Ariel Sharon’s Twilight Zone

Brian emails: Just wanted to send along Lynn Sherr’s piece in the Daily Beast today, Ariel Sharon’s Twilight Zone, which touches on the former prime minister’s current state.

An excerpt:
“There is a feeling of communication, of realization—I mean, the eyes are open and there is kind of, like, you feel that he feels your presence,” says Dr. Shlomo Segev, Sharon’s longtime personal physician and the head of the Institute of Medical Screening at Israel’s Sheba Medical Center, just outside Tel Aviv, where Sharon has been hospitalized since May 2006. “So it’s not completely what we call a coma. Not a deep coma, for sure. But if you asked me to quantify that, I cannot.”
Also, if Sharon hadn’t suffered a stroke, Condoleezza Rice says, “I think we would have a Palestinian state.”

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