NYT: How an Alt-Right Leader Used a Lie to Climb the Ranks

NYT: “Elliott Kline is a rising white supremacist leader. But our investigation found that his personal narrative — like much of these groups’ messaging — is built on deception.”

That Elliott Kline would so extensively cooperate with this profile while knowing his claims about service in Iraq were a lie is interesting.

New York Times:

Covering white supremacists poses difficult challenges for Times journalists. Are we simply providing a platform for them to recruit followers and spread hate? Are we casting a sympathetic light on people who should only be condemned?

We believe that reporting on racism, anti-Semitism, and the people and groups who espouse them is a crucial responsibility for journalists today.

By investigating an emerging leader in a growing extremist movement, we hope to offer Times readers and viewers a deeper understanding of the people and forces behind these groups.

I had pictured the phone call going a lot of different ways, but I hadn’t quite prepared for this.

I thought he might swear at me and then hang up. Maybe he would try to turn the conversation around, attacking me and the credibility of The New York Times. Or maybe he would become contrite and emotional, and finally answer some real questions. But I never thought he would just deny it.

As a reporter and video producer, I had been following Elliott Kline, a.k.a. Eli Mosley, for almost five months at this point. He played a key role in organizing the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va., where a 32-year-old woman, Heather Heyer, was killed and about 20 others were wounded when a white nationalist drove his car through a crowd of counterprotesters.

Eli was in his mid-20s, from a middle-class suburban home, and he had led an unremarkable life, up until the Charlottesville rally launched him forward within the ranks of the loosely organized white-nationalist movement. He rose from a self-described “anonymous Twitter troll” to head of one of the largest groups in the so-called alt-right….

Like many of his peers, Eli was already using an invented name (Eli Mosley was inspired by the British fascist leader Oswald Mosley). So why not make up a few autobiographical details, especially ones to boost his reputation?

The movement itself also relies on falsehoods. It includes Holocaust deniers and pseudo-intellectuals who spout unsubstantiated theories about the science behind racial difference. In order to reach mainstream Americans, white supremacists have learned to cloak their racism in disorienting terms like “white identity politics.”

Deception is baked into the alt-right, so Eli Mosley is a perfect match for the movement.

In other words, with exceptions, the New York Times will only cover the Alt Right in ways that make it look bad.

From my live Youtube chat:

resurrectionjose​@Thumper Hunts — Eli Moseley of “Identity Europa”

Wictor Lunde​We don’t know that he lied yet

Wictor Lunde​Their accusation is not based on his full record

Wictor Lunde​he could well have lied, but we don’t know.

Wictor Lunde​he should have a chance to defend himself before he’s judged guilty

resurrectionjose​Main Stream Media SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

TexasorBusted​It’s not an excuse…But every movement has merchants, charlatans and scumbags…If they are pushing white nationalism and are being avatar IRL for my cause…Then I am fine with that…

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — You said it earlier. Unless you meant it in a over the top way, it’s just a “black eye” and no more.

Wictor Lunde​the clip of him talking about killing muslims and firing spics and niggers, sounded like a joke/shock humor, more than anything

Greg Girardin​This is the left showing their concern about the AR.

Danny Rose​Doesn’t look good

D E C A Y​i’m amazed that there are still wns or idenitarians who deem it wise to talk to the media.

D E C A Y​*identitarians

Privada Machina​Of course he was lying, but the question should be, do we care, and does it matter. I would say no, it means very lttle, and will be forgotten about in days.

Danny Rose​I’m just amazed at the optics they push

Alternative Shakespeare​How do Orthodox Jews regard a reckless lie like this?

D E C A Y​i read the article, haven’t watched the video

Danny Rose​This is Greg Johnson’s argument…

Danny Rose​The video is very effective

professor farnsworth​they’re not sending their best

Privada Machina​It won’t effect the Alt-Right. The movement is bigger than one person.

Privada Machina​I have more issue with him talking to the media at all

Greg Girardin​I don’t think veteran status has a huge appeal to Alt-Righters so I’m curious about his motives.

TexasorBusted​Eli messed up and he should be pushed away from leadership…I agree with that…But I won’t disavow…

D E C A Y​every article will be a hit piece. journalists have to be seen as an enemy activist caste. everybody should know from previous articles that any info you give journalists will be used against you.

Danny Rose​The optics for alt-right are fucked. Gains for white’s will only be made through the back door.

professor farnsworth​the alt right is pretty much built on obscenity and transgression and all that dumb shit

Privada Machina​The thing is intellectuals don’t win wars, the people that listen to shock jocks do. That is just the fact.

abrunettegirl​In tim perhaps Nehlen may be our Rockwell


D E C A Y​identity evropa has decent optics, but eli…was the prior leader of it.

Binging_Channel​I think there are simply too many provocateurs on the Alt-Right. But I guess in this climate that’s to be expected from any movement. I do hope for the day when Alain De Benoist is better known.

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — I hope not for the simple reason is that he’s a Christian, and I don’t consider ‘Christian Identity” a legitimate Christian entity.

Danny Rose​good on identity europa for getting rid of him

Bran Threeravens​I don’t care about the morality. What was the point? What an idiot.

D E C A Y​reinhard wolf/patrick casey seems alright

Greg Girardin​Not sure this matters much. Alec Baldwin is still on SNL.

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I’m surprised I never looked into it, but whatever happened to Nathan Damigo?

Zed Dez​@professor farnsworth If that were so, I would not consider myself part of the White Advocacy movement. Do you think you are referring to those Luke just identified, i.e., working class?

abrunettegirl​Damigo popped the question over Christmas. Hopefully she’s expecting:)

resurrectionjose​@abrunettegirl — Thanks for the heads up.

abrunettegirl​no prob:)

Alternative Shakespeare​Does that mean that Orthodox Jews are more careful in how they self-aggrandize in your experience?

resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford — I would have expected such horse shit from the likes of Cantwell and a few others, but not Eli.

resurrectionjose​<------- Has a funny feeling he will doing battle against his fellow AR "bros & sisters" because of their 'Hitler Did Nothing Wrong', 'Gas the Jews', etc. horse shit. Alternative Shakespeare​I heard he had to take time off for a girlfriend. Privada Machina​I hear what you're saying; I just don't think we should worry ourselves too much because of the fallout from the readership of the New York Times. That is simply not the target audience. Alternative Shakespeare​Nathan Damingo. Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose You won't have trouble with me as I didn't come to this movement through that gateway. resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- "abrunettegirl" brought it up. TexasorBusted​Is the goal to break taboos to push the Overton window?...How do you know what Normies are ready to hear unless to cross the line every once in a while?... Danny Rose​These are the kind of pieces that make alt-righters disappear. Also, makes it that much harder to utter the words "alt-right" in public. resurrectionjose​@Zed Dez -- Despite quite a bit of apprehension back in the latter part of 2016 when I started giving the AR the once over, I knew the 'Hitler Did...' horse crap was going a bitter pill to swallow. Zed Dez​@TexasorBusted The window is more than apparent, just look at what is being propagated by the MSM and Academics. Danny Rose​their statement was good Danny Rose​Evan's impressive resurrectionjose​@Luke Ford -- I don't mind Pepe memes, "shit-posing", and even kicking around Jews here and there -- BUT -- in my book optics (and intellect) is VERY important! resurrectionjose​*"shit-posting* Zed Dez​@resurrectionjose I understand the usefulness of discrediting ideas that are being used to control us, but going further than shining a light is useless. Alternative Shakespeare​On the topic of liars, I've come across people in life who will argue to me that the Successful "lie more" than the "unsuccessful" who lie less. Do you believe that?

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