Dumb & Dumber

Steve Sailer writes: Back in the 1960s, campus leftism was in part a product of the lifting of quotas on the number of high-IQ Jews admitted. Harvard dropped its quota on Jews in the mid-1950s, and Yale in 1965. Before then, Yale had concentrated on letting in unintellectual rich guys with leadership potential, such as John F. Kerry in 1962 (IQ ~ 115) and George W. Bush (IQ ~ 120) in 1964.

But in the mid-1960s Yale eliminated its Jewish quota, and, according to my late friend Jim Chapin, brother of folksinger Harry Chapin, who was a history instructor at Yale then, the campus atmosphere immediately became more intellectually intense. Bush, the son of a congressman and grandson of a senator, became alienated from the new culture.

Much of the student radicalism of the late 1960s was due to huge numbers of Jewish students suddenly being liberated to be together at elite institutions. Why, they asked, should WASPs like Bush or crypto-semi-Jewish students like Kerry be in Skull & Bones when there were much smarter students available?

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