Actresses Who Did It The Hard Way

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Alternatively, Jennifer Lawrence sells tons of tickets so there’s not much evidence on that score that she’s getting roles based on private rather than economic calculations.

* Interesting idea, but let’s also remember her starring role in “The Fappening,” in which she appeared not only in assorted naked poses, but she seemingly featured a few photos of her face covered in male spew. I have had many girlfriends, yet I know of not one who carries pictures of herself in that position on her iphone. Or anywhere else.

I would suspect that if I found one who did, I could assume a rather liberal policy when it came to doing things that normal people might find to be humiliating as a matter of course.

I would challenge you to come up for a good reason why she might do that. Successful actress that she is, you’d think that professionalism would dictate that she not only not pose for pictures such as those, but also be careful not to carry pictures such as those on her IPHONE–unless such photo’s are considered to be an integral part of her professionalism.

* Then why doesn’t Jennifer Lawrence get replaced with a cheap Lena Dunham lookalike? The producers save millions and it doesn’t affect ticket sales.

* Natalie Portman strikes me as someone who hasn’t gotten where she is strictly on talent.

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