Forward: Paul Nehlen Calls On ‘Alt-Right’ Trolls To Fight ‘Jewish Media’

This is ridiculous and sad because the Jewish Media never fights anyone, never demeans anyone, rather, it always practices love and inclusion. Why would a goy want to fight the Jewish Media? We’re on your side. We only want what is best for the goyim.


Paul Nehlen, the political newcomer aiming to unseat Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in a Republican primary, has been capitalizing on the online culture wars and flirting with the hardcore white nationalist elements online in a bid for their support.

He even solicits the help of online trolls to go after his political adversaries — the “Jewish media.”

According to a new BuzzFeed report, Nehlen maintains a private Twitter direct message group where he solicits help from an army of Internet helpers. After facing criticism for tweeting about an anti-Semitic book about Jewish power, Nehlen appealed to the group to help him fight back against the “Jewish media” and the “goys attacking” him.

“There are a list of goys attacking me, and a separate list of Jews,” Nehlen messaged the group, according to screenshots from BuzzFeed News. “It’s pretty obviously coordinated,” Nehlen wrote, referring to remarks from conservative and pro-Trump personalities like Town Hall’s Kurt Schlichter and The Rebel’s John Cardillo who’d recently denounced Nehlen for his “alt-right” ties.

“Cardillo and others like him are working for Jewish media then there are the fake conservatives who happen to be jewish,” he wrote to the group telling members to target Schlichter. “Im going to decimate them all and y’[all are gonna help me.”

Group members responded and offered support with fist, thumbs up, and American flag emojis. “Yes we will,” one replied.

Accounts who Nehlen interacts with in this private group include Eli Mosley, the former head of the white nationalist group Identity Evropa.

Nehlen thinks Jews work together to further Jewish interests, which is patently absurd.

If the goyim discover they have group interests, oy vey, it’ll be another shoah.

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