstances to favor your preparatory work.”


* I’ve continued watching. You’ve turned me further away from hateful tendencies. Thanks you Luke. Have listened to TRS for a couple of years, and worried about the darkness and lack of direction, though share a love with the fellas, but more with you on how they need to steer their desires for white independence.

All of us have faults, I suspect some influential Jews have acted very badly in regard to goys, but we must be pragmatic, and lead by example, and let God deal out the concomitant destiny.

Your advice to stay in one’s lane, to not speak on things I don’t know, has encouraged me to study and consider alternate opinions with greater consideration…. this has helped reduce a feeling of emptiness, and inspired wider learning and more consideration. Thanks for the education mate!

Have been hesitant to converse, coz I know you’re busy with things. I have a ton of respect for Mike Enoch, Sven, Striker, but I’m more on your side to be honest, from what I can gather by you semi Devils’ Advocate conversations. I guess I’m one of the 10% on your feed, open minded…despite the odd shit post. Look forward everyday to your streams mate.

* Dear Mr.Ford, I’m only bantzing you as in my mind you were, are and will always be a goy and a good one at that. Jewish society, its rules, division, drive, intelligence and down right audacity has long been a source of fascination to me. I honestly believe your primary goal is the truth but the Jewish guest you have just bought a microphone for has many goals and few of them I feel are concerned with the pursuit of truth. The Alt-Right is experiencing some adversity at present but we both know the outcome of this will ultimately result in its growth and renewed strength. You are riding the crest of a wave at present as no one can sustain uploads of such calibre indefinitely. Please do not misunderstand me, there will be other waves and I see you on the crest of many of them. Keep doing what you are doing Sir…

* I thought interfaith stuff was verboten in orthodox judaism? “They take god very seriously???” What? Doooovid thinks the Hare Krishnas worship the same god as the Jews? That is a little too woke.

* Oooosh with friends like these, what’s a goy to do? In a single livestream Doovid has interrupted you repeatedly, questioned your allegiance, almost doxed you whilst making observations that challenge reality. But fear not Mr. Ford, Doovid only wants to fill your bedroom with Hindu’s and some based chess playing schwartzas. I’m confused as I thought it was the Alt-Right that was currently in a state of turmoil?

* Doovid: I was not trying to dox Luke or change racial make ups of any neighborhoods, just questioning the fact of Luke’s claim that Jews prefer to live among Whites, and that even Luke’s neighborhood is ‘White’, as he said the night before that he only lived a few blocks away from the ‘blacks’, which makes sense with my understanding of urban planning. That usually the Jews live right on the border between the White and Black neighborhood, extending into both, but mostly the black part.
And that most Jewish neighborhoods are in highly multicultural areas that have all different types of people, and that we as Jews thrive best in multicultural areas. Maybe in that moment of argument I was questioning Luke’s Jewish allegiance when he talking on behalf of Jews saying we prefer whites, which in my understanding is false and heretical, we don’t rank goyim, and are intrinsically multicultural, Judaism is a global religion that thrives in among all peoples.
I personally would argue that multiculturalism is best for America, especially the cities, but have no intention of ‘filling your bedroom with snakes’, and yes I favor merit based immigration that would bring more Hindus to America, as statistically Hindus are good citizens, commit few crimes, and contribute to the economy.
These debates are important, and the Alt-Right coalition that got President Trump elected was multicultural, as I mentioned the huge role that Hindus and Indians played in President Trump’s election. Obviously whites are the biggest part of the Alt-Right, and if they want the movement to them self that will mean that people like me and Luke won’t be able to be members. But as I said than the Alt-Right will become a marginalized group and certainly won’t have President Trump who cast his lot with the Jews.

* The fact we’re not “flooded with support” is evidence that we are clearly doing something right. Race is indeed real and with that foundation in mind there will never be an open door to Jewry within the Alt-Right or whatever label it adopts in time. Your friend Doovid is clearly an intelligent guy but when he uses “we” and “us” in reference to a movement that unanimously understands the JQ, he must appreciate that he will forever be an outsider. Jews aren’t the only ones who like to “set their own stuff up” Mr.Ford…

* For the first time, I wondered if Luke Ford is really friendly towards us since he laid trap after trap for Tanstaafl, and Tan tripped every single trap. Saying every single person w/ even one drop of Jewish blood is a conscious and deadly enemy of all whites (including Tan’s own wife and children!) makes him look like a crazy person. It’s like saying the world’s stupidest white person is smarter than the world’s smartest black. We all know it’s false, and it makes you sound like a nut. I’m not a Shitlord. I don’t speak in ABSOLUTES. I speak in terms of THE MEAN. Jews and blacks are hostile, alien GROUPS, and policy must be based upon GROUP AVERAGES and not outliers. This is true, and it’s therefore easier to convince people of than the statements Tan made. I’d like to see how someone who is actually good at debating, like Strike or Mike, handle those same questions (hint, hint).

* Your lessons are good Luke, just saying, because most of the comments are negative, or shallow. I hope you keep it up, and continue to be a force of love an inclusion among disgruntled white nationalists.

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