‘Here’s How Breitbart And Milo Smuggled Nazi and White Nationalist Ideas Into The Mainstream’

* Buzzfeed doesn’t get it. The reason Richard Spencer Seig Heiled Milo was because he despises Milo, not because they are comrades. Spencer despises Milo for being gay, Jewish and degenerate. At the time, Spencer was fighting with Milo for the Alt Right label.

* This New Yorker article might be the most fair one done yet on the Alt Right.

* Just as all roads lead to Rome, all right-wing thought leads to the JQ. If it doesn’t lead to the JQ, it’s not truly right-wing. The one thing Jews should be doing in response is stopping their major organizations from pushing mass immigration, multiculturalism and degeneracy (gay marriage, tranny rights etc).

* Weev, the greatest troll, is going after Richard Spencer. Weev may be more scary for Jews than Andrew Anglin let alone Richard Spencer. Weev and Anglin probably wanted Spencer to be the guy but they feel let down. There’s a bit of the frat boy in Spencer, the let’s get drunk and damn the consequences, and you might expect more seriousness from a guy in his early 40s. On the Alt Right, Greg Johnson’s critics say that if you befriend Greg Johnson, you’ll end up hating him. Now people like Weev are saying the same thing about Spencer.

I think Andrew Joyce will end up as the real leader of the Alt Right because he does not do things on romantic and sexual whims, he doesn’t drink to excess, and he doesn’t screw over people who’ve been good to him. That’s the reason he’s been barred from entering the United States. The powers that be have realized that Andrew Joyce is the true leader of the Alt Right. Joyce is far harder on the JQ than Kevin MacDonald. Joyce wants Jews expelled from the West.

* Roosh writes:

What a let down to realize that there isn’t a crusade against men as much as white people. By publishing masculine advice to a majority white audience, I was put in the cross hairs, but if I released game guides in Urdu, Dari, or Pashto, I would get big financing and puff stories in the media about how I empower marginalized men of color whose ancestors were victims of white colonialism. You’ve seen the media attack me for being “pro-rape” based on a satirical article yet they can’t seem to get around to reporting on the insane real-rape epidemic in Sweden and Germany.

If you want to know why there is a war against white people, I would start by asking yourself who is in control of the liberal establishment, and if that group of individuals may possess a pathological hatred towards the white race. Their movement used to put a “progressive” or intellectual veneer over kill whitey, but now they don’t even bother to hide it, and because I’ve helped red pill tens of thousands of white men on women, I get the public whip.

History shows that wars and genocides happen after a period of dehumanizing a race or people. This is what’s happening to whites as the kill whitey movement approaches its final stage. I do sympathize for the individual whites (and non-whites) who have been harmed in the kill whitey movement, but I’m confident they can take care of themselves. That said, do you happen to be fluent in Arabic? There are a few game books of mine that I would like to translate.

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