Rob Reiner Celebrates The Browning Of America

California is now 37.7% white.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Why don’t Rob Reiner and his ilk organize a huge Freedom Ride, buses and all, to Mexico City? You know, protest the continued subjugation of the native Mexico population by those white (but Mexican) descendants of the Conquistadores?

That would give him something to do…and he could, you know, free Mexicans from oppression by their rulers.

* On a technical note, Malibu is unincorporated. So is Montecito, recently in the news. If you live on the east side of the country you might not understand this. Malibu is located in the County of Los Angeles but not in the City of Los Angeles. Malibu is patrolled by LA county sheriffs. State troopers confine their services to the proximity of Highway 1.

From a libertarian perspective, the best place to live in Southern California is Silver Strand on the south side of Oxnard. There is no entrance for State cops. And county cops don’t go there without a warrant or 911 call. It’s very expensive.

* Mexicans and Central Americans must be frightened to death of brown people. Why else are they so desperate to flee their own brown nations to come to a less brown America? And why do illegals react with abject terror at the prospect of being sent back home to be with fellow brown people? Why is their ‘dream’ staying away from their own nations than being returned to them?

And non-whites must be frightened to death of their own non-white nations. Why else do they try so hard to move to Europe, Canada, Australia, or America? Why do they come here to have babies? Every year, countless non-whites apply to permanently move to white majority nations.

Most of these non-whites lack the will and determination to reform and fix their own nations. The West made great advances because of the agency of individuals to make a difference. They had the gall to face their own problems and fix them. Most non-whites lack such will and are incapable of fixing their own societies that remain corrupt or backward. So, their shortcut to a good life is moving to white nations and enjoying the fruits of what whites struggled so hard to achieve.

Jews like Reiner are frightened to death of any solid gentile majority. That’s why they used Nakba to get rid of Palestinian majority that was replaced by a Jewish majority, and Jews have allowed only Jewish immigration and pro-Jewish natal policies to maintain Jewish majority in Israel.
Nothing frightens Israeli Jews more than becoming a minority like whites in South Africa. Palestinian majority had to be destroyed for Jews to turn Palestine into Israel, a Jewish state.
In the US and European nations, Jews cannot hope to become the majority. So, how do they break the power of the gentile majority? Via diversity of Mexicans in the US and of Muslims in Europe. Former white societies are then divided between white and non-white. More crucially, they are divided between white conservatives who are wary of demographic changes and white globalists who embrace diversity and love to virtue-signal by rules of PC. No more white unity. Those wedges make for further penetration of Jewish power.

As for whites who grew up in postwar era, they inherited the good life made possible by their predecessors. Because they didn’t have to struggle to make the world better, they failed to appreciate all the hard work that went into making the West. If anything, the cult of ‘white guilt’ mislead them into thinking white success owed to nothing more than exploitation of non-whites.

Also, the positive drive for improvement turned sclerotic and began to attack itself. In a world with lots of problems, the will for reform and improvement wages war on problems and produces results. But once those changes have been achieved, the reformist zeal may remain. Since there are no great problems to tackle anymore, the energy turns into PC and begins to attack imaginary monsters within and deludes itself into thinking worshiping something like Diversity. Meanwhile, good times drive others to decadence and debauchery. What is Disney but a whore factory for young girls?

Globalists understood this mindset among Northern Europeans especially. Northern European success owes to passion and courage for reform. But the spirit remained even after the necessary reforms have been achieved. It still wants to do ‘good work’ and is restless for the next great struggle. So, why not manipulate that spirit into serving PC?
This puritanist zeal is also susceptible to debauchery since hyper-moralism is hard and repressive. All great moral struggles require sacrifice and commitment. Work ethic and Reform ethic requires sobriety and seriousness. Great things are achieved, but people feel cheated of fun and pleasure. So, it is no surprise that northern European types have taken to homos and blacks as objects of their sympathy and admiration. Blacks and homos sure know how to have fun.

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