Stephen Miller, Steve Sailer & John Podhoretz

According to, 26% of John Podhoretz‘s 121,000 Twitter followers are fake and 29% are inactive.

According to the same site, 19% of Steve Sailer‘s followers are fake and 37% are inactive.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Miller stands accused of being a self-hating Jew, by virtue of his failing to support perpetually open borders, thereby putting the interests of his fellow Americans above those of his fellow Jews.

* Mr. Miller is clearly an American who is Jewish and is trying to do the best for the country and his fellow citizens.

Over the years it’s become impossible to ignore the exaggerated sense of grievance and paranoia so common among American Jews that sees so many things as antisemitism or provocation or even as an existential threat to their very existence. This is sad because the intolerance, aggression and authoritarianism they advance to fight these phantom menaces occupying their paranoid fantasies will inevitably fuel their existence in reality.

Their paranoid dreams could be giving birth to their worst nightmares.

* Ethnocentric, patriotic, it’s all very complicated with Jews.

Jews like Podhoretz could say their pro-diversity immigration position is neo-patriotic and anti-ethnocentric because they believe American is an Idea that should be open to all the world.

In contrast, Trumpers cling to vision of white-majority America.

However, it could also be argued that Jewish globalists push to increase diversity in the US to further Jewish ethnocentric interests, i.e. as the ruling minority elite, Jews feel more secure in a nation without an overwhelming gentile majority.

* JPod has so little to offer as an intellectual nemesis. His entire repertoire of attack revolves around appeals to an arbitrary, volatile moral code that has existed for perhaps half a dozen years and will probably be vastly diffferent in half a dozen more. In that sense, he has no moral base and thus no real understanding of right and wrong – just a set of views that morph to whatever his intellectual superiors proclaim is socially pious. His sole motivation for engaging people on Twitter is to read the electronic canon of his evolving religion and outcast those who question that orthodoxy as “reprllant filth.”

That noted, it must be mentally tiresome for leftists like him to constantly have to redefine what “Nazi” means.

* Jpod’s tactic is dirty, but it works a lot. Jews and blacks know it’s the kryptonite they can use on the white gentile anytime to put him in his place.

Jews also see themselves as the ultimate arbiters of who qualify as Good Whites and who don’t. But I wouldn’t worry about it too much Steve. It’s kinda hard to “Goy, Bye” an independent blogger.

Do you and Mr. Podhoretz have any mutual friends who can help mediate this fracas and nip it in the bud? Lawsuits are ugly.

Steve Sailer is a veteran pundit who has battled in the trenches for decades but I can imagine this is still very hard on him. Just imagine a 19-year old white man from flyover country entering university for the first time. Do you think he gets to benefit from a healthy exchange of ideas and his ideas will be given a fair hearing? Especially on questions like immigration, race relations, crime, etc. If he deviates out of line just a little bit, he will be shunned and be the subject of Jpod-style vitriol.

Another reason to bring back all-white colleges.

* I miss the days when these people at least tried to follow the first corollary to Godwin’s Law.

So, now that Podhoretz the Lesser has linked to this post, are any of his fans here, reading the comments? Would any of them like to defend this buffoon? What value do you get from reading him, if any?

* JPod at Wikipedia:

At The Weekly Standard, one staff member said, Podhoretz’s “arrogance and egotism had a psychological effect people can’t quite believe.” At The Washington Times a colleague reported, he was “permanently frozen in juvenalia.” Glenn Garvin, the Central American bureau chief of the Miami Herald, once said that at the Times, Podhoretz “constantly complained that his brilliance wasn’t appreciated.”

* I’d like Podhoretz to explain, in detail, what policies he supports and what policies he opposes in regards to American immigration policy, and then give the his same take on Israeli immigration policy.

From what I can tell, Donald Trump’s immigration policy wish list is well to the left of actual, current Israeli immigration policy; but somehow Trump’s policy is racist but Netanyahu’s is not.

It would be hard for Podhoretz to argue that he’s American and therefore Israeli immigration policy is none of his business, given that he happens to think that the policy of every other foreign country on pretty much everything is his business.

And if you’re bothering to read this JPod (and we know you are) feel free to add some comments in your defense. Sailer has shown the willingness to fight on your turf. When are you going to show the courage to fight on his?

* JPod is the living embodiment of regression to the mean, although it’s incredible that there could that much in only one generation. He would never post on here. His fat corpulent head would explode trying to explain how Steve is a loser when Steve’s strategy won Trump the Presidency, the same guy who is now is staring down and making blink Schumer and the Dems in Congress and the RINOS in his own party. This is something the Bushes never managed to do in 12 years in the White House, among other facts like ones you mentioned.

* JPod taking out his daddy issues on Steve.

* Looking over JPod’s recent twitter I see he called Paul Nehlen a Nazi, and also said “Paul Nehlen is so annoying I think Himmler would have had him killed just to shut him up”. I found that Howard Stern is also occasionally repellent. Hogan Gidley was “a loathsome little careerist pipsqueak”. That Twitter should have a talking stick to get Seth Abramson to shut up. All this just in the last day. So it looks like Steve Sailer merely walked into the firing range of a mass shooter.

* I have no inside knowledge, but the first time I became aware of Mr. Podhoretz’s intense feelings was a sequence of exchanges in summer 2005 triggered by discussions of birthright citizenship and Hurricane Katrina:

7/11/2005 – JPod triggered by Derb’s criticism of birthright citizenship

7/13/2005 – JPod calls Sailer “a scum”

7/17/2005 – Sailer cites Norman Podhoretz contra JPod

9/3/2005 – Sailer commits an act of Unauthorized Noticing

9/5/2005 – JPod triggered; early use of “point ‘n’ sputter”

9/7/2005 – Sailer cites Commentary and AEI contra JPod

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