Monty Python Debuted 40 Years Ago Today

Dennis Prager said on his radio show today: "Prager H1: Monty Python debuted 40 years ago. Their TV show and movies are still making Dennis laugh. He plays a couple of minutes from their justly famous “Parrot Sketch”… Did President think the Chicago bid was in the bag? Or did he really think he could persuade the IOC to give the prize to his adopted home town…Hosting the Olympics is a gold medal money loser…"

Dennis: "I owe these people a debt of gratitude. This British group’s films in particular have brought me more mirth, more joy, and more laughter than anything else. People who make us laugh are rendering a service. These people deserve thanks."

Dennis plays the dead parrot sketch. "I feel this way about the healthcare bills. They’re dead. No, they’re not dead. Or Chicago at the Olympics."

"Why would the President lobby for Chicago if he was not sure that Chicago would win? It was removed in the first round with the least points…."

"Unless he believed that his charm alone would prevail."

"I do not even want the Olympics. They do not help cities. Every city since Los Angeles has lost big money on the Olympics and been stuck with buildings they have no use for."

"His charm will win the day with the Russians, the Iranians, the Palestinians. And why not? The man went from state senator to U.S. senator to president in record time… It is a liberal conceit that being nice wins the day in the international arena."

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