NYT: ‘Dallas Schools, Long Segregated, Charge Forward on Diversity’

Steve Sailer comments on this article by Dana Goldstein: “When it comes to educations, “segregated” now means: not enough white kids. On the other hand, when it comes to adults voting, not enough whites is seen by the New York Times as a feature, not a bug. Granted, that’s kind of a logical contradiction, but when you’re holding The Megaphone, you don’t have to worry about being called out on minor issues like not making any sense.”

“America’s big educational problem is that it’s running out of white children. Our ideologies still assume that America is a white-dominated country with only a small percentage of minorities, but the reality is that whites are rapidly heading toward being a minority too. So theories of solving the problems of blacks and Hispanics by diluting their troubles in the great mass of white children are out of date.”


* It’s only a logical contradiction, not a real one. If you look at it through the lens of race it makes perfect sense. You don’t want whites to have any political influence, but you do want their children to be terrorized by violent minorities when they’re at their most vulnerable age.

* This is a misuse of language by the (((author))). Schools are not “segregated.” That issue was resolved by the Supreme Court in 1954.

Properly speaking, integration and desegregation are two separate and distinct concepts. If Dallas is “trying ambitious integration programs,” then what the author is really saying is that Dallas is trying to use government power to force racial mixing.

Forced integration should be illegal under the First Amendment’s free association clause. But of course we no longer live under the Constitution, we live under a clique of elite busybodies who know what’s better for us than we do.

* Let’s put this together:

Fact #1 “The district’s student population is 93 percent Hispanic and black.”

Fact #2 “Racially segregated schools are overwhelmingly low-performing.”

And this is true in most major cities. I know about those black lady rocket scientists who sent us to the moon, but where is the next generation of people who are supposed to maintain our technological leadership going to come from? High schools in Brooklyn that used to churn out Jewish Nobel Prize winners now churn out barely literate thugs. As I have mentioned before, the general enrollment public high schools of Philadelphia produce zero National Merit Scholars – none, nada, zip. Most of the (mostly black) students can barely add 2 numbers together or write a complete sentence let alone excel on the SAT. How is this going to work in the future? Doesn’t this catch up with us bigtime at some point? You already see that, for example, the black run DC Metro system is on the verge of collapse. The rare competent white person who gets a job in the system gets pushed out because he makes all of his black colleagues look bad by comparison.

* The ugly anti-White animosity that animates the ruling spirit of the American Empire is given collaborationist fuel by White dolts who welcome their own displacement and dispossession.

* …my personal experience is that large populations of Hispanics tend to drag down the average level simply because they perform somewhat below average, but for the most part they don’t get in the way of higher-achieving (typically white and Asian) folks. So a largely Hispanic school might have mediocre average test scores and therefore look bad on paper, but it can still play host to a substantial minority of white and/or Asian students who take AP classes, earn high SAT scores, gain admission to good colleges, and generally get a good education out of the experience. And an appreciation for mariachi music.

By contrast, large populations of black students not only drag down the average due to their lower individual scores, they are also far more likely to contain violent and disruptive individuals who ruin the experience for others and make it impossible for more talented students to succeed — and would be particularly racist and hostile towards non-black students.

* Yes it is true that we are running out of low crime, high performing White children who can be sprinkled in amongst the Blacks and Hispanics, however, while the White children are declining in numbers, we are replacing them with even lower crime, even higher performing Asian children who can take over the same function. I’m sure their parents, who vote 75% the same as their Black and Hispanic fellow Democrats, will have no hesitation in volunteering their kid’s bodies to help the higher cause. We all just have to get past the misconception that there is some characteristic of only pink skin that turns tragic dirt into magic dirt.

* US demographics keeps getting worse, white fertility has been below 1.8 children per white female since 1965. Plus most of the immigrants since 1980 have been non-White, compounding the issue.

Decade – US Births … White Births
1950s – 40,500,000 … 35,100,000
1960s – 38,800,000…. 31,400,000
1970s – 33,400,000…. 25,200,000
1980s – 37,500,000 … 24,300,000
1990s – 39,900,000…. 22,950,000
2000s – 41,400,000 …. 21,200,000
2010s – 40,500,000… 20,000,000*

25% of white Millennial females are expected to die childless at current trends.

* Magic dirt isn’t magic dirt. It’s magic skin. Get close enough to whites and your IQ will shoot up and your vile manners and thuggish behavior will become civilized. At least this is what liberals, Hispanics, and blacks act like they believe. What the blacks and browns actually want are the genes of the whites, so they can breed blackness and browness out of themselves, and what liberals want is for everyone else who’s white (besides themselves) to breed all the nastiness out of the blacks and the browns.

But conservative whites are not interested in sacrificing their quality of their descendants’ genes for someone else’s crazy and fanatical breeding program. Liberals assume that a such massive population mix will make everyone like the Swiss, except a little browner. But wherever race mixing actually takes place in real life, you always end up like Brazil, and your society is very stratified instead of egalitarian.

The problem is, the gap between the population pools of high-quality genes and the low-quality genes is too large to be overcome. Kids with IQs of 80 cannot go to schools with those who have IQs of 160. Kids who have civilized genes that make them polite, obedient, and productive cannot go to schools with those who have sociopathic genes that make them rude, criminal, lazy, and constantly disruptive in the classroom. Liberals keep trying to shove people together to create a ‘modern society that works’ while refusing to recognize they keep trying include population pools with high concentrations of genes that actually destroy modern societies.


* It’s hard to keep progressive ideology, as filtered through the cosmic medium MacArthur Genius Ta-Nehisi Genius Coates, straight these days. Are whites to blame for NAM dysfunction because they segregate themselves from non-whites, thus denying young black and brown scholars the magic learning aura that comes from white privilege, as alleged in Nicole Hannah-Jones’ articles on education for the New York Times Magazine? Or are they to blame because of their integrating themselves into NAM neighborhoods, i.e. practicing settler colonialism and dispossessing indigenous people of color (i.e. illegal immigrants) from their ancestral homelands?

One thing is clear: whites are to blame!

* There’s going to be a lot more of this sort of thing. The economy has come to the point in which younger whites cannot afford to live in big cities at all unless they move into cheaper black and Mexican areas. I predict the next decade is going to see a profound demographic turnover in which blacks are ejected from northern cities entirely, and they’ll move south to places like Atlanta and turn them into massive super-ghettos more akin to the type of deadbeat cesspool cities you see in third-world cities like Haiti. Once this demographic change is complete, the US will have about a dozen or so big southern cities that are all like Detroit. Whites who want a decent life with flee these cities like crazy because their crime rates will skyrocket and their schools collapse into utter messes.

As for Mexicans, even if they work, the efforts of the elite to keep blue collar workers’ wages low means they won’t be able to afford the million dollar suburban houses of the whites in the coastal cities. They may end up joining the blacks in New Haiti-town. What’s more, any serious contraction of the US economy, which happens now and then according to natural economic cycles, will mean tens of millions of Mexican in the US will be out of work and on welfare along with the blacks, likely permanently once they get used to it ala Puerto Ricans (53% of Puerto Ricans are on welfare and don’t work), with whites expected to support them all in a bad economic environment even for themselves. I’m not hopeful for the future.

* I have personal experience with this. I work in a neighborhood near Boyle Heights and, one day, I (gringo) and my coworkers (also gringos) showed up to our small studio to find posters slapped on the outside walls telling us, among other things, that we were “colonizing” that neighborhood and that our “white faces” were displacing “brown faces” in the neighborhood. I seem to also remember the word “community” being used repeatedly in the same sense that Black politicians use it, where Whites can tell themselves that they’re included in it, but it’s obvious to everyone else that Whites are not included.

Three points:

1) “Anti-gentrification” protests have been simmering on the east side of Los Angeles for nearly a decade now. It’s been clear for a long time that they’re largely just anti-White, ethnic community-preservation protests; within the past year or two the fig leaf has been discarded almost entirely, though. This is really obvious because, if you look at who the “gentrifiers” are, they are maybe 50% White, maybe. Yet if you ever speak to the “anti-gentrification” protesters about what’s bothering them, the word “White” will usually come up within the first two sentences.

2) One of the comments mentions a protest of a coffee shop where the owner turned out to be Salvadorean. I’ve heard of lots of business arrangements in these neighborhoods where a group of (non-Hispanic) people wants to open a business catering to SWPLs and, in order to stave off protests, decides to use a Hispanic person as the face of the business, to show that gentrification is good for everyone in “the community”. Unfortunately for these entrepreneurs, they don’t get that these protests are not primarily about economics; they’re about maintaining community homogeneity and, in the eyes of the protesters, the owners of coffee shops, etc. are just operating for-profit fora for outsider communities.

3) I’m a little torn about whether this is ultimately good. On the one hand, your average White person on the eastside of LA is a political retard and these blatantly anti-White sentiments could potentially redpill a lot of them. One the other hand, the “anti-gentrification” protesters will almost certainly lose in the end and have their communities radically transformed, just as so many other communities across America are being radically transformed by seemingly-endless waves of newcomers who have little interest in adopting the extant culture of their new locale.


* I am a big fan of the German three-tier schooling system, which funnels pupils into three types of secondary education based on intellectual profiles – Hauptschule, Realschule, and Gymnasium, with further education/training into manual labor, technical apprenticeship/training, and university.

It’s an excellent, realistic system that produces workers whose tasks are appropriately matched to their capacity. It’s certainly better and more productive than the pseudo-egalitarian fantasy of “everyone can go to college” that is sold in the United States.

The real reason why we can’t have it in the U.S. is the racial implication of such a system. If we were to implement a system such as this, we will end up with high-end whites and Asians at universities, average whites doing apprenticeships and technical work, and blacks and Hispanics as the menial labor force… which is, by and large, what we have anyway, but under the German-style system the racial-education/employment division will be even starker and institutionalized. And, of course, that just won’t cut it with the prevailing establishment ideology human bio-uniformity.

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