Another Porn Star Finds The Lord

From my live cam chat:

palestine4ever:  the camera is frozen with you scratching your manboob
palestine4ever:  how you been dawg
palestine4ever:  yet again I must keep you up to date with pornstars that have found the Lawd
palestine4ever:  if we jimmie her 12 steps a little, she’ll make a fine Muslim wife
guest6:  is that like cotton ?
palestine4ever:  all i know about cotton is they put it in aspirin bottles to remind blacks that they used to pick cotton before they sold drugs
palestine4ever:  Luke, I consider it a failure that she got out of porn without your intervention
palestine4ever:  you need to somehow insert yourself in this story
YourMoralLeader:  i’m taking a storytelling workshop
YourMoralLeader:  all chicks but me
palestine4ever:  They won’t know what hit them.
palestine4ever:  "so luke, what in your life would make a good story"
palestine4ever:  "First, my father was a heretic of a small Christian sect."
palestine4ever:  "Then I came down with a mysterious but debilitating ailment that has paralyzed me my entire life"
palestine4ever:  "Later, I made a porn flick. Then people started to threaten to kill me."
palestine4ever:  -fin-
palestine4ever:  Speaking of which
palestine4ever:  one of the members of The Order is out of jail and stomping around your turf
palestine4ever:  I think he’s like the last one that can reasonably expect to get out of jail, since he wasn’t there when they killed Alan Berg
palestine4ever:  I can see good things coming from the meeting of you and Jennie, Luke.
palestine4ever:  You’re both apostates from porn, you both have memoirs
YourMoralLeader:  i am off to bed
palestine4ever:  Ah, I see. You’re conducting "research" on her. Good.
palestine4ever:  May a thousand flowers bloom from your linen.

Darrah emails: Penny Flame didn’t leave porn because she found God.  She never really left porn at all.  She had just left Dr. Drew’s new VH1 reality show “Celebrity Rehab: Sex Addiction”.  Kendra Jade is also on the show.  I believe Penny felt the only way to get more publicity than Kendra was to lie after leaving and say she is retiring and put out this heart felt blog about her new life and recovery from alcohol.  A week later she said oh I never said I retired from the industry but only from performing and will still direct for Vivid.  I looked through her entire blog and she never said anything about directing. 

Here everyone felt so happy for her because her blog was so well written and heart felt about her problems, her new life, and her recovery.  I believe I was the first one to write about her lying.  Then swoosh, word got around and many left angry comments on her blog about her lying, wanting attention, and wanting more publicity after the reality show airs.

She was also at the Exxxotica convention last month.  So how can she be really retired from the industry?

The reality show also with Kendra airs November 1.

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