Will Jared Taylor Respond To The Nathan Cofnas Critique?

Jared Taylor has always included Jews in his American Renaissance mission. He’s unique among Alt Right intellectuals for his lack of antipathy to Jews. So far, however, he has not responded to the Cofnas critique of Culture of Critique. Jared has many friends on the Alt Right who are hostile to Jews but Jared has never shown that same hostility himself.

Jared will participate on panels and in conferences that feature people such as Kevin MacDonald. From a political point of view, that might be a mistake in that most 95% plus of normies will feel more comfortable with the Alt Right if Jews are included. Jews are also disappointed that Jared has publicly supported Identity Europa, which does not allow Jews to join.

From the perspective of some race realist Jews, Jared has tied his fortune to the Alt Right and the Alt Right is not doing well and they think he should disassociate more clearly from the anti-semitic elements of the Alt Right. These Jews think that one normal Jew joining the Alt Right will bring more benefit to the movement than 100 skinheads joining.

It seems that the more difficult the circumstances the Alt Right finds itself in, the more they turn to mystical explanations of how everything is the fault of the Jews, just as Jews in difficult circumstances turn to kabbalah and Christians to Christ.

Unbroken Deplorable (a based Jew): “It’s a pity that William Pierce and the National Alliance are dead. He was fantastic flypaper for the weirdos who’d otherwise converge the agenda of groups like AmRen.”

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