Big Jews Vs Little Jews

JewA: The real question is why didn’t Enoch’s and Striker’s parents recognize their gifts and ensure their bright future. If I was Eric Striker i would be angry at the world too. He should be some big shot.I think he is angry and chose this road because he wants to shock. Deep inside he says he wants the world to be kind. He wants others to feel the pain he does. So he externalizes his anger.

JewB: Striker and Enoch think like I do about where political violence leads. It’s amazing how foolish the Left is on this. Chomsky was alarmed and spoke out, but to no avail. When the shit hits the fan, it’s an opportunity to call for removal of those who preached it was okay to punch a nazi. Oy, Luke you gave Enoch and Striker the last words! Now those goys will NEVER accept you as a real Jew.

JewC: “The more helpless they feel, the more they rage at Jews” – yeah but Matt is spot on, Luke. They are helpless in large part because of the no-platforming & demonetizing led by organized Jewish groups. Have you ever seen the list of platforms a lot of AR leaders are banned from? FB, YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, Patreon, Uber, AirBnB, Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate store, even dating apps like Bumble. They can’t lead normal lives at this point even if they wanted to, because Jewish hateframing has rendered them helpless.

And saying Striker “just wants to externalize his pain” is nonsense. The guy is trying to influence a movement. He’s not sitting on the sidelines, he’s in the arena. Of course he’s going to zealously advocate for his position.
All this psychoanalysis I read here just looks like Cultural Anthropology 2.0 where you guys are would rather pathologize the mindset of being critical of Jewish influence rather than respond to its substance. Striker reminds me of a lot of the goys from my high school “from the wrong side of the tracks.” I’m not saying it’s foul play to criticize him or his Luddite proclivities. But a lot of what I’m reading in this thread just looks Freudian.

JewB: Our main job, really our only job, should be to find ways to undercut Big Jewry’s push for white disenfranchisement. There have been times when the little Jews successfully revolted, but those were generally times when Big Jewry couldn’t pretend he was just fighting the Goy.

JewD: Big Jewry doesn’t know how to handle us. We totally scramble the playbook by saying “I’m a Jew and what you’re saying is a lie”. That’s why Frame Game gets so heavily censored.

JewB: They will use the same tactics they use for the goy, just quieter.

JewC: Whitepill me on times Little Jewry successfully revolted against Big Jewry. I’m not doubting it, just would like an example so I can conceptualize it.

JewB: Those ADL clowns won’t be so “random” if you start picking up speed and prominence. Most important one – Abe Cahan moved yiddish speaking Jewry OUT of communism.

Forward is remembered as social-democratic, but it was fervently anti-communist. Cahan and the Forward stopped the Communist aggression towards the goy, which prevented Nazism spreading to US, or rather, winning internally.

2) Forest Hills – was slated to get high-rise black projects. Lindsay thought he could defeat middle class Jews since working class Jews had capitulated

Jews fought back, Koch emerged as champion, and became mayor after NYC declared dead. City revived. Koch reigned in spending, Rudy brought in order after Dinkins.

3) Pogrom in Crown Heights, again, mainstream Jews had “enough” – Rudy elected despite SILENCE of mainstream Jewish orgs in aftermath of black rioting

4) Every time they try to make the satellite schools in NYC “diverse” Jewish middle class fights off attempt

First D’amato then Rudy

for 3) And Pataki took down Cuomo

The only way out for us is to defeat, undercut, the anti-white Jewish push from the oligarchs and big Jewry. If the goy has to stop them, it will be much more painful for everyone. It always is.

The Jews are so caught in their own narrative they can’t even hear how much sense Enoch and Striker are making, but there are cracks and crevices in the narrative that we can exploit. For instance, the Orthodox are not going to be happy when something goes kaboom and we remind them their leaders SUPPORT Muslim immigration.

JewC: That doesn’t mean we tell goys “stand back, Little Jews (TM) got this!”.

JewB: Not saying that. We work together but separately, no arm and arm stuff.

JewC: “Arm and arm shit” is too off-putting to Big Jewry so they won’t listen to Little Jewry in that case, is that your theory? Just trying to understand.

JewB: For both groups. The alliance needs to be implicit. Only someone like Luke can run in both camps publicly.

KMAC: “Thus, Jews who want to be considered our allies should direct most of their activism to changing the direction of the organized Jewish community. Just as Joe Lieberman was the emissary of the McCain campaign to the traditionally Democratic Jewish community, there is every reason to think that Jews would be far more effective in producing change in the organized Jewish community than non-Jews. Such efforts, especially if they were successful, would be the surest sign of their sincerity and good will.”

But we have to have wins. If we undercut what the Big Jews can say in the name of American Jewry and Because Holocaust, this gives normie goys more space to resist narrative on immigration, affirmative action, etc.

JewC: I don’t think Little Jewry has a snowball’s chance in hell fighting the national hegemony of Big Jewry’s White Genocide agenda without some clenched fist inside White America’s glove to make them come to the table.
And we don’t have much time. Texas will be blue in 6 years and then it’s #NeverAgain for White political power in America.

JewB: To get Jews to see what we are doing is immoral, they need to see it is bad for the Jews first. The little Jews will see that, maybe, or at least to some degree, if we explain it to them. I think Anglin understands Jews better than most Jews understand Jews. And he is of course playing a long game.

JewC: Just seeing that word “Jews” on a printed flyer used in a negative way is such a politically revolutionary act. Everyone hears about it but no one actually sees it visually himself. Seeing it in the flesh weirdly humanizes the motives of the people behind it.

JewE: White pill me on this- Do white elites not want cheap labor, increased population etc benefits of multiculturalism? What i mean by this is i’m not so convinced that they do. To me they want a brown underclass.

JewB: How much of a brown underclass does a white elite need when it endangers even our water supply and threatens stability? Sure some whites like Gates want more programmers, etc., but they aren’t the driving force. In many ways, Multinational corps are the beard for the Jewish tribalist.

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