HalseyNews: Mike Enoch Vs. Halsey English: What if Jews Were Black?

Mike Hendrix writes:

What if Jews were black? This is what kept crossing my mind while watching the very popular YouTube debate between Halsey English and Mike Enoch. The reason this crossed my mind? I just kept imagining the NBA every time Enoch mentioned “Jewish power” due to over-representation.

After all, this is right up Mike’s alley. One of his most famous quotes, even used on his SPLC page, is that, paraphrased, blacks cannot get even with whites no matter what we do for them. It’s fruitless.

So, basically, Mike’s saying that it’s genetic – that black people, no matter what, will always commit more crime and be behind whites in a first-world nation due to their genetic roots. Though when it comes to something like playing in the NBA, blacks are grossly over-represented; and not because of any affirmative action but rather because they tend to play basketball better.

Nobody lines up and cries and moans and blurts out conspiracies because blacks control the NBA. Nobody’s saying they have any nefarious purpose either. This is something they tend to be good at, so this is a sport to which they flock.

Though when it comes to Jews in media, Mike Enoch is moving the needle ever closer to Hitler in terms of conspiracies and propaganda as to why there are so many.

Could it be maybe, just maybe, we have an over-representation of Jews in media because they’re better at it? Could it be the average verbal acuity of Jewish people is better than whites, and that they’re more cut out for areas that involve media and finance and law?

How, exactly, did Jewish people end up in all of these positions? While a guy like Mike Enoch would claim some wild drivel about Jewish nepotism, Jews promoting Jews unfairly, maybe the facts are a lot simpler. Maybe these are areas in which Jewish people excel, and maybe a lot of white people are just jealous.

Yeah, I know, here come the accusations of “Horseshoe theory,” the alt-right’s greatest (and weirdest) defense; as if pointing that out is actually an argument. But it does seem to mirror reality. The white men of the alt-right seem to do little different from the trans kids on the SJW left. They whine, moan, claim they’re entitled to free shit because of how they were born, and stomp their feet in hopes of getting their entitlements.

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