Israel Opts To Live, Denies Palestinians Right Of Return

Vox Day writes:

How can Israel possibly deny itself the manifold benefits of these millions of New Israelis, who are every bit as Jewish and Israeli as every current inhabitant of Israel? All they are seeking is a better life for themselves and their children, after all.

Don’t the Israelis understand that their economy will benefit incredibly from all these potential immigrants? Don’t they realize that they have a moral duty, under Jewish law, to tikkun the olam by providing a safe home for all of these poor, desperate refugees? Have they forgotten the sacred lesson of Ellis Island? Have they forgotten that once they were visitors in Egypt?

I understand there are also more than a few refugees from Syria who desperately need a safe haven as well. Perhaps they could become New Israelis by immigrating to the Golan Heights.

For shame! The Israeli border guards have killed 12 New Israelis already. That is not who we are! Those are not Israeli values! What is Israel, after all, if not a nation of immigrants?

Comments at Vox Day:

* The Palestinian leadership has never had a problem with creating more dead Palestinians to further their cause of wiping the “evil Zionist entity” off the face of the earth and claiming the earth for Allah – with the cooperation and support of Western media. The interesting thing will be how many of the Islamic “herd” (er, horde) will “volunteer” for martyrdom on the Israeli border fences.

* The pope has been photographed kissing the feet of refugees. Think about that for a minute.

What the Alt-Right needs to understand is that it doesn’t have a JQ, but rather a CQ. A much more intractable problem as there are a heck of a lot more of them than us and they will not be digging their own graves or getting herded into ghettos anytime soon. Not without a lot of your own going down first. Hard. Not to mention the rainbow coalition of a panoply of other nominally-Christian denominations that are to the left of Lenin on this issue. Unitarians, Presbyterian, and Catholics, to name just a few, are all inveterate sanctuary-city amnesty types and you all know it deep down even if you choose to remain silent about it.

You could get rid of all Jews tomorrow, and be right where you are now for a long time thereafter. Look in the damn mirror.

Plenty of Jews, including ex-Israelis like me living in the West (yes, yes, I need to go back – real scared – hmmm…mmmmm), are majorly based on the issue of immigration and refugees. Trotting out the video of that woman who says Europe is not multicultural enough is dirty pool and irrelevant. Folks like her or Soros don’t represent the vast majority of us. Especially Ashkenazis. The only ones that matter, really.

Jared Taylor at Amren includes Jews in his race-realist mission. Why can’t you guys? We’re, by and large, singing from the same hymnal on this and many other issues. Including traditionalism and the supremacy of Western values. Your stupidity is breath-taking.

* Vox Day: No, we are not. You not only have to go back, you WILL go back. Posture all you like, but your elites are already preparing to jump ship.

Your dishonesty is not only breathtaking, it is predictable and characteristic.

* Bill Kristol would also be bemoaning the laziness and dissipation of the primary inhabitants of Israel.

* Increasingly, I’ve been seeing occasional shots at Israel in the media, having it be referred to as a “White Supreeeemist state”. It’s almost as if certain tactics can backfire.

* Just think of all the doctors and engineers they are keeping out. Don’t they understand that Israel will cease to exist unless their population is reinforced by immigrants?

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