The Bondage Of Self

From Wikipedia: “Kevin Alfred Strom was born in Anchorage, Alaska in 1956. Strom’s marriage to his first wife, Kirsten Kaiser, produced three children.[3] Since their marriage ended, Kaiser has spoken about her life with Strom in several interviews.[3][4] She has also written a book on her experiences with Strom and the National Alliance entitled The Bondage of Self.”

Kirsten Kaiser writes in 2009:

My name is Kirsten Helene Kaiser and I am the author of Bondage of Self. It is the chronicle of how I got away from a nasty Neo-Nazi Cult. My husband was a leader in a White Supremacist group. We lived in an isolated compound in rural West Virginia for about 4 years and had then moved to Rochester, MN. While in West Virginia we were a mile from the nearest road and a good hour away from any town with a grocery store. We were not allowed to watch TV, see modern movies, eat meat, or have much contact with any outsiders. I used to pass my time reading magazines from the 1920’s and I can tell you what, “23 Skidoo” means and why it was such a catch phrase, but I had no idea what was going on in modern culture.

I started to question my husband’s beliefs more and more. I was finding it hard to believe that the Jews were really staying up all night long thinking of ways to emasculate white males. In fact, I questioned why white males were so obsessed with being emasculated. I of course was not allowed to disagree with my husband over the issue of whether it was morally OK to eat fish, own leather shoes, mix lemonade with ice tea, or believe that every synagogue was built over the bones of a white woman and a white male baby. Kevin’s reaction to my questioning to anything was to keep me awake until I “agreed” with him. I can tell you from experience that after about 36 hours you will “agree” to anything. These torture sessions started to happen more and more frequently and I simply was, “Not behaving as a good wife should.”

Kevin left me and had taken away my children. I was thrown into an odyssey which I describe in my 2003 book Bondage of Self. It was a long and painful process. My book I starts off in the Mayo Clinic’s Mental Hospital, called Generose, and ends up with me being the Keynote Speaker for the United States’ Justice Department’s Commission on Hate Crimes. I was also interviewed on 20/20, The Learning Channel, “Rolling Stone Magazine”, “Good Housekeeping”, The Southern Poverty Legal Center’s “Intelligence Report” and several local papers and local TV stations.

If you are interested in reading my book Bondage of Self, I usually keep several copies in the trunk of my car. The book is $18.00 and if you get it from me I will gladly autograph it for you.

Like most women I know who regret their choices, Kirsten understands herself as a victim.

Women almost always get custody of their kids, so if a neo-nazi convicted of possessing child porn can get custody of your three kids, you must be something.

On this recent Alt Right podcast, I believe it is Greg Ritter who says that you should never get mad at women because they are amoral in that they lack agency. Only men have agency and only men can be good or evil.

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