Sailer: The Missing Word in Buzzfeed’s “What Happened to Black Lives Matter?”

Steve Sailer writes: I can explain why The Establishment (e.g., the Democratic Party, the media, the Soros-like NGOs, etc.) aren’t pushing Black Lives Matter hard any more in one word, a word not mentioned in this article: Dallas.

BLM followers murdering all those cops in Dallas and Baton Rouge got Donald Trump elected president.

Besides alienating non-blacks by unleashing a huge upsurge in violence in black cities, both riots and black on black homicides, BLM didn’t even boost black turnout. Lots of blacks were kind of ashamed of what BLM wrought and didn’t turn out to vote in 2014 and 2016. A lot of blacks were proud to vote for Barack Obama in 2012, but not for Michael Brown in 2014 and 2016.


* The problem with the left in general is that they equate the rabble of their favored minority group (blacks, Muslims, Mexicans) with the really cool, high class ones they personally know.

I know a lot of great people belonging to many different races and backgrounds. But what makes them all great is that they are in the upper class. Expose the left to a fairer cross section of those populations and make them live amongst those cohorts for six months. You’ll quickly see a nuanced perspective form.

* Wiki claims that BLM ‘began’ with the Zimmerman Acquittal in July 2013. I would say it actually began in March 2012 with the media-government complex’s ‘Frontlash’ over the Trayvon Martin case (died in a struggle with some guy in a basically Flyover area of Florida, February 2012). The agitation against White Flyover Losers and the monstrous police (largely a proxy for White Flyover Losers) was in full swing by spring 2012. It didn’t let up through the November 2012 election. It seems odd that a regime would agitate against its own internal security forces, but so it was.

BLM clearly grew out of the mass-media-created Trayvon hysteria, which itself was approved and encouraged from the top levels of our political and intellectual (media) elite, i.e. BLM was a U.S.-regime-sanctioned (even regime-created) movement from the beginning, certainly if the big media is defined as an arm of the regime (it should be).

Lest we forget, after five years, how big the Trayvon case was:

The Project for Excellence in Journalism reported in March [2012] that media coverage of the Martin case had become the first news story in 2012 to be reported on more than the presidential race.[3] (Wiki)

The purpose of the proto-BLM Trayvon movement was to discredit White Flyover Losers in general, weaken the Flyover-seeming candidate, Romney, and re-elect Barack Obama, the hero of the age, by encouraging his base to turn out in November 2012. It succeeded.

Many will take what they are Frontlashed into believing seriously, though, and BLM became a force for potentially serious civil unrest by 2014, notably in August 2014 when some Black armed-robber was killed in Ferguson, Nowheresville County, Flyover USA, and the first waves of rioting occurred:

At around 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning [August 16th], rioters broke into and looted the Ferguson Market & Liquor store that Brown allegedly robbed prior to his shooting, as well as other nearby businesses. (Wiki)

A few other events of note.

Late April 2015: The Baltimore riots over some BLM cause celebre.

July 2016: The police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge. Eight police officers dead, many wounded.

July 18, 2016: Hillary Clinton’s response, seemingly siding with BLM terrorists who had, in the previous days, shot several dozen police: “We need to make reforms to policing and criminal justice…We cannot rest until we root out implicit bias and stop the killings of African Americans” (Link).

September and October, 2016: Clinton consistently berate Whites and police for “implicit racism” in the September and October debates against Donald Trump. Trump’s eye-roll response was an effective dog-whistle.

November 2016: With vote swings of truly impressive magnitude away from the pro-BLM Democratic Party in the White Midwest, Donald Trump is elected president. The millions of White former-Democratic voters who voted Trump had the gall to resist that now-essentially-explicit mantra of the regime’s media apparatus: White Flyover Losers sind unser Unglück.


By late 2016, BLM, tired and adrift, has become increasingly discredited, and the regime-media has pulled back. We oddly hear no stories anymore about the latest Saintly Black Victim of White racism.

The regime has realized that there has been major blowback against what began as its campaign to reelect Barack Obama in 2012 over the Trayvon incident, and which it continued hoping for comparable political gains. The blowback was the election of a candidate on a shockingly nationalist platform who called for things like “a complete halt to all Islamic immigration into our country.”

I would go one further on Steve’s comment that Trump was elected in July 2016 (with the police massacres by BLMers) and say that, in now-distant retrospect, perhaps Trump was elected already by the spring of 2012, in the previous election cycle no less, with the beginning the media’s relentless Trayvon Martin campaign.

* They keep trying to force Booker down our throats. Yes, he comes off as a homo, but then again there was Obama.

* Kamala Harris is a (half) black woman with great hair. That’s a big part of why she is an important person.

* What really sanked BLM was the open anti-Zionism of its members, many liberal Jewish journalists denounced BLM when they declared solidarity with Palestine. It’s good to remember that it was Jews who created and funded the NAACP.

* She looks the part and I am sure we will be treated to lots of photographs of her in semi-profile gazing meaningfully into the distance with either a look of determination of the slight smirk that HRC so often sported. Democrats always seem to want to fall in love with their candidates and their personal narrative and Harris checks a lot of those boxes, but of course that means they sometimes do not critically evaluate the political shortcomings of those they elevate, Hilary being a prime example.

Harris seems like a younger and darker Hilary – she is an important totem but isn’t really a politician that really connects to people.

* 1488, like jihad, has a variety of meanings. For example, Greater 1488 means living in peace with blonde, fecund Aryan women and making babies with them. It’s a celebration of women and our mothers!

* “Lebensraum in the East” was not meant to be interpreted literally. It’s just a metaphor of a higher spiritual state. “Getting rid of the Jewish vermin” means spiritual improvement, like getting rid of vice and sinfulness, it doesn’t mean anything bad.

Those who misinterpret it are not real racists, they have no degree in racism, at least not from a moderate racist university. All leading white supremacists have condemned these attacks.

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