What The Alt Right Gets Wrong About Jews

GeoKat writes: Came across this terrific, but lengthy, interview by Luke Ford (someone with an Anglo-Saxon background who converted to Orthodox Judaism) of both Prof. Kevin MacDonald and PhD candidate Nathan Confas, the co-author of this article.

Given the length of the video, I decided to transcribe what I consider to be the most interesting segment of the exchange between Ford and Confas, which begins at 20:40:33:

Luke Ford – Is anti-Jewish sentiment always irrational?

Nathan Confas – Ah (very long pause) in that general sense, I would say “no.” But a big deal of anti-Jewish sentiment is irrational.

Luke Ford – Oh, for example, every major American Jewish organization promotes immigration amnesty. They want the 20 to 30 million people in this country here illegally – now, generally low IQ types – who are here in this country illegally, they want to grant them amnesty. And when they make their arguments, they never talk about what’s good for America. They talk about you know these lofty, philosophical, moral things. And so I see all the major Jewish organizations, and that includes the Orthodox Union and the Agudath Israel, they are trying to fill my bedroom with poisonous snakes. And so how do I feel about people who try to fill my bedroom with poisonous snakes? I don’t bother about differentiating, I just hate these organizations, and I hate the people who run them, and it’s just like passionate.. and I’m Jewish. So, what is the non-Jew going to think when they see every major American Jewish organization, you know, try to inject poison into the American bloodstream?

Nathan Confas – That’s why, as I’ve argued publicly, I think organizations like the ADL are very bad for the Jews in that they are causing much more antisemitism then they’re preventing. In fact, I think they do nothing to prevent antisemitism, at all. I understand why people resent these organizations and why they might blame Jews. Because these organizations themselves pretend to speak on behalf of the Jewish community. So, a non-Jew could take them at their word and say “ok, you represent the Jewish community and you’re advocating something unreasonable”… and, maybe, Jews are unreasonable.

Luke Ford – How much responsibility do ordinary Jews have that their leaders are hell bent by injecting poison into the American bloodstream?

Nathan Confas – That’s an interesting ethical question. What kind of responsibility does a community have for collective action, the actions of its leaders? I think the Jewish community does have some responsibility to push back against these self-appointed leaders in a more public and aggressive way than we have. I think, insofar as we can be held collectively responsible for our actions, I think Jews have made mistakes in these areas.

* Luke Ford is a pretentious prick.

I tried to listen to Ford interview Richard Spencer, gawd, two pricks contesting for the best spot on a pincushion.

* A subject that wasn’t raised in the article, but that I am very curious to hear commenters’ opinions on, is Jewish out-marriage.

According to MacDonald, Joyce, Anglin, lots of random Twitter accounts with Groyper/Pepe/anime avatars, and so on, Jews are an extremely ethno-centric group who constantly collude, consciously or not, to advance their own interests at the expense of Gentiles. Furthermore, Jews see themselves as non-white, though they lie about this to Gentiles for nefarious purposes. (Remember, this is completely different from when @fashy_pepe88 describes himself as “white” in one tweet about American demographics and “Italian” in another about Meds vs. Nords.)

However, according to relatively recent numbers from Pew, the Jewish outmarriage rate is 58% overall, and 70% for non-Orthodox Jews (who are the vast majority of influential Jews in media, finance, academia, et cetera.) Furthermore, non-Orthodox Jews have fertility rates below the 2.1 replacement threshold.

How can this possibly be squared with an account of Jewish behavior secretly being Jews aggressively promoting their interests as an ethnic group? Surely Jews have to exist as a distinct ethny to have interests to promote? Doesn’t it strike you as bizarre that, say, promoting feminism is somehow part of the “Jewish group evolutionary strategy”, but having Jewish offspring is not?

Indeed, consider the shocking disconnect between alt-right views on Jewish demographics and non-Jewish white demographics. According to white nationalists, from Jared Taylor to Andrew Anglin, miscegenation is a huge threat to the white race, and indeed is often alleged to be aggressively promoted by Jewish advertisements and entertainment media. To virtually all white nationalists, having more white children is a, if not indeed the , top priority (as the infamous 14 words suggest.) Whites, particularly women, who marry non-whites are considered to be disgusting racial traitors, as for instance in the Daily Stormer’s frequently printed articles on the matter.

Yet Jewish exogamy is around 6 times the white rate of 10%! Imagine the reaction white nationalists would have if a majority or super majority of white marriages were to non-whites! Would they say that whites were doing an excellent job promoting their ethnic interests vis a vis non-whites?

As I recall, MacDonald had an extremely unconvincing response to this point in one of his books, and there are other matters I’d like to elaborate on later, but this will have to do for the nonce. I look forward to reading reasoned critiques, vitriolic personal attacks, et cetera, in response to my comment tomorrow.

* All the “big name” antisemites are losers at life who attention-whore and resent people who are successful in the USA. Adopting the views and ideology of one of the most evil men in history, who killed the relations of so many Americans, is a great way to grab attention and shock the squares. They are adults with the maturity of tantrum-throwing toddlers and 13-year-old “youtube stars.”

Fortunately, right wing anti-semites are failing. While Israel is more popular than ever in three decades of polling, there is a shift in the polls. The people MacDonald/Spencer want to reach, white American Republican voters, are rapidly becoming MORE supportive of Israel. This is partially offset by a decline in support among Democrats. Seems as if Farrakhan, Corbyn, and the Muslim Supremacy left-wing Jew-haters are a lot more competent/convincing than MacDonald!

* Jews say they oppose White Nationalists because they’re “anti-Semitic.” White Nationalists say they oppose Jews because Jews undermine white interests. Is it as simple as these two groups coming together, having a kumbaya moment, and agreeing to let bygones be bygones and support each other? Or, is one side or the other being disingenuous?

MacDonald has said that he would support Israel in exchange for Jewish support for white nationalism. There are many who would support Jewish Zionism for mutual support. How many Jews would un-hypocritically support White Zionism in exchange? Very few.

The hypocrisy is overwhelmingly coming from the Jews. Cofnas: You want to prove that Jewish hypocrisy isn’t a thing? How many Jews could you gather to make thing agreement, and support of White Nationalism – and how many white Christians already support Israel and get nothing in exchange? Disprove this hypocrisy by agreeing to support White Nationalism in exchange for mutual support for Israel, and by getting the majority of Jews to agree to the same terms.

Prediction: Jews would never agree to this unless their back were up against a wall. Why would they, when they get the best of both worlds? They can actively dispossess both of their “threats”: Whites in Europe and the US, and Palestinians in Israel.

It seems to me that Cofnas’ labeling of MacDonald’s work as “pseudo-science” is a show of bad faith to the ends of ending this obvious hypocrisy. The Cofnases of the world need to show good faith by giving a little for a change, and by directing their critiques not at honest, good-faith academics like MacDonald, but their fellow hypocritical Jews.

1. MacDonald portrays Jewish behavior in an overly Darwinian manner. Jews are not highly specialized parasites evolved to suck off white society, their behavior is simply what any aggressive minority would do if they could. Jews are just better than others at the minority game, owing to a mix of paranoid neuroticism, intelligence, and wealth/power.

2. The alt-right likes to portray Jews as hypocrites, liberalism for you and nationalism for them. This is just flat out wrong. The vast majority of leftist Jews (the kind that causes problems) are secular and liberal even towards Israel. They’re lukewarm on Israeli issues at best, often completely apathetic. Go to Israel and you’ll find a significant number of left-wing Jewish true believers who shriek constantly about their conservative government. Genuinely two-faced Jews are nowhere as common as liberal internationalist Jews.

3. A good amount of evils ascribed to Jews are actually consequences of white behavior. Namely universalism, individualism, extreme devotion to abstract ideas, puritanical moral outrage, anti-authoritarianism, unrealistic views of women, etc. Sometimes these are good things, sometimes they’re not. A society without those things would’ve probably silenced the leftists, built an armed border wall, and thrown out the Jews by now.

* >Jews control most of Sweden’s media, despite their small numbers. Most notably, Bonnier.

No, Jews don’t. The Bonnier family are not Jewish, though they have Jewish ancestry – about 25%. Indeed, the second biggest ownership stake is held by an actual Bishop.

They also control 25% of newspapers, which is very far from a majority. Those newspapers also don’t show a bias conpared to the 75% controlled by those with no Jewish ancestry.

So the people who control a quarter of newspapers are a quarter Jewish in ancestry. Furthermore? Almost none of the journalists are Jewish…you know, the content creators. Indeed, the group is profitable and is run like a business unlike the Washington Post, for example. Or even Unz.com.

Why is that whenever I actually look up these mad conspiratorial claims it only takes me 5 minutes to prove that they are total nonsense? And yet they get repeated by morons constantly to each other in an echo chamber for the seriously deluded.

And please don’t mention BLS again. She is a nobody. Her institution’s big boast was that 200 students had attended its courses in its first 10 years. That’s embarrassingly small, and those courses were single day/afternoon courses on obscure religious topics. They don’t even seem to have an office so they must be run from home with occasional rented out conference space. They are basically a pretentious book club that talks about Jewish culture.

Oh, and she said something stupid and self-aggrandising once. How embarassing that half of your ideology is based on a one off throwaway comment by a nice white cat lady?

* Society, in one form or another, possesses natural castes. Anglo-Saxon society used to have a priestly Brahmin caste. The problem is, 20th century Anglo-Saxons became atheists and lost their ability to believe in the Christian religion. But this does not mean that human beings lose the psychological urge to be guided in moral matters, because it is a very powerful urge. Into this vacuum has flowed Jewish thinking. Jews are our new Brahmins, and they preach incessantly from their media and university pulpits. Their tendency to do this is related to the fact that there are an awful lot of Jews out there who are descended one way or another from rabbis when you look at their genetic history.

The most devoted of their followers are the Anglo Saxons who are descended from the Puritans of the 1600s. The latter has a very powerful natural dose of moral fanaticism that is genetic in its basis. There’s a reason why New England is fanatically liberal in comparison to most of the rest of the United States. To a fanatic, their priestly caste cannot be wrong.

Between Jewish Brahmins and Anglo-Saxons descended from the Puritans, we have a case of folie a deux. Two sets of insanity interacting with each other and descending into one Grand Madness.

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