Billionaire Mogul To Be Outed As Rapist?

From the blog Crazy Days:

Yesterday and last night a studio (___________) was in crisis mode with executives flying in and lawyers summoned. All because this perverted jerk director (____________) and his company (_________) are such a major part of the studio’s project slate that the studio itself may be in jeopardy – especially being taken over by a publicly traded company that requires Congress’ approval.

Last night during the investigation into the damage done by the director, and how damaged the studio can be, they discovered some bizarre business interests. Seems the director is a major investor-partner in several adult porn websites. The studio and even the director’s managers didn’t know it. One of the porn sites in particular is so disgusting, perverted, and possibly illegal in the USA that the studio is scrambling to cut all ties and remove the director from everything, before the media uncovers this.

The site, hosted offshore and hidden beneath layers of front companies, is so awful that the analysts refused to explore it – and only finally did so after a lawyer and ex-FBI man at the studio both agreed to monitor the investigation. If the director and his pals see that website as their normal views of sex? Then those abuse allegations are just the beginning of his slide into the gutter. Even a national official (_______________) is scared. He sent a representative of his to meet studio brass all because of his own former association with the director which still reaps financial income for the official. They’re trying to quietly cover up all ties to Russian investors and Arab investors before people start looking deeply at those relationships. Talk was swirling about the official (_______) and the director on a Russian billionaires yacht, with Arabs and lots of young women. Why? There is a video and photos. Not good for the studio and definitely not good for a Trump appointee at the moment.

Meanwhile the studio is in damage-control mode, and one executive (______________) is rumored to be on the chopping block due to his defense of and friendship with the director. The studio is looking to scapegoat, cut ties, and dress up as a wholesome family company before its new owner (_________) has to go before Congress to get approval for lots of new plans. Many Congresswomen in particular are just waiting to get some re-election coverage by grilling them and forcing them to pledge to change the culture of Hollywood.

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