Who Are The Happiest People In The World?

The happiest countries in this survey seem to be 99% white.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* It seems to me that the most genuinely happy people I met travelling the world were the native Fijians. Indian-Fijians were much more glum. As far as the Western world goes, I found the Australians to be the happiest. People like to talk about how wonderful New Zealand is, but I thought it was a much more miserable place than Australia or America. That might pertain just to Auckland, though. I’ve heard much better things about the South Island. I don’t know if I could say any place in Europe struck me as especially happy, but I found the Latin countries to at least be more easy-going.

* New Zealanders and Australians were pretty happy in the 1960s, but since then the neo-liberal right has decided that everyone must become a mortgage slave and the liberal-left has decided that no one is allowed to have any fun. This all happened pretty quickly through a liberal pincer movement in the mid 1980s.

* Yeah, Denmark, the utopia that ranks number one among Continental European nations in anti-depressant usage according to the OECD. Followed immediately by Sweden. Finland and Norway are not far behind, though oddly enough Belgium is higher on the list. But they all come in significantly behind the USA … We’re Number 1!

* Jeffrey Sachs, the director of the SDSN

Isn’t this one of the guys of the “Harvard mafia” responsible for selling happiness to the former Soviet Union in the form of “shock therapy”? And who later promised “The end of poverty” by 2025?

How come these scammers NEVER lose credibility?

* Isn’t Sachs one of the people who helped Russia become a rather unhappy place back in the day? Now he’s a happiness expert? Yeah, let’s all listen to what Sachs has to say.

* I’ve been watching a lot of Norwegian movies over the last couple years, and it’s pretty amazing what Norwegians can get away with in terms of violating western PC norms. Characters regularly say things that would get people arrested across the border in Sweden, and blacklisted here in the US. Denmark is also significantly more free than Sweden. Because standard Norwegian, Danish and Swedish are all pretty much mutually intelligible, this freedom appears to be giving Norway and Denmark an artistic edge over Sweden in the Scandinavian film industry.

* …these rankings aren’t based on actual happiness, but what globalist experts tell us ought to contribute to happiness. Of coursh, they have no agenda.

* Is anyone surprised that the 10 ‘happiest’ nations are all AngloGermanic? And the very happiest of all are from the blue-eyed Nordic core of Germandom, Scandinavia? Not that they’re necessarily ‘happier’ than anyone else (whatever that’s supposed to mean), but they always top these kinds of lists.

All 17 AngloGermanic nations are in the top 19 on that list, with the outliers being #11 Israel and #12 Costa Rica. None of the many high IQ nations in Southern and Eastern Europe or East Asia managed to crack the NW Euro monopoly of the happy 19. Sad.

MG Miles has compiled the ultimate evidence-based case for Teutonic world domination (at least in the world of lists) here.

The same 17 nations (or 18 including Liechtenstein) tend to finish in the top 20 or 25 in all kinds of positive national attributes, and they cluster together when it comes to negative traits too, like pathological altruism.

The Anglo Nordic Teutonic nations are generally the world’s smartest, richest, healthiest, safest and happiest. But they feel more guilt than pride about their many achievements. It wasn’t always this way, but it sure is now.

So they’ve decided to replace themselves with the dumb, the poor, the sickly, the violent and the sad. Because they’re also the world’s fairest and most moral nations, even to a suicidal degree.

* In America, the quality of life peaked back in the 1970s. It’s been declining since then.

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