Gorgeous Identical Twins In New York Can’t Find Journalism Jobs

What kind of cruel world do we live in where gorgeous blonde identical twins can’t find work in their chosen field?

They did run into Michael Moore:

They looked up to find Michael Moore shambling past with a small entourage. They caught up to him, told him they admired him and were looking for jobs and wondered when he knew what he wanted to do. He told them how he was unemployed, collecting $98 a week, saw the General Motors chairman on TV, and on and on.

And: “I realized when bad things happen it’s really just the window to the next good thing happening. That’s not too hippy-dippy a thing to say, but that’s what I found.”

Kristy said, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

And Michael Moore said, “On the other hand, when things are going really well, it’s like, when’s the next shoe going to drop.”

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