How Does It Help America To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital?

Devante: “They will do it regardless. Like we should walk on eggshells and cow tow to terrorists groups like hamas demands. Sorry not…”

Right. Since when do normal people take precautions when dealing with dangerous people. If we’re attacked, the bad guys are to blame. #BeDeadRight

Do minorities ever wonder about the consequences to the majority of getting what they want?

Devante: “Dude the palestinians will always find a reason to be angry with or attack israel. You should read hamas charter. Any group of people who votes for terror group hamas wasn’t interested in the peace process to begin with.”

Because Arabs/Muslims/Palestinians never respond to incentives? They lack agency? Osama stated clearly he attacked the USA on 9/11 because the USA supported Israel big league.

Devante: “In other words blame the united states for believing israel has a right to exist instead of the dreadful anti semitic forces such as hamas who believe otherwise. Its never islams fault even though it is the most anti semitic religion on earth.”

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