Blame It On Rio?

From Crazy Days:

This movie is generally considered to be one of the more vile movies of all time. It condones statutory rape and purposefully filmed outside the country and lied about the dates of production just so they could show the star naked and having sex even though she was underage. As bad as that sounds, it was much worse.

Lets go back in time to before the movie was shot. You had a 60 something Hollywood lecher/director who was scouting high school talent he could convince to have sex with him for $100 by using his former A list credentials to convince her he could make her a star. Sure, they were in the middle of nowhere and not even close to Hollywood, but it was a game he played often.

He knew photographers in the city who would pass along photos of the mid teen females who thought they could be big in the modeling world. Some scam agency would tell them they needed head shots and send them to the photographer who would see how if he could get them naked and what they would do for money. Then, dirty old men like the director would come in and spin tales of money or fame or whatever was their con and then rape these teens. I use the term rape because most of these a-holes were middle aged to old and most of the teens were 15-17.

Anyway, lets call our actress Lisa. If you have been reading the site the past few weeks, this kind of all ties it together doesn’t it. Lisa was 16 when she met the director. He spun his tale and she loved it and they had sex every day for a few weeks. Apparently the director became convinced from his own words to make a movie starring this teen who he was in lust with. He wanted to keep having sex with her and thought she could be a star. Mostly though, he just wanted to have sex with her.

He has an idea for a movie which fulfills all his horrible fantasies and the great thing is, that movie already exists. He just needs to switch it up a little. He also needs money. He goes to his friend who we will call The Big Cheese. One thing you need to know about The Big Cheese is he is crooked. He also loved to make money. Oh, and he also loves teens. One thing led to another and he also raped 16 year old Lisa.

The Big Cheese also saw it as a way he could have sex with someone who was barely legal he had been lusting for on television. She would turn into an A+ list actress and she remains A list to this day. He offered her a role in the movie for about 50 times what she was making doing television but she also had to have sex with him for a whole weekend. She did it and says today it was the worst weekend of her life but it also made her career. She never slept with any other guy for a part.

Now, Mr. Big Cheese was really on board and he saw this as a way he too could have sex with a bunch of teenagers and knew where they could film the movie to take advantage of that. He also knew which A list actor to hire. The actor loved sex with teens and loved filming in out of the way fun places. He also loved a check more than any script. The actor, who we will call DRS also raped Lisa. He did so repeatedly throughout the filming of the movie.

The filming of the movie was just one big orgy with no care or concern about making a hit. The only thing they cared about was staying under budget which was not hard because they were shooting one take of each scene so they could go back to partying. The A lister says she hated going out at night and blames the movie on her drug problem later in life because she just sat in her room bored at night so turned to drugs.

Lisa made more shows and more movies but was usually required to get naked in auditions and in movies and to have sex with whoever was casting her. She burned out and left the business when she got married. A few years went by and then out of the blue she got a call to come do a movie. To be close to top billed. She had been out of the business for almost a decade. Why was she called back? The producer/writer of the movie had a crush on her from back in the day. Despite the fact he is married he wanted to have sex with Lisa and pressured her for weeks and weeks until she agreed. She got the part. The movie sucked. Lisa had been willing to give it one more try but after that she said no and has never worked again.

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