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Rabbi Nachum Shifren emails:

"Coalition Launches Hospitality Boot Camp to Increase Diversity in LA-area Hotels" (LA Sentinel, 10-8)

What do you really need from your hotel? Well, you’re probably paying alot of money, so you want service. Hot water would be great, some clean towels, attentive workers that are efficient and make your stay comfortable. You want someone that speaks English, can communicate effectively and expeditiously attends to your requests.

If you’re normal, you could care less about the skin color of room service. You expect good service, not "diversity" training. But that’s just the recent SHAKEDOWN happening in LA’s hotel industry (LA Sentinel, 10-8).

One disgruntled applicant for a hotel job said, "the lack of diversity is noticeable." So what’s the solution? Of course, in classic "Rainbow Coalition" style, the "community" puts the hotel industry on notice that this lack of racial "diversity" will not be tolerated. The "activists", clergy, and of couse the all-too-happy unions are outraged that hotels are hiring the best staff qualified for the job.

The boot camps are a shot over the bow of the hotels heralding a change in the wind. To avoid riffraffs lawyering up, the hotels will no doubt cave in, hiring those with deficient skills who normally wouldn’t be considered.

According to Rev. Logan, pastor of a local church, hiring people who pass this "diversity" boot camp for the hotel industry, will diminish the amount of homocides and "maladies" that plague the community.

Huh? So do we infer that the good pastor means that not hiring a specific race of people will increase murders in the community, even if those hired means taking on people that might not be qualified?

You be the judge.

ATTENTION LA TAXPAYERS: We teachers have been crying in the desert for years about the lowering of standards, the political games played with social promotion, and the miserable job of our failing schools to raise the bar to excellence,reconciled with only the "passing" throngs going nowhere without academic discipline and skills. When we’ve inisited on homework being done properly, with academic skillls demonstrated visibly, we’re told that we’re not "sensitive to the child’s diversity, his cultural milieu," ad nausem.

So here we are: a generation of youths that need a job"boot camp", employment by shakedown. Is this what we want? Wouldn’t it have been much better to simply come right out with a Marshall Plan for the inncercity schools based on only three things: reading, writing, and computation.

Whoa unto us and our community that we have to stand for this nonsense. If there is one parent of a student that is not disgusted with this, let him speak now!

Fast Food Bigotry–L.A. Style L.A.Times (10-6) reports that the racists of the LA City Council have banned fast food chains in South Central LA! I want every Black friend of mine to write these idiots telling them about the inferred and overt racism at play here. Black people can’t figure out what to eat? Apparently so, proving that the liberal cabal downtown is not only bigoted and sick, but they have no problem with our city going broke, the gangs wreaking havoc, hospitals and schools imploding, and illegal aliens burning up our limited resources. Time for a serious dose of hope and change.

Dear fellow Californian:

Let’s be clear: If I, as a teacher today in LA Unified School District, were to demand that HETERO-SEXUAL AGENDA be crammed down the throats of the students, I’d be lambasted and run out of town for promoting a "political agenda at a taxpayer supported educational establishment." Fair enough, so why is it that we must acquiesce to this tripe again and again? Well, you already know the answer. So let’s get to the bottom line: if any of this strikes you as repugnant, THEN I NEED YOUR VOTE! See WWW.RabbiForSenate.com

Teacher Files Suit, Says He Was Forced to Quit For Not Supporting Gay Agenda

Los Angeles, CA A former special education teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District has filed a discrimination suit against LAUSD, saying he was forced to quit for not showing enough support for the pro-homosexual emphasis at his school. The teacher is represented by Pacific Justice Institute.

The conflict for Manuel Fernandez began in the spring of 2007, when he was chastised for not buying and wearing a red "Day of Silence" t-shirt. Administrators at the Miguel Contreras Learning Complex, where Fernandez taught in the Social Justice learning community, strongly encouraged teachers to participate in the pro-homosexual Day of Silence, even though the event bills itself as a student-led protest. Shortly after Fernandez declined to buy and wear the shirt, he received a written review that rebuked him, stating that he "sometimes had difficulty understanding his colleagues’ attempts at incorporating issues of social justice into the curriculum and, at times, he has not been supportive of those issues, such as LGBTQ rights." LGBTQ is an acronym increasingly used to mean Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning.

Fernandez also drew fire for voicing the requests of his predominantly Hispanic Catholic students that a pro-gay poster be moved inside to a classroom bulletin board so they would not have to walk under it several times a day. Fernandez was then shunned by fellow teachers and administrators, given larger, more unruly classes, moved to a less desirable location, and ordered not to send any problem students to the principal’s office. Fernandez eventually sought medical treatment for stress and related medical problems and finally placed on medical leave by his physician after more than a year of harassment. Fernandez’ lawsuit, filed in state court and removed by LAUSD to federal court, alleges First Amendment violations and discrimination, harassment and retaliation under state employment laws.

Rabbi Shifren’s open letter to editor of LA’s largest Black newspaper:

Mr. Danny Bakewell
President and Executive Editor,
L.A. Sentinel
Sept. 27, 2009

Dear Editor:

You recently wrote, "…so I really want to hear from you, I need your input right now, I need to know what is going on in our community, and what is on your mind. I really want to hear from you!"

Really? Then OK, if you REALLY want to have my input about the "…Republican buddies calling the Dems ‘wasteful,’" here it is. Let’s start with your statement about the Republicans raping and pillaging the community, denying resources, jobs.

Pretty strong language, Mr. Editor! But is it deserved..?

You neglected to recall the lawless conditions created by the gangs. That which is most heavily impacting the community, you casually omitted! Daily, Blacks are being intimidated, threatened, or assaulted by Hispanic racist gangs, and you and your buddies in City Hall DO NOTHING ABOUT IT.

You failed to mention the abysmal unemployment in our community, and the fact that illegal aliens are impacting sectors where previously Black tradeworkers were established.

It appears that no matter what the evidence, you WILL NOT mention the extreme negative impact on Black students in our failing schools, due to an invasion of English "learners," who are siphoning resources that are critically necessary for AMERICAN CITIZENS. We cannot sustain an unbridled flow of third-world populations into our community. Illegals have an excessive impact on our prisons (25% illegals); our schools (LAUSD estimates that one fourth of students presently enrolled are here illegally); and our hospitals and trauma centers.

Your colleagues who were sent to Sacramento, as you so accurately mention, "…were sent there to represent us, and that’s exactly what they have done!"

Indeed! Unfortunately, the “us” they have represented is themselves and you and others of the political/media ruling class — to the severe detriment of the decent working folk who thought they were electing honest representatives who would make things better. Instead of working to clean up the filthy political mess of patronage and union gangsterism that guarantees the miserable status quo and is the deathknell of the Black community, you and your cronies instead play the race card with those “awful white Republicans.”

Yes, I do want you to hear from me, as do the people of our community. You need to get out of your insulated tower. You need my input. You need to hear a voice other than the mafia-like greek chorus of cronies with whom you are surrounded. The people are crying out for such a voice.

Look out! A new wind is blowing in the community. Everybody knows it but, apparently, you. The money is gone. The good old days of scams and patronage to keep the Phillistines from complaining, are over. The chickens, as one articulate reverend so aptly put it, “have come home to roost." And this is good, because out of the darkness, shall come forth light — and in the light, the corruption and control of the media/political elites is being seen for what it is.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren

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