CBC: Israel PM freezes UN deal to send African migrants to Western countries


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday he was putting on hold an agreement with the UN refugee agency to relocate thousands of African migrants to Western countries.

Hours after announcing the deal, which was opposed by right-wingers as it would give thousands of migrants the right to stay in the country, Netanyahu posted a message on his Facebook page saying he was putting it on hold until further review.

According to the agreement, about 16,000 of 37,000 African migrants who entered the country illegally would be relocated to Western nations while others would be allowed to stay in Israel.

Steve Sailer writes: “This is reminiscent of the crazy deal that Australia struck with Obama that Trump got stuck with: Australia, like Israel, has shown a lot of backbone in resisting illegal immigration. But when the New York Times and its powerful allies started a campaign against Australian citizens’ right of democratic self-determination, Australia’s prime minister came up with the clever plan of dumping its illegal aliens on America.”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Our great ally Israel says “Bite the pillow, I’m going in dry!”

* This will be portrayed in the Israeli media as a victory for the open borders forces (supported by US Jews), who will be happy if none of those 16,000 refugees ever actually leave. Who’s going to force them – the UN?

* They have to understand this isn’t going to stop the flow into Israel. You make it to Israel and get a free trip to Canada, isn’t that better than staying in Israel for the overwhelming majority of these economic migrants?

* My understanding of the deal between Australia and the US is that Australia take more Central Americans in return than the boat people and the US is given the right to vet them however they want, theoretically being able to accept none if they so choose. Turnbull basically tried to tell the last part to Trump in their phone call.

* The whole thing is unseemly, but ultimately it is the fault of Canada and the like for being so cucked that they would accept the migrants.

This century will be the century of African hot potato. I just wish that the first world could work together so that no one would have to take any of them.

* This is actually a complete surrender of Israel, we are going to grant visas to tens of thousands of infiltrators (there are always more ready to come out of the woodwork than are mentioned in these announcements), the UN promise of taking 16000 off our hands is completely empty, they have no power and no desire to do anything of the sort. But I’m glad that at least in Nazi-land, we’ve got everyone sewn up.

* It’s people in the West wagging their fingers at Israel for planning to deport them to Africa. The plan was popular in Israel polling 60% plus. Protests in Israel while large consisted of Africans & the usual suspects in the academic class.

Canada already agreed to take 500 or so. If the West is going to butt into the affairs of sovereign nations then why shouldn’t they take them?

Maybe the West should just shut up and leave countries alone? Brilliant master stroke by Netanyahu just wondering why he didn’t go for broke and dump all of them in Canada the rest of them?

* Apparently there was a lot of haggling with the UN behind the scenes. At first they only agreed to take 1 out of every 5 migrants.

This is not an alt-right scenario of Jewish ZOG domination, but yet another instance of national sovereignty being compromised by the liberal globalist order. Netanyahu wanted to start deporting Africans to Africa today, not to become beholden to the UN for the next five years. His base will be pissed off.

* According to the Israeli government, the flow into the country has largely been stopped by their Sinai fence. Of course, the lure of asylum in a more welcoming country than Israel may cause more Africans to try for the border in the hopes that the Israelis will let them in rather than permit them to die in the desert. A move that encourages attempted border-hopping seems quite odd in light of Israel’s recent defense of the Gaza border.

* Israel did want to get a rid of them all, and send them back to Africa but the UN put a stop to that. Some UN refugee and resettlement agency put a lot of pressure on the African countries that were going to take the uncooperative ones in exchange for cash.

* This isn’t a Jewish plan. Israel had been deporting them back to Africa, and built a wall that successfully stopped more from coming in.

The UN, which hates Israel, tried to stop the African nations from cooperating. This “compromise” was hatched by various UN members that are anti Israel and the EU which is the biggest funder of Israel’s enemies in the West Bank and Gaza.

This is all explained in this article and with background information about Israel’s african migrants amply covered.

But the knee-jerk anti Semites are too lazy to bother reading this.

* Seems like a raw deal for Israel.

Instead of deporting all 32,000+ illegal Africans back to Africa, Israel has instead agreed to grant residency rights to 16,000+ while attempting to foist the other 16,000+ on other western nations.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his political allies I think would have much preferred to stick with the original plan of deporting all the illegal Africans back to Africa. I suspect that “human rights” agitation on the part of the usual suspects made that plan unworkable in the end, so Netanyahu went for what he must have thought was the second-best deal: ‘if a bunch of busy-bodies are going to try to make this Israel’s problem, the least I can do is make it their problem as well.’

But Netanyahu has his priorities right: First build the wall and cut off the flow of all new illegal immigrants. Then try to deport as many existing illegal immigrants as possible. Only last do you hold your nose and cut a bad compromise deal covering the last remaining group within your borders.

President Trump can learn from this: First build the wall. Then deport everyone you can get your hands on. Then, finally, cut some idiotic deal to cover the remaining DACA-types whom you haven’t managed to dislodge. In that order.

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