Guardian: Hispanic Baseball Fans Revolting Against Trump-Liking Ballclub Owners

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The USA is, or was arguably the freest, most prosperous nation in history that provided for the greatest number of its citizens to achieve in life what their given talents allowed. It was also noted for definitely being part of the Anglo world and very distinct from Latin America with only an extremely small amount of latinos inherited from the Mexican War.

Despite this the USA has allowed over the past 4o years for latinos to immigrate in numbers to where they now comprise about 18 percent of the population, and will probably eventually become 35 to 40 percent in our lifetime. In effect the USA has allowed itself to become part of Latin America and now houses and takes care of millions of latinos whose lives would be much harder south of the border.

And how do they thank us? Why they get upset that Trump is wanting to build a wall along the border because apparently they feel they have not yet gotten their fair share of the American pie. Rather than show appreciation to the historic American nation who basically allowed them to take a fifth of this nation, they demand we support their continued increase in numbers, at our expense of course, as a condition to show our respect to them.

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