Jordan B. Peterson: James Damore and his Google Memo on Diversity (complete)

Published on Aug 9, 2017: In this video, I talk to James Damore and another employee who wishes to remain anonymous about James’ memo regarding Google’s diversity programs and their overweening ideological basis. He was fired last night. That says everything that needs to be said.

This means that the company that is arguably in charge of more of the world’s communication than any other has now fired a promising engineer for stating a series of established scientific truths. That’s worth thinking about.

A fund-raiser for James has been established, here:

Hate facts: references (full papers linked where possible):

Sex differences in personality:
Larger/large and stable sex differences in more gender-neutral countries: (Note: these findings runs precisely and exactly contrary to social constructionist theory: thus, it’s been tested, and it’s wrong).
(Women’s) interest in things vs (men’s) interest in things:
The importance of exposure to sex-linked steroids on fetal and then lifetime development:
Exposure to prenatal testosterone and interest in things (even when the exposure is among females):
Primarily biological basis of personality sex differences:
Status and sex: males and females
To quote de Bruyn et al (first reference on status and sex, above): high status predicts more mating opportunities and, thus, increased reproductive success. “This is true for human adults in many cultures, both ‘modern’ as well as ‘primitive’ (Betzig, 1986). In fact, this theory seems to be confirmed for non-human primates (Cheney, 1983; Cowlishaw and Dunbar, 1991; Dewsbury, 1982; Gray, 1985; Maslow, 1936) and other animals from widely differing ecologies (Ellis, 1995) such as squirrels (Farentinos, 1972), cockerels (Kratzer and Craig, 1980), and cockroaches (Breed, Smith, and Gall, 1980).” Status also increases female reproductive success, via a different pathway: “For females, it is generally argued that dominance is not necessarily a path to more copulations, as it is for males. It appears that important benefits bestowed upon dominant women are access to resources and less harassment from rivals (Campbell, 2002). Thus, dominant females tend to have higher offspring survival rates, at least among simians (Pusey, Williams, and Goodall, 1997); thus, dominance among females also appears to be linked to reproductive success.”
Personality and political belief
Conscientiousness associated with conservatism; neuroticism and agreeableness with liberalism:
Occupations by gender:

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* Watching the battle for the future of Western civilization is far more fascinating and relevant than anything else I can name. Videos like this have basically taken the place of movies and TV in my life.

* HBD differences between races are much more subtle and nuanced than differences between sexes which is why Damore was wise to focus on gender. Had he made his post all about race, he would have been toast already.

Google’s goal is to shut this down as quickly as possible. There is no way they can win so what we will get after the ritualistic firing is a recital of feminist dogma and then back to normal as if nothing ever happened.

The lesson for those on the right who would like to go about making change, focus on the feminists first. Once they have been deconstructed, then the other identity groups will be far more vulnerable.

* I think Sundar Pichai is a naturalized US citizen. If so, Jeff Sessions should be denaturalization proceedings against him immediately. Pichai does not believe in the First Amendment. Send him home! Let’s see if Google can find an American to do Pichai’s job.

* What we need is a Mental Nudist Colony, a place where all things can be discussed without inhibitions.

Progs focus on physical nudity, but mental nudity is more important for honesty.

After all, the Emperor has no clothes. What we need to do is undress our inhibitions and say so.

* I’m struck by how likable and decent Damore seems to be.

What parent wouldn’t be proud to have a son like this?


* How do you feel today about someday entrusting your life to a Google self-driving car?

* Given how totalitarian Google has become both ideologically and technologically we need to demand separation of Search and State.

* The Globalizers have control of the media, academia, banking, government, corporations and the military. The Globalizers in media and academia are especially showing signs of mental decay. Good! Maybe the strength they seem to have is a weakness that will soon destroy them. The various Battles of Berkeley and the Google and media nonsense that attempts to stifle free speech will ultimately destroy the Globalizers in the corporate media and the universities.

President Trump and American Patriots must keep the pressure on the mentally deranged scum in corporate America and academia. If anything, American Patriots must intensify their provocations against the evil Globalizers who are using the media and academia to attack White Core Americans.

Charge the bastards. Charge the bastards and break off the attack. Wait until the Globalizers in the corporate media and academia make a fatal mistake, and then charge them again.

* A couple of decades back, when all this identity-nonsense was in its infancy, a CEO of a large Danish engineering firm was asked by a journalist why there were so few women on his staff.

“It is against company policy to hire women”, he replied with a straight face. “We don’t hire blacks, Jews or homosexuals either. We hire engineers.”

* Damore does indeed come across as intelligent, thoughtful, and decent.

* That is his non-threatening beta schtick, which is his best strategy for success. I like that you notice it as “coming across” rather than “is”.

Its a mask. Had me fooled at first, I was thinking, wtf, this dude is as bad as the rest, but you watch him, you start getting tells.

But he is a smart guy and certainly understands that in no way can he afford a Nazi/racist/mysogynist whatever tag that allows instant/irrevocable demonization. He has to be as above reproach as the Queen, so he has to have a thoroughly SJW compliant demeanor.

You see him echoing lines he knows he has to say. He is indeed truly something of a man-child, but that is virtually endemic in his generation, bovine growth hormones or something.

My guess is he is as red-pilled in the same manner you (Whiskey) are. This guy has been all over the PUA blogs. C’mon, Systemic Biology, grad school dork?

Were I looking to discredit this guy, I’d start trying to unmask some identity of his on some pickup artist blog/forum, etc. See if he ever posted any field reports, better yet videos, etc.

Regardless of what tracks one may find, and I’m sure he’s covered them as best he can, I’ll bet he’s got some super interesting thoughts on the subject.

Notice that he could have picked other protected classes, like racial. As well as race being more toxic, my guess is that he just isn’t interested in that subject like he is in the woman stuff, he had all that material at his fingertips.

Probably his PUA stuff was first, out of frustration, which led to maybe alt-rightish views (non-triggeringly coded as “libertarian”, dude is an extremist even at that mild term), which finally led to this. He voted Trump, I’d wager.

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