What’s More Likely To Produce A Good World?

Following the laws of God or the laws of Nature? That’s the basis of the Judeo-Christian-Muslim conflict with the Alt Right. All of the leading five or so intellectuals of the Alt Right are atheists even though most people who identify with the Alt Right are Christian.

If we follow the laws of nature, we don’t adopt extraordinary measures to keep the sick and dying alive. We practice eugenics. We allow the aristocracy to rule. We don’t view people as primarily made in God’s image. We accept hierarchy. We get rid of the homeless, the crazy, the addicted and the criminally incline. We notice that in nature you don’t have two sub-species living together in peace and so you don’t try to impose multi-culturalism on nations.

On the other hand, if you believe in God and any of the three monotheistic religions, you posit that if people would simply fear God and follow His dictates, we can all get along in peace, no matter our racial differences (unless your religion posits that your group should rule the world, which each of the monotheist faiths does). With monotheism, your opponents aren’t just competitors, they’re evil, they’re opposed to God.

Monotheism has a strong totalitarian streak.

Great exponents of ethical monotheism include Dennis Prager. Great exponents of the natural perspective include Carl Schmitt, Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, etc.

It’s easier to talk to people who are naturalists, because you can limit the discussion to facts and logic while arguing with monotheists means arguing about religious faith, which contains tremendous subjectivity.

The ideology of Mein Kampf is the ideology of the Alt Right (with some superficial PR differences).

The ideology of today’s ruling powers is a weird combination of secular humanism, Judaism, Christianity, capitalism and left-wing thought.

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