Many Whites Fear Hating The Blacks Who Beat Them

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* 1) Jews have a vestigial fear of the white goy masses.

2) Since the white goy masses did occasionally persecute Jews, this fear is more or less reasonable.

3) This old ethnic animus causes safe, well-fed and relatively powerful American Jews to advocate for policies which would harm or dilute the power, security, wealth or simply numbers of white goy Americans.

4) But, if you mention Jewish paranoia about the goys — or if you mention the fact that American Jews have more to fear physically from non-whites than from white — the American Jews react by calling you an anti-Semite and declaring the conversation over.

* Smug self-important Hipsters like Yglesias are beaten and sometimes murdered by angry blacks. Yglesias never once admitted that blacks had targetted him just because of his white skin.

* All over urban America blacks are sneaking up on whites walking by themselves and beating them. Yglesias is smart enough to know this, and also smart enough to know if Yglesias mentions it he will be fired from his job. Yglesias has a family to support so I can’t blame him for being a coward. But in his own heart he has to know he is a worm. In St Paul a man similar to Yglesias was beaten in to a coma.

* The issue is also that explicitly hating white people and calling for their extermination somehow does not count as a racial animus (because you are actually hating the structure of privilege, or whatever), but when Zimmerman’s head is being slammed into concrete his only possible motive for shooting must have been skin color. See also “No, there is no white genocide” juxtaposed with “white people are going extinct and it’s beautiful” a million times.

* The Billionaire Gerald Levin, an exemplary man in every way, allowed his white son to try to volunteer to help brown people. the brown people murdered the son. Amy Biehl’s parents are wonderful people but they allowed her white daughter to go to africa where blacks brutally murdered her. The finest and most generous among us are sending their white children to serve brown people who murder them. In Germany a high government official commanded his teenaged daughter to volunteer to help afgan refugees. The Afgan refugees raped then murdered her. Yglesias is smart enough to see this suicide cult that infects white SWPLS, And he is smart enough to know that if he talks about what is going on, the SWPLs will utterly destroy Yglesias the same way they destroyed Richwine. Yglesias is keeping his mouth shut.

* Animus might explain elite black opposition to immigration deals, since immigrants push their unskilled relatives out of the job and suck up minority set-asides from middle and upper class blacks receive. It may also explain some Jewish opposition, however ethnocentric Orthodox Jews now actually support Trump at a higher rate than white evangelicals, and a large majority of secular Jews marry into, live among, and adopt many of the customs of upper middle to upper class white gentile population.

Evangelicals voted for Trump at a higher rate and initially also approved of him more, but he has fallen in that group and risen for Orthodox Jews. I can’t find the white evangelical number, but right now O-Jew approval is at 71%, and I see another poll the next highest group is Mormon at 61%. I can’t find the white evangelical subgroup, but Morning Consult shows overall evangelical approval is 54%.

I think the better explanation is the rich run America, and the rich get richer when their land and capital becomes relatively more scarce through the importation of more labor.

Also more important than anti-White animus is simple ignorance of the data on the relative cost and benefits to immigrants. I don’t think the average moderate or apolitical pro-immigration American realizes when they see a hard-working immigrant maid, janitor, unskilled outdoor laborer, etc realizes that such person likely pays maybe $2,000 a year in taxes (primarily payroll, sales taxes, and indirectly property taxes), may receive all of those taxes back and more through the EITC, and may have a lifetime cost to Medicaid/Medicare/Social Security of $1 million.

Many Americans, aware that middle-american Catholic schools cost about $4000 a year, assume that these are premium products and the taxpayer cost of public schools must be lower, when in fact they range from $6,000 a year in the cheapest states to $15,000-$20,000 a student in high cost urban areas, and that the special ed classes full of inbred Africans and Arabs are over $25,000 a year.

* It really is driven by race. I’ve seen guys on the restriction side, like NumbersUSA, go out of their way to make good arguments based upon numbers which show how all Americans are being affected and how there are just too many people in the world to absorb.

Yet almost every person or group on the other side, white or nonwhite, will always let us know that immigration is about changing the USA into a non-white nation. They almost take a certain glee in boasting how our days are numbered. It seems immigration to them is either about making their own ethnic groups more powerful, .e.g hispanics, or diluting whites to insignificance, e.g self-hating whites and others.

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