Converting To Judaism aka Monotheism 1.0

I view the Alt Right as Judaism for gentiles (a cohesive group strategy).

An Alt Right goy says: I heard you saying your dad was an evangelical religious fanatic of sorts. Same here. My dad was the same. And I was always annoyed and dismayed by the Christian thing.

Then in my mid twenties I seriously considered converting to Orthodox Judaism. I was studying English literature at the university and I took a few courses in the Hebrew department, Hebrew language and biblical history. But then I realised that there was something wrong with the Jewish thing even though I couldn’t put my finger on it at the moment, and I called the whole thing off.

So in a way you could have been me. Or I could have been you. You get my point.

Luke: “In one circumstance, we’d be the concentration camp guards, in other circumstances, the inmates headed for the gas chamber.”

Goy: I was always embarrassed by the Jesus thing. Although I couldn’t articulate it clearly and coherently, my gut feeling was that those people (christians) were aping another people (Jews). In my mid twenties I left atheism and thought that the best thing would be to go straight to the real deal, Monotheism 1.0: Judaism. It made sense for a while. But then I met real Jews in real life and they freaked me off. It was only a few years later, in my early 30s, that I got totally red pilled on the Jewish question and I understood my gut feelings about both religions. But yeah, I understand where you’re coming from.

Would you have converted to Judaism if you knew back then what you know now?

Luke: Yes. I always answer these types of questions with: Given who I was and what I believed at the time, I could not have acted differently. I badly needed something transcendent then and Christianity did not cut it for me. Judaism was fascinating, exciting and it remains so for me, even when I differ with most diaspora Jews when it comes to politics and culture.

I avoid regretting the past, I take the 12 step attitude that I have been placed at a particular time and place for a reason to do good.

Goy: I’m an agnostic and I don’t think I’ll change. We simply do not have elements enough to categorically proof nor disproof if there is or there is not a transcendent reality beyond the visible reality. But the thing is, the monotheistic faiths have poisoned this discussion to the point of rendering it unintelligible. The question is: is there or there is not a transcendence? Period. The specific nature of whatever transcendence that might be real is a different topic. The monotheistic creeds dishonestly twist this subject, framing it in terms of debating the existence or not of their particular deities (Yaveh, Allah or the Christian God). This is insanity. I don’t deny the possibility of there being a transcendence to our reality. This is insoluble any way. But I am 100% sure of the historical, material spuriousness of the monotheistic faiths. Long story short: you don’t need to subscribe to some Semitic cult in order to be open to the transcendence.

Luke: Everyone needs a code, an ethos, and it helps to ascribe it to God.

Goy: True, specially if you’re not very smart or socially functional. But how much do smart people need to pretend to believe these tales? Do you realise that the yellow people, Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, perhaps the most high I Q group among the gentiles, are not particularly religious?

Take Confucianism in China and Xintoism in Japan. They are much closer to being civic cults than to being what we in monotheistic civilisations would describe as a traditional, transcendence-seeking religion.

Luke: They are traditional. They worship their ancestors.

Goy: Yes precisely, that’s my point. AND TRANSCENDENCE IS NOT THE MOST PRESSING ISSUE FOR THEM, BUT RATHER SOCIAL ORDER AND THE WELLBEING OF A PARTICULAR FOLK. In a way, Confucianism and xintoism are closer to Judaism than to Christianity and Islam. Seeking spiritual, metaphysical answers in Judaism or in the Asian cults I mentioned sounds insane to me. They’re traditional civic cults, they’re not Classical Greek philosophy. My point is that we Whites need a civic cult too, but not a “religion” in the transcendental sense of the world. Judaism, confutionism and Shintoism have worked very well for millennia without worrying much about metaphysical issues.

Jewish identity is predicated on the opposition to something that already existed by itself, the gentiles, and the Jewish social modus operandi is to live as an elite people in gentile societies, which means that both Jewish identity and Jewish social modus operandi are predicated on the existence of gentile identities and societies. In short, whites don’t need Jews for their identity nor for the survival of their societies but I just don’t see how someone could say the same for Jews. Like Blacks in White nations (albeit for opposite reasons), Jewish identity and Jewish survival is predicated on the existence of people they profess not to like. I’m not moralising the issue, I’m not saying it’s good or bad, but I think the picture if you look dispassionately at it is quite clear.

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