Paul Nehlen Doxxed Ricky Vaughn (Douglass Mackey) Yesterday

From 4Chan’s Pol:

* Paul Nehlen has gone from challenging Paul Ryan for a seat in congress to being a Gab-tier white nationalist mud slinger engaged in the doxing of his political opponents.

TRS realizing they created an idiot by feeding red pills to a boomer.

Let me say this again, as a spic, I have never felt more comfortable in my future in this country. Watching the leaders of “white consciousness,” self-destruct is both a privilege and a pleasure.

* Paul Nehlen and Cantwell have gone full fucking retard. They are constantly getting gaslit on the gab echo chamber. 50% of the people they are interacting with are probably fucking feds for fucks sake.

Nehlen has been fucking toast for a while now. The fucking retard was supposed to run for office and talk about white issues. Not go on tangents about Jews in the pornography industry. He is truly a fucking moron and deserves absolutely nothing.

* Paul Nehlen went insane lol, this guy was a successful businessman with a family and money and now he is a gab white nationalist doxxing people who are mean to him online.

* Nah this is a classic case of knowing a shit ton of facts but not knowing what to do with them. Cantwell was always bound to go full retard with WN just like he did with HHH libertarianism. His only chance was to be deliberately shielded from some of this knowledge.

Should have just pushed Italian style fascism on him instead.

* Nehlen has OD’d on red pills and went off the deep end.

He’s a liability now who can’t be trusted with personal information, time to cut the cord.

* No decent person is going to be involved openly in radical politics. They were all burned the moment they called themselves white nationalists. The people who will make the changes they want will have heard their message and lived their lives appropriately having nothing to do with the alt right or white nationalist ‘movements’.

* Ironically Weev, who is a complete psycho, is actually the most tempered and intelligent of the bunch.

These guys were given basically the keys to the store, and allowed to gain influence. Both of them completely self destructed themselves in a damaging way, because they couldn’t handle the redpill.

I’ve seen this lots of times before. When you meet someone and look them in the eye, you always think well of them. You don’t realize that this person might actually be someone completely psycho. I know liberals who’ve met black people in their personal life have this same trusting forwardness, they never inquire further to find out what this black guy is doing in his personal time (robbing shit, selling drugs….etc)

What the TRS guys did to Cantwell was amazing, you forcibly converted him. But then you just opened the door for him to set up shop in your house, which was a bad move. The fact that he swung his ideology so radically with so little prompting should be evidence to how easily manipulated and suggestible he is, a very weak personality type to go right along with his jawline.

Paul Nehlen, I mean I thought this guy had it down pretty well. But then he just went off the reservation. I guess he got too sucked into the bubble of the movement, and stopped considering how he looked to outsiders. Part of the blame as to lie with him, but I think part of it is Jazzhands and others not giving him the proper direction to cool his jets.

You don’t want these people representing what you’ve got. Just look at the discussions we have on /pol/ they are funny, complex and interesting, and rich with historical knowledge. This kind of rich discussion is what should be happening on the alt-right. Instead it’s devolving, being weighed down by all this other bullshit. Is the ethno-state really your only idea? Warski even got bored of it, and he’s our guy.

* Yeah they can still affect things but the chain of influence right now goes like this.

0) Edgy memes generated for decades
1) Radical alt right elements expose kikes & anti whites
2) The message is moderated by alt right elements who aren’t full retards
3) These talking points then get picked over by tradthots & Cernovich types
4) Someone main stream like Tucker or a Fox anchor makes some dog whistles
5) Normies look into shit and discover all the memes, stories, etc and spread that shit.

This is pretty much how the South Africa stuff went down. As long as everyone plays their role in the chain it works but you can’t have motherfuckers overstepping themselves.

* Yea, the idea that Ricky Vaughn is some kind of master influencer controlling TRS and TDS, is wignat retardation.

Enoch and Anglin are disassociating their enterprises from the wignats because they’re objectively liabilities, proven by cuck box, Cantwell talking to feds, and now this doxxing, not because of Ricky Vaughn

* The alt right’s strategy is pretty much Jewish. For the most part they just want to rally and “raise awareness”, but when it comes to getting actual work done, they expect the goyim to do it for them. All they care about is networking and talking. When someone actually does something to destroy our enemies they disavow, disavow, disavow. They throw them under the bus. They are fucking autistic as hell too, they siphon money away from people to support their stupid podcasts instead of building up money to acquire territory and build infrastructure.


* Never go full Gab.

* I’m not new to the movement but I’m new to forums, paying attention to names/leaders, etc.

Was it always this toxic under the surface from jump?

This is just…I mean I think a man can be forgiven for using gay words like disgusting, vile, and gasp hateful.

* No, it’s never been like this. Even at the worst of infighting.

Most of that got solved by mutual separation, and wifegate never had them chasing after literally everyone.

* When I joined this thing everyone came together, working class and all, and showered Millenial Woes with moral support, money, and spare bedrooms with no time table.

Now we’re doxing our friends.

I’m texting mom and asking her if I should quit my time in HATE. Will report back.

* I’m definitely an optics-cuck, but Nehlen is an example of how even great external presentation can be pointless when you become a tactless sperg who forgets how to convince normal people of our ideas.

* I guess when we summoned the beast of white identity we should’ve thought about what would happen when it made its way down the bell curve lol. Oops.

* This isn’t an optics issue anymore, it’s behavior/actions. Optics is quite a bit further down the list of priorities.

* The “dox yourself and fight in the streets” cucks turn to doxing those they perceive as not on their team.

I regret i had but one dox to give, borthers.

Hopefully they are as inept at this as they are at activism and recruitment.

* Doxing is unforgivable, this shouldn’t even have to be said.

But reading through the thread I do have to say that there are a lot of us here that are optics-cucks personally(I always have conducted myself in a way that Anglin and RV would approve of) that are still very uneasy with attacking white advocates because the fire spreads out of control quickly. It took 1.0 20 or 30 years to destroy itself with infighting, at this trajectory we are looking at 2-3 years. It is a terrible strawman to lump anyone pointing this out in with TWP or siege-posters.

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