Blood and Faith: Christianity in American White Nationalism

Here are some highlights from this new book:

* We should then understand that Oliver’s critique of what he described as “quaint” patriotism and American conservatism was essentially pragmatic in relation to the survival of the white race. He was clearly provoked to attack National Review and the JBS because of the abject presence of persons whom he perceived to be dangerous racial enemies. But we should appreciate that he was more troubled by the perceived impotence and inadequacy of conservative ideology and praxis, of which, for him, the presence of Jews was a sign and symptom. As this rationalistic pragmatism shaped his critic of conservatism, it also shaped his assessment of Christianity. In a review of William Gayley Simpson’s book Which Way Western Man (1978) in Liberty Bell in 1980, Oliver went so far as to describe Christianity as nothing more than a collection “Jewish superstitions” that have “paralyzed” the “vital instincts” and “rationality” of the white race.

According to Oliver, conservative politics, inhibits the expression of necessary attributes that would ensure the future survival of the white race. But he did not always feel this way. Like his critique of conservative politics, Oliver’s perspective on Christianity changed from his days with National Review, when he saw it as fundamental to the Western tradition.

* Christianity, far from simply supplying the West with its historical identity or culture as it was molded into an expression of the Aryan mind, had been from the beginning the most significant factor inhibiting the might of the West and the full development of Western man’s racial protectionist instincts.

* Europe had become “a society whose inward convictions have been at hopeless variance with the outward professions the events of history have forced it to make.”

* The Bible was indeed not a benefit for Europeans. It was, he argues, “an incubus of which Western Christianity could not rid itself” and had produce irreparable harm to Europeans’ “racial psyche.” “Even at its best … Christianity [had] powerfully and, indeed, immeasurably distorted [Western] culture.”53 Here, even historical Christianity in the West was nothing but an infection that inhibited the full flowering of the West’s potential and the full racial awareness of Europeans.

* Christianity, even anti-Semitic Christianity, is pernicious in its Jewish origins, has distorted the racial identity of Europeans, and has allowed Jews to masquerade as a different religion rather than to reveal themselves as an alien race.

* Reagan, though quickly becoming the hero of Christian conservatives in the newly formed Religious Right, was for Oliver just another example of the failure of the increasingly pro-Israel, anti-Communist conservative movement to prioritize the survival of the white race.

* He argues that biological racial destruction through biological “miscegenation” has its roots in the initial influence of alien ideologies. For him, such histories as that of Rome and India offer for him insight into the “puzzling episodes” in the history of the white race that precipitated destruction through ideological and then finally biological miscegenation.63 His clear point is that Christianity, an alien religious ideology, was the initiating force behind interracial sexual permissiveness that ultimately spelled and spells the end of Aryan dominance in any particular area. Ideological miscegenation always results, so the formula goes, in racial suicide through sexual miscegenation.

Oliver goes further in his book to describe religion as a whole and principally Christianity as a “corrosive acid” that has dissolved “all the natural bonds of society, kinship, family, social status, race, and even government, and replaces them with the fractious and unnatural bond of unanimity and superstition.” He argues that Christianity in particular compels its adherents to “replace race with a church” and has thereby become a “deadly racial poison” that has brought the white race “to the point of death.” And because all such vestiges of religious mysticism, especially Christianity, are so dangerous to the future of the white race, they must be abandoned if the race is to survive. Any such trappings are simply incompatible with civilization.

* I argue that Pierce’s rejection of Christianity emerged from the racial embodiment of Cosmotheist principles that rests on the assertion of a transcendent metaphysical evolutionary racial struggle and spiritual progress that ultimately defines all life in terms of hierarchy.

* Pierce and [George Lincoln] Rockwell shared a penchant for conspiratorial anti-Semitism, a Manichean and militaristic view of the world as the scene of racial conflict, and a myopic focus on white racial survival as the only goal worth fighting for.

* Pierce affirmed that all people are part of a metaphysical and material whole, that each particular being plays a role in the Creator’s purpose, and that all things share in a divine nature.

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