The Case For Marriage

Friend: How about your perspective of what Jewish women want in a guy, in the following age brackets:

Single women

LF: Money becomes increasingly important as women age
Looks become decreasingly important

F: I disagree. Women who are older, say 45 plus, are not chasing after money so much

L: Women want a high status male, but they become more realistic after 35yo. By then, most women have hit the wall and have low marriage value.

F: That’s your chance to pounce. My bud’s oldest daughter set the bar way too high. She missed her prime. She wants a perfect prize

L: A lot of young women make that mistake. They don’t realize that they are most eligible at 16 and start declining after 18 in value.
You’ve got to be married by undergrad or your value goes off a cliff.

F: After 22, the available pool of quality men shrinks rapidly.

D: Let me start the first age group 20-29. Handsome, has a good job, tall, good personality, nice car, gentleman, American, nice parents, frum…

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