White Nationalism Is Spreading In The Orthodox Community

Anti-Trump activist Elad Nahori writes for the Forward:

Something disturbing has been happening in the Orthodox world. White Nationalist language is infiltrating our public spaces. It’s happening in our shuls, in our communities, in our schools, and of course, online. And those of us who see it are looking on in increasing horror.

There was always some racism in our communities, of course; we’d begun to address it around the time Barack Obama was elected president, when calling black people “shvartze” — a derogatory term for a black person in Yiddish — finally started to become taboo.

But what we’re seeing now is new. It’s different. It’s not just plain racism, or hatred and judgment of a group of people because of their skin pigment. Rather, what I and others have been noticing in our communities is the emergence of a philosophy, one that the Trump era is increasingly bringing into stark relief.

It’s the philosophy of white nationalism that justifies racism, and it’s spreading like a virus among many Orthodox Jews.

Fifteen years ago, you might hear the word “schvartze” in shul. But you wouldn’t hear justifications for deporting black people to Africa. Today, you probably won’t hear a racial slur, at least, not without some sheepishness. But you will hear talking points that you could find on David Duke’s Twitter feed.

In other words, a significant group of Jews have moved from casual racism to an embrace of all-but-the-anti-Semitic aspects of modern white nationalist philosophy, with many of the assumptions and talking points that go with it.

A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump reportedly called Haiti and other countries in Africa “shithole” countries. The white nationalists crowed. “I must come to the defense of #Haiti!” tweeted Richard Spencer, a leader of the nativist “alt-right.” “It’s a potentially beautiful and productive country. The problem is that it’s filled with shithole people. If the French dominated, they could make it great again.” David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan was also thrilled. “Trump spoke Blunt, hard truth that makes PERFECT TRUTH!” he tweeted.

But they were far from alone. When I posted my dismay about Trump’s “shithole” comment on my Facebook page, I was amazed at how similar many of the pro-Trump Orthodox Jews I knew sounded compared to Spencer, Duke, and Trump himself.
As one argued, “Option A: El Salvador isn’t a ‘shithole,’ so they don’t need 17 years of Temporary Protected Status, and migrants from there should be sent home immediately. Option B: El Salvador is, in fact, a ‘shithole.’”

Another Orthodox friend, who had left South Africa for Israel, remarked, “I’m so glad I emigrated from a shithole.”

And another frum Jew wrote, “So, how many snowflakes would like to move to Haiti?”

When I facetiously wondered if that commenter also believed in “white genocide” (a term popular in the white nationalist community), the person responded: “I have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t know any white supremacists, so I don’t know what they ‘sound like’. By “genocide” do you mean blacks murdering white farmers in South Africa?”

And it wasn’t just in my own orbit, either. Soon I heard from friends, liberal Orthodox Jews like me, who listened in horror as online comments were repeated in synagogue on Shabbat.

And it always boiled down to the same rationalizations, those used by Spencer and Duke: Haiti and Africa are indeed shitholes, and Trump was right not to want people from those countries.

What I learned from Trump’s “shithole” comment was that the President’s dog whistles aren’t only being heard by the “alt-right” anymore. That countries dominated by blacks are shitholes was the broad consensus, it seemed to me that weekend. Despite the concerns about Trump’s “crass” wording, far too many Orthodox Jews agreed with the content.

Was it the majority of the Orthodox world? Doubtful. But was it a portion large enough to be concerned about? Absolutely.

And those who didn’t openly agree with the racist rhetoric remained silent, choosing to celebrate the naming of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, or the release of Sholom Rubashkin, rather than call out the racism in their midst.

Similarly, our leaders maintained a stiff silence. While the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and the Reform movement spoke out stridently and bravely against Trump’s words, there has not been one word from the Orthodox Union or any Orthodox groups. They are no doubt afraid of the backlash of these extremists, as when Alex Rapoport’s Masbia, a soup kitchen run by an anti-Trump Hasidic Jew, lost donors when he protested the Muslim ban.

And this isn’t the first time. Since a majority of Orthodox Jews voted for Trump, they are the only group in the U.S. reporting growing approval ratings of Trump — up to 71%, according to the AJC. So approving are they that immediately following the neo-Nazi march in Charlottesville, Virginia and Trump’s subsequent defense of white supremacists with the claim that some neo-Nazis are “fine people”, there was the same deafening silence from Orthodox leadership, at least at first, the same defenses, and the same parroting of white nationalist talking points.

Remember the article entitled “I’m an Orthodox Jew in Israel but liberals have become so deranged with hypocrisy, I’m actually standing with the KKK on Charlottesville”?

While an outlier in its framing, this author put into words what many in his community were feeling: Ultimately, even the KKK may not be as bad as the liberal world.

From the live Youtube chat:

Jim Johnson​Jews aren’t divided at all the play left and right to make you land in the middle

Steffen Krauter​There are some Jews that do speak out. But we can’t see them much, but they need to be worried about convincing their kinsmen to all move to Israel and gtfo

Privada Machina​Weren’t those 200 Rabbis that petitioned to keep immigration into America open, Orthodox?

Privada Machina​2000 sorry

Steffen Krauter​Idk wouldn’t be surprised

Trivium​Out of all the Jews, Orthodox Jews are the most based. 😀

Zed Dez​More Whites were lynched than Blacks.

Steffen Krauter​Jews work for their own interest period

Trivium​Yes and Whites should do the same.

Jim Johnson​you can find them from all sides saying the same thing if you look

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Lynchings are “old school” and I reckon the modern-day equivalent is curb-stomping. 😃

Collin Sleuth​”Based!”


Privada Machina​The following letter, signed by more than 1,200 American Rabbis, was delivered by HIAS to all members of Congress on December 2, 2015;

resurrectionjose​:::arm held high::: ‘WHITE FLOUR!!!’ 😉

Privada Machina​Join the Jewish response to the global refugee crisis; Rabbis from across the country, call on our elected officials to exercise moral leadership for th protction of the US Refugee Admissions Program.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — Just checking seeing the political climate we live in these days (re: diversity is our strength).

Zed Dez​@Luke Ford Do you launder or Dry-clean you shirts? xD



resurrectionjose​’DEUS VULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

Greg Girardin​Very good point Luke. You’re giving me a more nuanced position on the JQ here…

Zed Dez​@Privada Machina If only. sigh

resurrectionjose​That felt good. I had to get that out of my system. 😉

Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose 🤔

Zed Dez​LOL

resurrectionjose​<------- Has been more or less ethno-centric for over a decade (i.e., wanted to marry a fellow white Cuban to keep it in the family) despite the occasional funny look or two. Steffen Krauter​Tbh luke, I think the issue with the conflict between european and semitic peoples has to do with Europeans believing in a foreign faith. If the Christians keep saying how the best jew is one the Steffen Krauter​Rest hate it would make sense there is some animosity Privada Machina​Well said. Danny Rose​that's what they all say... Zed Dez​@Steffen Krauter I'd blame the Academics/Intellectuals/Philosophers of the ROMANTIC era. You can find all the roots of our demise there. Steffen Krauter​Until we cut our ties with semiticism we will be with them resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter -- Can you repeat and/or reword what you said? Steffen Krauter​What are you confused about Maceo Flux​I hope Whites - after a necessary embrace of collectivism - can get back to valuing the individual, which is the default setting of the White mind resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter -- You were probably onto something quite interesting, but it beats the hell out of me what you were trying to convey. Privada Machina​You're pretty on point Luke, I seldom see you slip up. resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter -- When you brought up the Christian faith, Europe, etc. What was it that you were trying to get at? Steffen Krauter​Christians say the best jew is the one jew all jews hate. That would in and of itself be annoying and create animosity Maceo Flux​And Black areas in the US are embryonic shitholes Alternative Shakespeare​Sex and dating question: Do Orthodox Jewish women "shit test" their men more or less? Maceo Flux​I believe in the JQ but still think there are good Jews Steffen Krauter​Jews that I talk to talk about how silly it is that non Jews believe in the Old Testament. I ask why do Christians believe in the choseness of jews? Why not Japanese and be Shinto? resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter -- And how would that first part of what you said be supposedly advantageous? Zed Dez​@Alternative Shakespeare Have you read the Talmud? Alternative Shakespeare​I've only read pieces. Not deeply. Steffen Krauter​? Remove the semitic influence of our people. We will rid ourselves of them if we rid ourselves of their choseness Jim Johnson​The most he enslaved at one time was 858 in Issaquena. Duncan owned more than 15 plantations in Mississippi and Louisiana. resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter -- The O.T. as well as the N.T. (Romans 11) refers to a "remnant" and NOT all Jews. Jim Johnson​Jewish Steffen Krauter​Kek Jim Johnson​Dr Stephen Duncan Josephine Booth Coffin​Luke, I just wanted to say that I liked and found your kind of self-help video, posted recently, (or whatever you called it) helpful and insightful. Danny Rose​The fact that liberals think the kkk was in Charlottesville says so much Zed Dez​The KKK was also against Catholics, it was ideological not specifically racist. resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter -- I don't exactly barf let alone get terribly upset, but when I hear certain dumb-asses use the expression, "Chosen People', I just want to laugh. Privada Machina​Well said [Luke] Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose How do you feel when you hear, "the White man's burden?" resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter -- I can go much further and mention the calling of Abraham and how through him the nations were to be blessed. Steffen Krauter​The Old Testament is a foreign religion. Unless you’re a Christian identity larper. It is an entire document about the choseness of a foreign small group of people resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- In what context? resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter -- "The O.T. is a foreign religion..." What??? :::scratches head::: Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose In the sense that ONLY the White man can enlighten the uncivilized. Zed Dez​I wouldn't want to eat your food...it's icky. Richard Morgan​WE LOVE U LUKE FORD U ARE MY FUCKING HERO Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose i.e., cultural hegimony. Privada Machina​I can see why you're excited that your Jewish brethren might be getting on board with WN, the problem is; we just can't know. The White race has too much to lose, and we can't let our guard down. Steffen Krauter​I’m not jewish. It is foreign from me. I don’t believe in the choseness of jews through the Old Testament in the same why I don’t believe in the choseness of Japanese I’m Shinto Richard Morgan​i want u to marry my sister and become christian kind of Richard Morgan​my sister is a christian white nationalist resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- I'm not a "white supremacist" and more a nationalist. But even side-stepping the issue of 'race realism', the bottom line is that some racial groups are better than others. Jim Johnson​they are malicious to whites intentionally, I don't believe a large number of euro jews have high iq's resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- Unless it's a manner of interpretation, Jesus only called a Syro-Phoenician woman a "dog" and no one else. Jim Johnson​no, they say jesus was speaking to a multitude of different people of and living in Roman occupied Judea Alternative Shakespeare​Has Luke Ford ever managed to charm a Jewish woman? Zed Dez​@Privada Machina Agree 100% I consider myself half spy and half authentic interfaith dialoguer. Steffen Krauter​@luke I agree with you, my people who follow Christianity is odd. But it’s odd to me that you chose to become apart of a foreign tribe. But to each his own I guess Privada Machina​I'm actually very skeptical that Jews actually have that high of IQ. What ppl fail to mention is that Whites have a larger number of ppl w/ "genius level' IQ. Richard Morgan​Luke do you ever want to reproduce? Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose I don't even know what a WS is, besides how that is framed by the Identitarian Left. Alternative Shakespeare​How do we go about restoring Anglo-Saxon supremacy as long as they believe in universal morality? Privada Machina​@Zed Dez Good stuff, we need all hands on deck for sure. Jim Johnson​I find it disingenuous to not speak of the talmudic beliefs and you talk about jews as if they are just a religion, you seem sincere though. Danny Rose​The art and music that whites create is superior to all other peoples. Steffen Krauter​@privada it doesn’t matter tbh. They’re a hostile elite whether smart or dumb Jim Johnson​ear of the beholder I think really resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- The simple answer is that 'White Supremacists' believe in Caucasian folks being "better, stronger, faster" (re: "Six Million Dollar Man) and dominate non-whites. Danny Rose​no, that's objective TexasorBusted​Did you see Argent's 1500+ Alt Right participant survey...It's really interesting the results... Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose But, now its being framed as anything that is Western, i.e., science, law, education, etc. Not that we hold some superiority complex. Jim Johnson​I've come to a point where Christianity seems to be a false flag Itself, a slave religion Privada Machina​Is it true every Jewish religious holiday is based on the genocide of other countries? I can't seem to find what I saw a few years ago, so if you know, I'd appreciate it. Steffen Krauter​@texas link plz Zed Dez​@Jim Johnson Yes, it has been corrupted. But, that is NOT its message or power. resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- From one angle that's not my or the AR's problem, but it will sooner or later raise alarm bells. Privada Machina​It shouldn't be a surprise that the best Jew is /our guy/ by blood. Steffen Krauter​^ resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- In short, nick it in the bud before it takes on the proportions of a forest fire. Richard Morgan​REPRODUCTION MATTERS MORE THAN ANY IDEAS, DON'T U AGREE LUKE? Jim Johnson​yes I know the message of christ and the difference in the comentery in the new testament Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose Immediately! Privada Machina​I really think that we're going to see civil war before any peaceful separation occurs. TexasorBusted​@Steffen Krater Not sure how to post the link resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- :::looks at watch::: I'm on it! 😉 Danny Rose​Not if "back to wakanda" takes hold.. Jim Johnson​hopefully the masses wake and we gain political control Josephine Booth Coffin​I noticed an ad on Youtube for some pozed movie coming out involving Sapphic love and the Orthodox community. Has there been any reaction from them to that? It seems they're being targeted. Based Deplorable​I loved seeing this article Alternative Shakespeare​How do we teach Northern Europeans to value group vs group competition so that they can survive? Would Orthodox Judaism welcome masses of Anglo-Saxons converting for the purpose of racial survival? Jim Johnson​I got you Zed Dez​@TexasorBusted just don't include the h.t.t.p or w.w.w resurrectionjose​:::breaks out flip-phone::: "Yeah, is this Richard Spenser?" "Spence old chum, we have a problem!" "We need to 'SHUT IT DOWN!'" Steffen Krauter​@texas copy link and paste here TexasorBusted​^^There is the link Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose Yeah, that's my sense too. Jim Johnson​but the stories of Judaism predates the Jewish people itself right Steffen Krauter​?! No @jim where did you get that idea from? resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- Yes, you should. 😛 Unbearable Media​Is this white nationalist stuff? TexasorBusted​The survey looks at demographics/political views/religions and the positions on the issues...Really fascinating... Jim Johnson​I think the belief within the ethnic group about goyim being animals to be slaves for jews is universal tho resurrectionjose​@Unbearable Media -- Orthodox Jewish nationalism Zed Dez​@Unbearable Media Stick around and find out. Unbearable Media​I'm not a white nationalist Jim Johnson​just like saying jesus died for our sins, it's understood Jim Johnson​religious or not Unbearable Media​I do like Owen Benjamin though resurrectionjose​@Unbearable Media -- Okay. But that's not a problem to me or anyone else in this 'Live Chat' I presume. Danny Rose​owen benjamin is based Fiji Water​LOVED E MICHAEL JONES INTERVIEW LUKEY. YOU REALLY ASKED HIM GREAT QUESTIONS HE DOESNT GET NORMALLY Steffen Krauter​@jim that doesn’t make any sense Privada Machina​Judaism was completely destroyed in 70 AD, What we have now is an attempt to pull in various dead religions into one. Jim Johnson​which part bud The Westerner​@Luke Ford sup buddy Danny Rose​my favorite Luke interviews were Greg Johnson and Evan McLaren Steffen Krauter​@jim everything you said Unbearable Media​I have to go.. if you love awesome podcasts subscribe to unbearable media movement . Be a bear 🐻 Zed Dez​@Danny Rose Yes, they were fantastic. Zed Dez​I love being read to by a Jew. Steffen Krauter​The Jewish religion does not predate jews. That doesn’t make sense. I know Christians claim that Jesus died for sin. But I don’t believe in sin, so to me he just died Charles Thompson​I think jews are struggling with each other about what jewis identity should be Jim Johnson​the flood story goes back like 3500 years before a Hebrew was ever mentioned in any real record besides from the magic book Zed Dez​@Charles Thompson Oh, they're being tested al(t)right. Steffen Krauter​Yeah I don’t believe in the Old Testament Charles Thompson​this seems like an era of universal identity crisis Privada Machina​That guy who called in the threats was Mossad for sure. Steffen Krauter​Nor do I believe in a worldwide flood kek Jim Johnson​I was making a point about Christian bible thumpers and secular and drawing a comparison resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- "You're going to need a bigger boat." 😉 Zed Dez​@Charles Thompson Multiculturalism and Globalism Steffen Krauter​There was never a global flood though resurrectionjose​(((MUZZIES))) Danny Rose​Alt-reality Charles Thompson​even nations not effected so much by muticulti stuff seem to be a bit confused...japan for example Jim Johnson​Yeah, early form of propaganda fear porn resurrectionjose​"The Alt-Right just equals reality." ~ Luke Ford (Royalty check in the mail Luke!) Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose You suppose its the Jews fear-mongering rather than a real threat? Jim Johnson​of course floods happened though Yehoishophot Oliver​shalom! Yehoishophot Oliver​I just posted a comment on that dimwits article Zed Dez​@Yehoishophot Oliver Peace be with you. Danny Rose​don't believe in god yet the bible stirs my soul like nothing else Zed Dez​@Yehoishophot Oliver LMAO Steffen Krauter​Right so the Jewish religion was made by Jews. It drew on earlier faiths (el/Elohim in Canaanite paganism). But a GLOBAL flood never happened resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- It's a hard one to call if you're framing it that way. But I suppose it's a case of fear-mongering. Yehoishophot Oliver​I was long ago banned from Elads blogs Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose Personally, I consider them one of our greatest threats. Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose For instance, M103 in Canada forwarded by a Pakistani Muslim. resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- From what point of view: 1) Alt-Right 2) White Nationalist, or 3) Other? Charles Thompson​I think the alt right has basically become white nationalism Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose As an infidel. Danny Rose​a star of david is born Jim Johnson​I meant the flood story was fear mongering to control the masses. resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- Oh, wait a minute. I thought you were referring to Jews. Yehoishophot Oliver​Nehorais articles are all secular heretical leftie bs Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose No, Muslims/Islam. xD You did bring them up. Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose I'm actually less worried about the Jews. resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- I'll shoot up quickly and see how you worded things. It seems I got confused. Steffen Krauter​@jim I think religion is important. But I think having a religion that is based on and by foreigners is dangerous Privada Machina​Genocide against the Persians was on a Jewish holiday too Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose Sorry, apologies. Charles Thompson​i think its a funny coincidence that the Christian god has 3 forms...and there are also 3 different ways to worship worship the god of abraham Privada Machina​Interestign, thanks. Steffen Krauter​@charles wrong, there’s 4 Jim Johnson​right resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- Same here -- BUT -- those of us who are "WN's" should be on our tippy-toes regarding them too. Charles Thompson​what is the fourth? Fiji Water​LUKEY DO YOU THINK THEY MEANT YOU SPECIFICALLY IN THIS ARTICLE? Steffen Krauter​Baha’i Charles Thompson​bahai is just cultural relativism made extreme Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose I hold that opinion towards ALL out-groups. Charles Thompson​nothing to do with yahweh Steffen Krauter​Wrong Yehoishophot Oliver​elad is a bt who never truly left his secular mindset Steffen Krauter​About the Yahweh thing Zed Dez​@Charles Thompson The Religion of the UN, how convenient. Jim Johnson​the mainstream attack on whites is doing a great job Trivium​Yes and even Genocide of the Jewish people like Hanukkah. resurrectionjose​:::sigh::: I'm speaking on my behalf, but if one converts to another faith it should be based on the question of truth and not just for the sake of survival. Yehoishophot Oliver​my comment: Zed Dez​@Luke Ford My husband doesn't believe that you as a European are held in the same regard as a Jewish born Jew. BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​Wow! why did I not get the BELL? !!! Steffen Krauter​@ressurect idk what that even means resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- OMG, Orthodox Jews are actually bigoted and xenophobic??? Wow! :::tongue firmly placed in cheek::: Trivium​Jews killed both Greek and Jews in Syria...Now they call it Hanukkah. BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​very interesting subjecy Yehoishophot Oliver​This entire article is absurd. Nehorai quotes valid point after valid point of people he disagrees with, Charles Thompson​i though Hanukkah was just the jews surviving a seige Yehoishophot Oliver​and instead of engaging with the substance of their arguments, he just pearl-clutches in abject horror at the thought that religious Jews could hold any right-wing or nationalist/nativist positions. resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter -- "What that even means." ??? Can you elaborate? Yehoishophot Oliver​Never mind that Zionism itself, a secular ideology, is a nationalist/nativist position. Maximilian​From a Jewish religious perspective wouldn't it be considered beneficial if Christians/whites would convert to Islam since Islam at least fulfills the noahide requirements? Privada Machina​Before that seige Charles Jews killed a whole bunchof Romans. They weren't innocent in that case. Yehoishophot Oliver​And whatever anti-Semites think, the truth must be the opposite (except when it comes to Israel). Jim Johnson​I get the theory, thanks for your reply, just doesn't seem like the real world to me. take it easy guys, luke. Yehoishophot Oliver​Except for the anti-Semites on the left. And like a typical leftist, any view to the right of his is hate and bigotry. Zed Dez​There was Moses, but then there were also the 70 elders at the bottom of Mount Sinai who stated they heard what G-d Really meant. Yehoishophot Oliver​As for the Jewish soul, it is not defined by adopting radical leftist positions but by following the Torah--a text Nehorai does not quote once in the article. Zed Dez​Yep, the Torah is a gatekeeping tactic. Steffen Krauter​@ressurect >faith based on truth and not survival

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — I just scrolled up and noticed something I said before. I meant that facetiously.

Steffen Krauter​Idk what that means

Zed Dez​Japan? The men are marrying pillows and electronic devices.

Ididnothing Wrong​[message retracted]

Trivium​The Jews in Syria at that time where becoming Pagan. Hanukkah was started in the U.S. in the 1930s

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — Oh, that. Well, let me take the example of Christianity. The central claim is Jesus’ resurrection from the dead (i.e., raised up by God the Father). There’s more involved but…

Steffen Krauter​Truth is not the monopoly of jesus

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — ….why oh why would someone NOT consider the truth claims of Christianity, and simply exclaim they converted or whatever on other grounds?

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — Before I give my reply you need to elaborate on that one, please.

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​Jews will call anything a suicide if it serves them

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​((( Them )))

Alternative Shakespeare​Luke, in all honesty, is it possible that the one Jew who told you he didn’t accept you, is the one Jew who was being honest? After all, would we all, if we were Jews, feel that way.

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — I’ve succeeded up to this point in not throwing pious platitudes or pietistic talk (e.g., throwing verses around in a proof-texting manner).

resurrectionjose​”…throwing *around*…”

Steffen Krauter​Not consider the truth claims of Christianity? Like what virgin birth?

Privada Machina​Ok I have a serious question; I’ve heard Jews say that the Talmud should be looked at like it’s a discussion. Going back and forth on topics , and coming to a conclusion. So can you tell me how.. [1]

Privada Machina​A girl who is three years of age and one day may be betrothed by cohabitation. . . .(Yeb. 57b)

Privada Machina​There are a lot of examples for this. Can you explain why this needs a discussion. Thanks

Zed Dez​@Privada Machina Just read that today…a finger or a piece of wood. Shudder.

Josephine Booth Coffin​How did you respond to the guy that didn’t accept your conversion?

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — For example, you mentioned “truth” earlier in conjunction with Jesus, and yet I could have easily thrown around John 14:6 — “I am the Way, the Truth,and the Life.” blah blah

Privada Machina​I know hey. The Talmud is literally full of that stuff

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@Privada Machina … you’ll never understand [will be the answer]

Privada Machina​R. Joseph said: Come and hear! A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his. (Sanh. 55b)

Based Deplorable​Luke is definitely one of (((us))) Like, unquestionably

Privada Machina​A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabited with her she becomes his. (Sanh. 69a, 69b, also discussed in Yeb. 60b)

Steffen Krauter​Basing faith on “truth” over survival. I don’t understand that. I understand the words and the meaning, but I do t understand the desire

Privada Machina​Those are a few examples

Privada Machina​Those are a few examples

Based Deplorable​There is freaky stuff in the writings of Luther or any of the church fathers

Privada Machina​There are a also a lot of passages about manipulating the goyim and lying. I just find this all very disconcerting

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​Yeah, ‘in-groups’ are pious by default!

Alternative Shakespeare​Considering that Judaism is a Tribe, and not strictly speaking a Faith, is there still any difference or distinction, between how the good Orthodox Jew might regard a reform or secular Jew?

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — It most probably depends on circumstances, the individual’s mindset, etc., but when all is said and done the question of truth cannot be side-stepped or relegated to the margins.

Privada Machina​Thanks for answering these questions, or at least trying. I always found those troublesome and unanswerable.

Trivium​Pagans can also be Freaky.

Steffen Krauter​@privada Judaism is NOT a religion. It is a law turned into a ritual

Steffen Krauter​@resurect truth in the sense jesus was saying does not exist. Even Yahweh sees there are other gods which is why he’s a jealous one

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — The Christian faith stands or falls on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, and that is either true or false. Put simply, it is a historical claim.

Zed Dez​@Trivium The only aspect of my Irish paganism that I admire are the Brehon.

Steffen Krauter​Yes not truth

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — There are gods (i.e., elohim) but the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob was VASTLY different and in a class of his own!!!!

Zed Dez​@Steffen Krauter No group has more rituals, besides the Muslims, aka 3 stones.


Steffen Krauter​@resurrect that’s what jews say about their god. I don’t believe them

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — In order to save myself the trouble of typing anything of substance, just go online and type in ‘The Divine Council’ and read the various articles by Dr. Michael S. Heiser.

Steffen Krauter​@zed both Judaism and Islam are religions of law

Trivium​@Zed Dez… Brehon that is all? Come on man Pagan where and are great. So much history.. Pagans gave the west to Jews and Christians.

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​@Steffen Krauter … CORRECT

Privada Machina​I guess that’s why I find it hard to believe that Ort Jews are indeed sympathetic to our cause. They have written that they should lie and manipulate us. And Orth are truer to scripture than anyone.

Zed Dez​@Steffen Krauter I know.

Steffen Krauter​@resurrect faggot I’ve read it all. I’m a yuge bigly fan of st Thomas aquinas. The problem remains. The Old Testament is foreign and so is the new. It is by and from and about Jews of which I am not

Trivium​Pagans Built most of the wonders of the world and Roam, etc, tec

Danny Rose​This evolutionary take on jews is solid

Zed Dez​@Trivium I said find valuable and respect. Sure I do like their medicine, and connection with nature. But the current Larpers creep me out.

BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett​Women aren’t bad, they just need o be kept in their place

abrunettegirl​women don’t talk about manipulating men. I’ve never heard stuff like that

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — There is indeed an element of faith involved, and putting aside the old joke of my god being able to kick every other god’s ass, one day we will know for sure, i.e.,…

Privada Machina​Interesting, I will have to take a look for that information.

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — … i.e, the Day of the Lord, Judgment Day, etc.

Steffen Krauter​I chose not to believe in a foreign deity nor the day of the lord nor judgment day

Trivium​lol…yep Larpers are creepy.

Zed Dez​@Trivium “Pagans gave the west to Jews and Christians” breaks my heart too. But, the British killed my people, so they’re my issue more than the Christians or Jews.

Zed Dez​@BRADLEY VINCENT Barnett Take a dump on your head.

Andrew Taylor​Ugh

resurrectionjose​@Steffen Krauter — Fine. But if I were you I’d try to investigate matters on this side of the divide because if all that talk about Judgment Day will come to be, by then it’ll be too late for you. 😉

Steffen Krauter​@resurrect the “day of the lord” is just as foreign to Europeans as any Shinto claim

Zed Dez​Because Men don’t manipulate right?

Steffen Krauter​I have investigated and came to this conclusion @ressurect

Privada Machina​Great discussion. thanks Luke. See you soon.

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