Why Do We Take It For Granted That There Are Bad Parts Of Town?

I hear all the time in the United States about how this and that place are a “bad part of town.” And we just accept that is how things are. There are bad parts of town just like there are days when it rains and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Why do we put up with that? Why doesn’t a decent society demand a certain level of decency from people? If people aren’t decent, they should be put on an island and left to their own devices. They certainly should not be allowed to reproduce. They should not be allowed to bother decent people. They should not be allowed to ride public transportation and or visit good parts of town. They have to be segregated.

Decent people won’t ride public transportation if they have a choice so long as public transport is continually ruined by the behavior of the indecent. Decent people won’t send their kids to public schools if these schools are ruined by the indecent.

Different groups have different standards of decency. I think the majority must enforce their own standards of decency on minorities.

I just wish nature provided certain visual cues about who is more likely to engage in criminal and other forms of anti-social behavior. I wish nature color-coded people like it color-codes plants and animals.

Perhaps if it was OK to notice that people with tattoos and certain types of hair and clothing styles are more likely to commit indecent behavior, the decent could enforce sanctions against the bad guys.

I think it is fair to stereotype. Not all groups have identical patterns of behavior. In fact, different races have different gifts. Ideally, a nation consists of primarily one distinct people with a similar genetic, cultural and religious heritage. But if you have a nation like America consisting of many different peoples, then it is fair to start taking sanctions against groups with high crime rates, high welfare rates, low educational attainment rates, high illegitimacy rates. On the other hand, groups demonstrating low crimes rates and high marks of good citizenship should reap the benefits and have more power in society.

I’m tired of hearing about bad parts of town in Los Angeles. Why can’t Los Angeles be awesome everywhere as it was in the 1930s when it was the most Anglo city in the US?

Living in the United States is a privilege and you should lose that privilege for anti-social behavior and be sent to Somalia or Venezuela (pay these countries to take our losers).

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