Where Do Women Get Their Self-Worth From?

Dennis Prager discussed this on his second hour of his nationally-syndicated radio show today.

He said that men tend to get most of their self-worth from their work and that married men in particular tend to work longer hours than married women.

I think that in religious life, men get more of their self-worth from their religion. Some get more from their religion than from their work.

Most attractive women, particularly those unmarried, seem to get most of their self-worth from their looks. Younger women seem to get almost all of their self-worth from their looks.

Older women and plain women get most of their self-worth from their relationships. If they are happily married, this tends to be the most important relationship.

Dennis: "I have a feminine side and I value relationships (with other men) as much as women do.

"I believe that female nature yearns for a man. This includes women who are highly productive in some field."

"Women derive a great sense of meaning from the man she is with."

"A man is conquering the world and ideally the woman is his partner in that."

"Many women have bought the idea that they don’t need a man. They left college and pursued other things. Twenty years later, they realized that this has not brought nearly the satisfaction that a good man would bring.

"A good man is profoundly filling, even more than children."

Even the queen of feminism, Gloria Steinem, married.

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