Mike Enoch, Eric Striker Critique The Nathan Cofnas Critique Of KMAC’s Culture Of Critique

Joe* writes:

Hi, I doubt you’ll read this, and this isn’t something that I normally do. I just wanted you too know that I found you two nights ago because of the Mike Enoch interview and although I’m complicated intellectually I do enjoy a lot of alt-right media and have been sucked a little bit down their time rabbit-hole. I was a fan early on and I had I’ll say that it’s been a bit depressing to see them go down the “everything’s caused by Jews” path. You are the first person who I really think challenged some of my current ideas. Than today you interview my favorite person Job m Goad. You have an absolutely amazing ability to let people talk and guide the conversation while still having a unique mystique about who you are. It’s incredibly interesting. Again, this is out of character for me, but I just wanted you to know how impressed I am by you. I hope this is just the beginning.

Thanks, and I’ll support you in any way I can In your future endeavors.

Jeff* writes:

I don’t understand why you keep replying to strike & mike that “Orthodox Jews agree with you.” Who cares? That’s 10% of American Jews. We’re talking about the 90%. I said all along I don’t have a problem with Torah corralled Jews. It’s these satanic tribal degenerate atheist Jews we’re talking about. What you keep doing by referring to the Orthodox reminds of somebody saying “Not all Germans voted for Hitler.”

Wish you had been a bit more “down the middle” over the past 15 months leading up to the Nathan Cofnas paper. I feel like I got overpowered because you were obviously the expert in Jewishness and so I accepted all you were saying all along—which was mostly MacDonald & then Hitler—and then all the sudden you went full “nevermind—Jews are mostly benign.” You were showing me that I was wrong to trust you for fifteen months, and then sort of asking me to trust you going forward. Too much turbulence.

Kevin MacDonald joined me on my Youtube channel Tuesday night (Nathan Cofnas enters an hour after Kevin leaves and here is Nathan’s rebuttal to Kevin’s rebuttal) and Richard Spencer joins me at 5pm Wednesday (CA time).

Nathan Cofnas responds (Quillette): “Just read it. Pretty much what I expected. He repeats his arguments in more or less the same style, doesn’t address my arguments head on and in some key cases just ignores them. Probably I will publish an annotated version of the PDF.”

“I think his theory is like feminism. No matter what happens feminists can explain it in terms of the “patriarchy.” Women make less money than men?–Patriarchy (obviously). Women are more likely to win custody battles?–Patriarchy
(because judges stereotype them as suited for a maternal role). Women are less likely to write Wikipedia articles than men?–Patriarchy (silences women’s voices). By explaining everything, feminism ends up explaining nothing. Similarly, MacDonald’s theory is formulated so that it is consistent with basically all Jewish behavior. Jews are
supposed to act to advance Jewish interests, but it’s only Jewish interests *as each Jew understands it*. So when we find Jews opposing Jewish interests (e.g., advocating multiracial immigration to Israel) MacDonald says that it must be that they believe that this will actually advance Jewish interests in the long run. Or when we see the vast majority of reform/unaffiliated Jews (the ones who participated in Jewish intellectual movements) intermarrying, it is because this is part of a strategy to make connections to the non-Jewish community and preserve a core of ethnic Jews. By explaining everything the theory explains nothing.”

Click here for the podcast with Kevin MacDonald.

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