Shoah Director Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Put this article through Google Translate and you get:

I was 29, as for NRC to interview Claude Lanzmann in Paris, the documentary maker who with his phenomenal film Shoah (1985) penetrated to the essence of the Nazi death camps. A hero so, a big artist.

The conversation took place at him, he went into detail on each question. And while he was talking about Auschwitz and the way he attacked campbells with a hidden camera, he was setting me up. I polished him politely. I knew my place. He was the big movies, I was no one. In addition, I had to make that interview, returning unjustified business was impossible. The interesting thing is that he neither said anything about his behavior.

When he was too angry, I got up and told me to leave. He was giving me a lift and I got into his car too. Why? I could not say it. Eventually I came to my positives. At a traffic light I walked out.

I wrote the article and told nobody something. I refused to respect art. Later I heard I was not the only one. That helped.

Hat tip to comments on Steve Sailer’s blog:

* Claude Lanzmann, director of the Holocaust documentary Shoah – no business like Shoah Business – seems to be another Weinstein… I can’t work out if there is a pattern going on with all these revelations.

* Weinstein, Toback, Ratner, Wieseltier, Halperin, Hoffman, Piven, Polanski. white male patriarchy at its worst.

* And now Dustin Hoffman!

The 800 pound gorilla in the room are the men and women who actually partook in surrendering the pink for a plumb role. You might be able to identify them by their deafening silence about now.

To be absolutely fair, I strongly doubt Harvey’s boldness was all self-generated. Quite a few girls took him up on his offer, and a few benefitted tremendously for it.

To get on the right track for speculation, think of the guys and gals who seemed to come out of nowhere, and get plumb roles, featured, and especially leading. To make picking easier, who won an Oscar that left you scratching your head? Cough-cough-marisa-tomei-cough! Cough-dufus-jennifer-cough—lawrence-sniff! Whew! I think I’m allergic to something.

Anyway, are these folks active facilitators of Harvey’s and other’s “P for Play” marketing plans? Should these “play by the secret rules” kids be urged to “come out” or be outed? Do they get a “get out of National Shame free” card? Should they?

Seems as long as those types keep playing, we’ll always be sprouting more Harvey’s.

* Too many Jewish men have major issues with pretty women, especially shiksas. They like to defeat them. Some kind of mom issue? A cultural carry-over of Eastern European Jewish orthodoxy from generations ago, and old habits die hard? Someone here might have far better insight than me as to why. It’s just something I’ve noticed enough in the past to regard it as “a Jewish thing.”

It’s a pattern that’s certainly on display now. It’s just that nobody wants to say it, for some reason.

I guess doing that is when the gloves really come off.

* Obviously, Dame Judy Dench or Vanessa Redgrave would have been better in My Cousin Vinny as the Jersey Shore girl who knows all about American cars.

Doesn’t compute, since those women aren’t in the age bracket appropriate for the role, but a ton of other better known actresses were. As far as her other achievements at the time, she’s probably the only actress who’s Oscar win merited an entry regarding it’s legitimacy on Snopes:

Her first significant role was with Harvey’s company. That said, she is speaking up on her twitter feed, and that’s a good sign.

* Why are the Kardashians not speaking out about this sex for fame thing? What are they hiding?

* Jezebel, Huff Po etc are not ignoring the revelations, but they are careful not to join the dots – ie point out that many perpetrators are Jews and signalling Leftists etc. It makes a change from the ‘Bye Goy’ headlines after Bannon left. Could you imagine ‘Bye Jews’?

* It’s ironic for a defenseless good looking females (some are very young) seeking to meet such repulsive pigs to anticipate platonic encounters or any sincere help to go places in Hollywood. No way in hell, most of these girls (women) are well aware that they must trade in their bodies & human dignity for movie roles that may materialize, and still more sexual servitude to get up and become Hollywood stars (i.e. glorified whores). Frankly, 99% of trashy Hollywood guys (women too) wouldn’t hesitate to mount their own mothers or kids, because they’re Godless waste of humanity, they’re bound by no human norms or morals. Most of those pigs claim to be Jews, but Judaism is neither a gene nor a chromosome to be inherited from parentages, but divine instruction-sets for humans to follow and live by, but those pigs are far from that Nobel concept.

They use the Jew label to shields them from public scrutiny when they commit their deliberate crimes. Their crimes are routine occurrences in Wall street (Ponzi schemes, Banking frauds, insider trading, leverage takeovers & outsourcing schemes), in DC as well, as almost all big soviet spies were from that breed and the same is true for corrupt Hollywood which produces disgusting filth, pornography, twisted crime glorification, homosexuality and prostitution as natural human under the pretext of freedom of expression or the first amendment.

Those parasites contradict the whole teachings of the Jewish faith from A to Z, but whenever their hardcore crooks commit crimes, it’s rear to see any serious effort to expose these crooks as a breed of new Mongol-hordes bent on destroying America and milk its population to the last cent.
Law enforcement officials or the media in pursuit of such criminals could become targets for intimidation and threats of civil-rights violations and ANTI-SEMITISM almost instantly, and even the ones that get convicted end up in minimum security detention with all amenities provided thru US tax payer’s money.

For example, Mike Milken defrauded Americans for a huge sum of a billion Dollar plus, yet he spent only few years in Jail, and then got sanitized as a brand new individual, now recognized as an outstanding expert of sort, he’s lecturing people about finance and money management since his release. Only in America lunacy such as this could take place, then the real hilarious part; now he is labeled a philanthropist, as well (aren’t they all). There are hundreds of cooks worse than Milken, but time and space prevents going forever, because it does.

Consequently, we are afflicted with a malevolent cancer destroying our existence from within, but no remedy has been formulated, at least not yet.

* Virtually everyone who appears in a Hollywood film, male or female, put out to get where they are.

* Jews have, on average, much more sexual perversion than non-Jews. People commented on this freely for a very long time, and then Jews decided that they were the normal ones and everyone else was “repressed” and needed to be “liberated” from their repression, and made up some unsupported “psychoanalysis” nonsense to justify why everyone needed to be pegged and have multiple sex partners.

That sexual “liberation” has made a lot of goyim quite miserable, but nobody in mainstream culture says so, because who controls the megaphone?

* Freethinking white people promoted sexual freedom before Jews got into the act, starting in the Enlightenment. You can’t blame Jews for the Oneida cult in the 19th Century, for example.

* I don’t understand why everybody keeps going back to Marisa Tomei’s 1992 Best Supporting Actress Oscar in My Cousin Vinny as a mistake.

First, she’s great in My Cousin Vinny.

Second, she’s earned two more Oscar nominations since, including for playing a stripper in 2008 in The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke.

Third, she’s almost impervious to aging. She is working steadily in giant budget movies in her 50s. They recently wrote her into the Marvel movies as Spider-Man’s suddenly-sexy Aunt May to flirt with Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark. They have a lot of chemistry together. I’m sure she is planning on graduating from sexy aunt to sexy grandma to sexy great-grandma roles.

Fourth, I can think of other young actresses who won Oscars in her era who haven’t had her career.

* Jews are certainly heavily implicated in pornography. I also get the sense today that there are a disproportionate number of Jewish homosexuals when compared to other groups. On the other hand, I remember a friend sending me some survey that showed that of all the groups surveyed, Jews had the highest percentage of those who had never partaken in the solitary vice, which surprised me.

The impression I get is that, say, in fin de siècle western Europe and into the early 20th century, Jews were associated more with heterosexual vice and lechery, while Northwestern European gentiles were more associated with homosexual vice, although in the pagan milieu that had become fashionable at the time, this wasn’t necessarily considered a vice, but something virile and manly.

For example, Paul Johnson in Modern Times writes that the nudist sunbathing movement that arose in Germany in the early 20th century came to be regarded as having a good kind and bad kind: the ‘good’ kind of nudism was Aryan and either non-sexual or homosexual in contrast to the bad ‘Jewish’ type of nudism, which was considered heterosexual and erotic.

German gentiles like Adolf Brand and Hans Blüher advocated for pederastic relationships as being highly masculine and ideal. They opposed the Jew Magnus Hirschfeld because they regarded his brand of homosexuality as being effeminate.

* I’m not in the movie industry but I have spent a lot of my life involved in Opera. It is not unusual for young women to acquire a role in opera through their sexual charms. I suspect that this sort of thing has gone on in Italian Opera for centuries. There are some parts that almost no one can sing (e.g. The Queen of the Night) and there are others that Mozart wrote such that almost any girl with any kind of voice could handle (e.g. Susana or Cherubino in Le Nozze). How is an impresario to choose among the hundreds of young women who show up at the auditions? You know the answer to that question.

Weinstein didn’t invent the practice of taking advantage of girls who want to play dress up and go on the stage.

Now for something a little more controversial. Girls like to be abused. Not all and not in all cases, but in human beings many females long for a ‘strong’ man to control them. This is the unspoken secret – that women like men who take advantage of them. Read Richard Feynman’s books. He discovered that he was more successful with women at bars when he treated them badly. Or you could just look at the ads on the Web. Hundreds of thousands of women advertise that they want to be tied up and beaten by a ‘strong’ man. Contrary to the notions of accepted society, a taste for BDSM is far more common than either homosexuality or transgenderism.

Females who sexually respond to being abused are probably acting out patterns laid down before humans were human. Chimpanzees (our closest relatives) behave this way. The female chimps usually get beaten up by the male chimp as part of their mating rituals. Not all females get beaten by their male but those that do seem to become more fertile. They have more baby chimps. If you know anything of Darwin you can see where that leads. Females who are beaten, out-breed those who escaped that fate, and come to dominate the gene pool. This does not seem to be the pattern among bonobos – but we descend from chimps not bonobos.

Most of the girls who have been victimized by Hollywood producers knew exactly what they were getting in to. Those that didn’t were possibly not the smartest ones. As Henry Kissinger discovered – power is sexy. A fat ugly middle aged Jew can get young girls – ever was it so.

* First, with absolutely no doubt, Judy Davis could play Marisa Tomei’s role better than Marisa Tomei played that role, and Judy Davis’ complex role in Woody’s movie was out of Ms. Tomei’s ability to comprehend. Tomei is just as dumb as she seems. Go to her twitter page. She posts retweets almost exclusively, and parrots SJW silliness. She hasn’t a thought of her own. Never has. Never will.

Second, being able to pick your shots, which winning an Oscar, or having sex with a person in power, allows an actress and her advisors to do, helps loads in further fast-tracking a career. Also, as any major actress will tell you, showing your tits is a prerequisite for an actress’ career longevity, so getting that out of the way as soon as she could might have been a goal of hers. Ms. Tomei also has a history of “dating” people who could help her. Not the other way around. She was very career-driven, and single-minded from early on.

Third, I don’t know if you’ve seen her in person, but she’s an odd looking duck in real life. She’s very small, petite, as if her body stopped developing when she hit 13. To me, she looks slightly deformed. She’s just very weird lookin, in that she has the body of a barely post-pubescent teen, and that helps more than any plastic surgery regimen alone, and some would say it added to her attraction to people who could help her. In Hollywood, looking barely post-pubescent while being legal is literally awesome.

As a sidenote to one of the posters who wondered why pop-bitch Julia Roberts got plumb roles so fast… that’s up for conjecture, but another big plus in hollywood is if your lips closely resemble an engorged vagina. Kim Basinger did very well by hers. She won an Oscar, even though her acting chops were remedial on a good day.

In any case, I’ve personally known well-known actresses, and the things they had to do as a rule to get where they wanted is comical/heart-breaking. One of the bigger “feminist/intellectual” voices amongst actresses whom I’ve known, got on all fours to service a person who absolutely repulsed her, again and again over a period of time, to secure the movie roles she couldn’t have secured without his direct intervention. Her performance was adequate, but he was responsible for her career.

Nobody was ever the wiser, aside from her closest friends-with big mouths who gave me the play-by-play. If I told you who it was, you would be aghast.

And finally, just because you have acting ability, doesn’t mean you didn’t serve numerous penis’ or vagina’s in power (yep, there’s a casting couch run by lesbians and straight women in power also) to leapfrog past a ton of unfortunate acting roles to get where you want to go 10 years earlier.

The acting profession is very, very difficult, for men and women. If you think compromising your morals to service a penis or vagina when you’re a woman is soul-sucking, try doing it as a straight man.

* Int the wake of the Cosby Scandal, Bill’s high-powered entertainment industry enablers and pimps were glossed over, and the industry bosses without skeletons of their own are largely getting a pass this time around as well. My wife were discussing which of the Miramax girls developed powerhouse careers in the 1990′s-2010′s and are now conspicuously silent. The curious one’s will be those with sustained movie and TV careers in the absence of big box office/ratings or critical praise. A trip down IMDB lane could shed some light on this.

BTW, I’ve wondered for years why Natasha Henstridge’s career stalled despite being among the hottest actresses of her generation. Her verbal acumen and demeanor belied a girl raised by a biker in an Alberta trailer park, although the favors she admitted to providing to Brett Ratner happen to fit that stereotype. I suspect she was black-balled by Ratner after things got awkward.

* Before hitting it big, Marisa Tomei did a stint on As the World Turns.

Her character falsely accused another character – a doctor – of sexual harassment, then recanted the accusation and admitted that the whole thing had been a scam set up by the show’s main villain (another doctor at the same hospital).

A few years later, she tried to make it as a fashion model. During the shoot, the photographer raped her. She suffered a near-total mental breakdown, but later recovered and married a British aristocrat.

In the mid-’80s, the ATWT cast included such names as Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, Steven Weber, William Fichtner, and John Wesley Shipp.

* Also, let’s not forget those who bent over again and again, who don’t care what you think. Marilyn Monroe is well documented, as well as Sharon Stone. Heather Graham has quite the track record, ironically featured in Steve Martin’s “Bowfinger,” doing what she allegedly does best.

Sidenote: ever notice Steve casts women with fantastic breasts, then has his character fondle them? Heather Graham, that horse-faced girl in LA Story, and Bernadette Peters… am I missing anyone? Kinda weird, isn’t it? Like Woody Allen casting barely legals as romantic leads. I notice things sometimes. Speaking of Woody… Harvey Weinstein Mira Sorvino.. hmmm.

One last note to Steve… sometimes an early oscar winning gal drops out of the repetitive success loop because doing what she had to do works… on her–or him. At night. When she’s/he’s alone in bed, crying. They just don’t have the belly for a career in the fast track. They thought they did, but they discover they were wrong. Their parents ultimately did too good a job, I guess.

Ironically, you have to pick wisely when you aim to have sex with someone to further your career, and don’t do it with too many different partners of wildly different powers to help you, or you get left on the side of the road as overused goods, Sarah Silverman. Just kidding. Sarah would never do that.

* Anyway, instead of looking at highly successful movies like My Cousin Vinny, why not look for movies sunk by terrible performances from beautiful but obscure (before and after) actresses cast as leading ladies?

For example, the 1983 movie “Breathless” had a number of good things going for it, including one of the livelier performances by Richard Gere (he was usually cast back then in flat affect roles that would go to Ryan Gosling today). But the leading lady, some pretty French girl, was completely amateurish.

* My Cousin Vinny has been consistently lauded by lawyer bigwigs as one of the best movies for showing young lawyers about the realities and skills needed for real-world courtroom cases. Richard Posner and Antonin Scalia both praised the film, and its commonly placed in the top 10 of legal movies by lawyers, and bits are even shown to law school classes by professors. Vinny’s cross-examination skills, his qualification of his gf as an expert, and his sowing the seeds of doubt in eye witness testimony are held up as the most realistic and admirable aspects of his legal abilities.

Much like how Barney Miller was for many years voted by cops as the most realistic of police shows.

* This perpetual rediscovering of what our great-grandparents all knew is getting tiresome. Jews are sexually depraved, actresses are whores, theater is where they meet up. These ideas have saturated literature for centuries, the further back the more explicit. Then after WWII they mysteriously disappear.

* Isn’t it curious how women are infatuated with the kind of men who beat their women with relish (muslims, blacks), and despise those who genuinely believe in “nonviolence” and “equality” (nerdy white men)?

* Weinstein didn’t invent the practice of taking advantage of girls who want to play dress up and go on the stage.

* In Ancient Rome actresses were regarded as equal in social status to prostitutes. This was no accident. They have always been society’s whores and will always be society’s whores.

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