What Happens To White Girls At A Majority Non-White School?

Skogsra comments on yesterday’s video: When you mentioned white girls in schools with a large non-white population, I had this experience and it was a nightmare. It was probably my first red pill actually. I went from a completely White little Island in the northwest to a central Californian high school and it was awful. I was constantly being sexually harassed by black and Hispanic guys and the females despised me, bullied me and were insanely violent.
I was suddenly looked at as a genius though, so that was interesting.
I was so quiet and afraid and stayed so much to myself that the other students believed I was a german exchange student.
I had to drop out and go back home, I couldn’t do it. Before this I thought all people were the same.
But it wasn’t even just the guys in school. I would walk home, 15 years old, and have Hispanic men drive past me and yell suggestive things as they drove by.

Then I moved to the city, where I began to notice that the only men who ever harassed me were non-white, and it was constant. I felt like a rabbit surrounded by wolves every time I had to walk through the city.

This is why it shocks me that more women aren’t alt right. It should be very obvious to us what our fate will be if our numbers dwindle, safety won’t exist for us at all.
I’m actually more red pilled then all of the men in my life simply because of this kind of exposure. I’m not prejudice, I am postjudice.

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