Forward: White Nationalists Just Loved Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comment

I’m shocked.


President Trump may have come under fire for his comment referring to Haiti and African nations as “shithole countries,” but for white nationalists, he struck just the right tone.

The Anti Defamation League collected some of the reactions in the far-right twittersphere, where Trump’s remarks were yet another reason to celebrate the president.

For alt-right leader Richard Spencer, Trump’s comments were a chance to make his own racist remarks about Haitian people. “It’s a potential beautiful and productive country,” he tweeted about Haiti. “The problem is its filled with shithole people.” He later twitted a photo waving a Norwegian flag with the hashtag #NordicLivesMatter.

Richard Anglin of the Daily Stormer called Trump’s comments “encouraging and refreshing,” and noted that they indicate that “Trump is more or less on the same page as us with regards to race and immigration.” He went on to rant about “shitty brown people who come to our country exclusively to parasite off of us.”

I’m shocked that a politician would tell the truth and then not back down.

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